View Full Version : Kid Rock Slaps An Insult At Publisher

01-29-2005, 01:29 PM
by Paul Cashmere

27 January 2005

Kid Rock has departed from his publisher Warner Tamerlane with some biting final words.

In a statement issued today, Kid Rock says he received little or no support from the company and felt they were more interested in floating on the stock exchange than working with their artists.

The statement read "Coming off a hugely successful 2004 tour that sold nearly 900,000 tickets but received little or no support from Warner Group's Atlantic label or Warner Chappell Music, Rock felt it was time to move his new projects forward with partners that are more interested in music than IPOs".

However, as an acknowledgement of the friends he made with the company he says "We've had a great run and we'll miss many of the individuals at Warner's publishing company. We wish them all the best."

Kid Rock is currently still with his record label Atlantic Records but based on today's statement, it sounds like it is simply a matter of his contract running out before he moves on from there as well.