View Full Version : Birthday cards and/or fan mail to Chris?

08-02-1999, 07:26 PM
Hey, since we now know that Chris' birthday is on August 10, I thought it would be fun to send CHRIS some birthday cards and/or fan mail! :D They would have to be mailed really soon to get there in time. Since Chris is at Capitol Records and not Capitol Nashville, I guess they should be sent there, but I can't find an address......I think its in New York. Anybody know Capitol's address?N

08-02-1999, 08:33 PM
Sound really good.. I'm in but I don't know the address either if you guys get it I will send one .. How old would he be ?N

08-02-1999, 10:02 PM
He was born in 1967<BR>soooooooooooooo<P>That would make him..<P>32? ===:O<P>Just 5 years younger then DA MAN lol<P>JasonN

08-03-1999, 03:01 AM
This is a good idea but I dont know the address :(N

08-03-1999, 03:52 AM
At the Hollywood and Vine site where we signed up for the CG and GB newsletters, there is an address to send resumes if you are looking for a job there, so that might work if no one can find anything better. We could send it to Chris Gaines, c/o Capitol Records...<P>CAPITOL RECORDS <BR>1750 NORTH VINE STREET <BR>HOLLYWOOD, CA 90028 <P>PaulaN

08-03-1999, 04:14 AM
Ok lets send birthday cards there then! We will probably have to send them today or tomorow so they get there in time.N

08-03-1999, 05:26 AM
Thanks for the address Paula! Geez, I musta been half asleep last night to get CA and NY mixed up! Duh......no wonder I couldn't find the address on a Yahoo yellow book search! :o I did find it today, and it is the same address as Paula wrote above.<P>OK, I'm going out to get a card in a few minutes, and am gonna send it to Chris Gains, C/O Capitol Records. LOL, if they get enough of them, that should put a smile on the G-mans face! )<P>Happy Birthday to You<BR>Happy Birthday to You<BR>Happy Birthday Dear <I>Chris</I><BR>Happy 32th Birthday to You!N

08-03-1999, 08:22 AM
I just put my card in the mail! Your right Cheryl, this will defanatly bring a smile to Garth's face!N

08-03-1999, 01:18 PM
Too late to do it today, but GREAT IDEA...will get one tomorrow and send it out ASAP. But one question...isn't Chris supposed to be dead now? Wasn't he killed by an obsessed fan? Maybe a sympathy card would be better (LOL), just kidding.<P><BR>Peace<P>DebbieN

08-03-1999, 01:58 PM
Debbie....nope, he isn't dead yet! Chris is alive and well, and about to release his greatest hits album. They wont be killing him off for awhile! :) That's when the movie will be out, and the soundtrack.<BR>N

08-03-1999, 03:06 PM
I picked up a card at lunch and will mail it out tomorrow. Let's flood the Capitol Records mailroom with birthday cards for Chris Gaines!<P>PaulaN

08-03-1999, 05:06 PM
I'm IN!! I'll be sending mine tomorrow! What were your cards like? Funny, serious, adoring...I'll have to put some thought into what I write in this one!!<BR>KerryN

08-03-1999, 05:11 PM
Sounds like a plan to me...I'll pick up a card tomorrow and send it right out! :D<P>JulieN

08-03-1999, 05:32 PM
Well, it was harder than I thought it would be to pick out a card! I had to keep reminding myself that the card was NOT FOR GARTH, but Chris! :) I finally decided on a very simple, but adorable card. The front picture was a black and white photograph of a little girl sitting down and playing a sax! The girl's hat, shoes, and the sax were the only parts in color. The inside said "just a little <I>note</I> to wish you a happy birthday". Then I added a personal note TO CHRIS....LOL, again, had to hold myself back from writing the note to Garth! :) I just wished him a happy birthday, and said I was looking forward to getting to know him better, and I signed it "Lost In You, Cheryl". <P>I wish we could see Garth's face when he gets handed a big stack of mail addressed to Chris! :) N

08-03-1999, 05:43 PM
My card wasn't really a birthday card, but it was blank inside where I wrote Happy birthday, Chris! ;) I thanked him for inviting us along for this new and mysterious ride and said that I had fastened my seatbelt and was ready. I signed it from one of the many Garthnutts. The front of the card had a quote from Anatole France that I thought was appropriate <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>To accomplish great things, we must not only ACT, but also DREAM, not only PLAN, but also BELIEVE.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>PaulaN

08-04-1999, 12:44 PM
My card was also blank inside, and I used one side to write a note to Chris and the other side to write a note to Garth.<P>To Chris, I thanked him for the new music, since it's been a few years since he released anything - told him how much I liked it and was looking forward to more. (and Happy B-day, of course!)<P>To Garth, I said I loved the whole Chris thing, but especially that he was brave enough to "dare to dance" this dance, and even more so how I loved the music and could tell it was from the heart, no matter what the guy who was singing it looked like. <BR>Also slipped in a note about PG and how everyone one here was behind him 100% - shameless plug for US - hehehe -<BR>I wonder if he'll actually get to see any of them?<P>KerryN

08-04-1999, 11:16 PM
Well I'm a little late as usual, but my card will be going out tomorrow. :)N

08-05-1999, 04:45 AM
I think i will just drop it off in person since we live here in calif and it is only 45min away from me. I pass by that bldg all the time on our way to friends or to dine.<P>hehee this friday will do whoa!!!!!<P>i know what i will do, send him flowers yup does not cost much pluse is local <BR>yup that is what i will do!!!!!!<P>happy day gaines<BR>diana elizabethN

08-05-1999, 04:54 AM
but i think first i will check my typos then send it along ahahah plus<BR>geeeez type too fast and furious for my own good. geeeez :-( lololN

08-05-1999, 06:54 AM
Wow! I'm soooo happy to see that Chris is gonna get so many birthday cards! :) <BR>Paula....loved that quote on the front of your card! Kerry, that line "no matter what the guy singing it looks like" is just to perfect! :) And Diana Elizabeth....flowers! How cool! <P>And yes, I do <B>BELIEVE</B> that he is gonna get this stuff! I mean, how could he not? They have got to be looking for signs of what people are thinking about Chris, since it is all so new! So, I bet that we will be among the first group to send fan mail, and that just makes it that much more special! :)N