View Full Version : I HAVE "LOST IN YOU" ON CD!!

08-02-1999, 11:38 AM
I subscribe to "Promo Only", a CD for radio stations (you have to be a DJ to get it). I just got "Lost In You" on the CD TODAY!<P>I have it loaded in my computer and in RealAudio format! (22,050 mono) Anyone who wants it can email me jasongalub@hotmail.com and I'll email you the R.A. file.<P>I'm only sending ONE email (it's a long send) and I'll do it tonight at 7pm EST, so you only have a couple hours to send the request!N

08-02-1999, 11:44 AM
are you the same jason, webmaster? Chris Gaines??? If so wow you can be called the next chris gaines( all the names ) giggle <P>if not opps either way just kidding <P>congrats and enjoy<P>diana elizabethN

08-02-1999, 12:00 PM
nope, not same as webmaster :)<P>By the way, what I meant by "one" email is I'll combine all email addys and send ONCE. Anyone who requests will get the RealAudio file!<P>N

08-02-1999, 02:22 PM
Jason...<BR>Why would they wanna get it in eMail from someone they don't know..<P>If they can goto the chrisgainesfans.com website and get it there?<P>After all.. it's free there too.. and the entire song... :P<BR>ohh and it's been there since last Friday (10 days ago) :)<P>Jason<BR>(The Webmaster) <A HREF="http://www.chrisgainesfans.com" TARGET=_blank>www.chrisgainesfans.com</A> N

08-02-1999, 06:06 PM
I didn't know that. I found that out after I posted, and actually sent everyone to your site to download. You should have gotten at least 15 hits (that's how many people requested the RA file from me).<P>Oh, you insinuated I didn't have the whole song. I do. I plan on starting to play it at every wedding I Dj at starting this Friday and Saturday.<P>N

08-02-1999, 07:14 PM
Jason,<P>I wasn't saying you didn't have the entire song... Just was saying what I said :)<P>TheOtherJason ;)N

08-02-1999, 07:21 PM
First, Welcome, JasonGalub!<BR>Second, respectfully, DON"T OPEN THE FILE from Jason. There are so many e-mail viruses these days that you should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER open any attachment to any e-mail that you aren't expecting or the source of which you don't know.<BR>You could find out a virus takes your computer away from you, PERMANENTLY!<BR>Sorry, JasonGalub, appreciate the effort and willingness, but safer for everyone to get it from Chris_Gaines page in MP-3 format...it's every bit as good and much safer.<P>Standing outside the fire...Dan. Cheers!N