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08-02-1999, 11:07 PM
You all wanna know the whole story?<P>We fill ed in a LOT of gaps in the timeline.. Thanks to "Lost In You" Singles liner notes!! A Must see!! (In The Bio section) :)<P><BR>you wanna know what Songs on the Greatest Hits album came from What Album in Gaines Career? We got it now too! :)<BR>(In the Albums Section!) =)<P><BR>Just thought I'd inform ya of this breaking news :)<P>Also had to post it cause Diana Elis... wanted to see it soooooo bad before the Video Aired.. but I desided to Tape the video instead LOL<P>&lt;running from Diana really fast&gt; ;)<P>Jason<BR>N

08-03-1999, 12:05 AM
Thanx for the infoJason Gaines :D<BR>Very cool :)<P>BrianN

08-03-1999, 07:28 AM
Thanks for the update Jason! Hey, how about adding his birthdate, August 10, to the timeline? N

08-03-1999, 08:24 AM
Also, how about adding the lyrics to Lost in You?N

08-03-1999, 09:47 AM
Birthday I can add with the next update :)<P>As for the lyrics...<P>That will be added in the near future ;)<P>JasonN

08-04-1999, 09:48 PM
Hey Jason,<P>Can't wait for those lyrics!<P>Deafcowboy <BR> :)N

08-04-1999, 09:53 PM
oh :-) i do not mind you running away, just as long you run with info . <P>did you get the email , you know i emailed it to some other chrisgaines guy and umm it came back lol too many emails with chrisgaines<P>by the way you just run too slow ahahah lolol or in the wrong direction<BR>diana elizabethN