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02-08-2005, 06:23 PM
I tried listing this stuff on Ebay but it was fighting me all the way. I think the site hates MAC puters LOL

Anyway, I have one each of the CD's from the Limited Series ( yes I know bad me for splitting them up but too bad.)

Garth Brooks Interview for a world premier of IN PIECES

Sevens Interview and Cut by cut Dialogue

CD single of Squeeze Me In

CD Single of Thicker Than BLood

GArth Brooks the Interview CD

Maximum Garth Brooks THE unauthorized biography of GB ( minus the miniposter)

Star Profile Garth BRooks ( BOoklet is falling apart)

One ROAd Man CHris LE Doux

Whatcha GOnna Do WIth A Cowboy Chris LEDoux

Seeds PAt ALger

DOuble live : 7th COver, Ireland cover, CEntral PArk COver, FLames cover,
Outstretched arms cover, smashing guitars cover.

All CD's are $5 a piece

I also have the following Believer Mags:

the final issue
may-july 98
nov 97- jan98
aug-oct 97
feb-april 97
aug-oct96 ( The wrinkle cover LOL)
may-july 96 ( Garth in a tire pic)

The magazines are $5 a piece

Shipping on one item is $4 to cover the envelope and the actual priority postage. More than one item...... we can negiate LOL

SOrry for the typos


I have pics at Ofoto if you wnat to see the stuff, email me at gbsgirl4ever@aol.com