View Full Version : Does Garth ever pop up in your family jokes? ;)

01-24-2004, 09:15 PM
Our family is always joking around and teasing each other... in a good natured way of course. Sometimes those jokes manage to get Garth stuck in the middle of them. Do any of yours? Tell us about them.

Here's some of our latest...... and even Joyce got a mention in this one!

So we're sitting and watching CMT Live and for some reason I thought to tell my husband about Joyce's Baby diaper Garth moment which got a laugh. I was trying to explain what Joyce does for a living which interested my daughter as she has an interest in singing.

Then I told her how Garth had helped some other artists get started.... and she says.... hey, maybe one day he'd help me! Her dad likes to pick on her and says...... "Oh, he'll help you.... Help direct you to the unemployment line!"

I quipped in.... "Nawwww.... he'd at least give her a ride there".... and Ken jumps in.... "Yeah, he'd slow down... open the door and yell.... "Tuck and Roll!" as he pushed you out!" For some reason this image stuck in my head and I couldn't quit giggling.

So then Amanda says..... Well, when I get famous I'm going to arrange for mom to meet Garth and you (dad) to meet Dolly Parton (his favorite). And Ken jumps in... "Yep, and I'd just wave at your mom and tell her to have a good time as I left with Dolly!" and I said...... "Well the two of you could go to Dollywood and if you fell in off the water ride you'd have a floation device handy!"

Gee.... to read it all back it seems kind of cruel... but believe me, it was all in good fun and we were laughing really hard!

01-24-2004, 09:24 PM
I don't get teased by family as much, except by my brother-in-law, as I do by those I see at work. I get teased, "where's Garth?" And I say, "right here", *pat-pat*.

01-24-2004, 09:36 PM
I hear ya Dale. I dont like it when people tease in a bad way about being fans of Garth... or about Garth. Everyone in my immediate family loves Garth... if not quite as much as me... pretty much as much. I dont like it when people tease ANYONE about the music that they like. Music is a very personal thing and I think there is room for all kinds.

As I said... ours was just in good fun.

Ken will tease me about Garth being the only guy that I'd kick him out of bed for... but he knows that's an exaggeration. I dont even really feel "that way" about Garth... It's something entirely different.

I've never met the man and he doesn't know me from Adam's housecat...... but he holds a special place in my heart just the same..... but that place is much more important than just as a "sexual figure". So Garth would be completely safe from me that way! *lol* Wellllllllllllllllll............. mostly. ;) J/K

01-24-2004, 10:31 PM
Sometimes, but usually when he comes up, it is more sentiments than jokes.

Once my mom's brother, and his wife came to visit. I hadn't seen her brother since I was three years old. I had never met his new wife. Well, we went out to lunch, and I mentioned Garth Brooks, and found out that my aunt was also a HUGE Garth fan. And well, Uncle Chris wanted to take my three-year-old cousin for a walk around the shopping center, and asked me to join them. He was particularly interested in my dancing, and said, "Your mom said you want to have your own dance studio or something. Is that right?" I told him I wanted my own company, actually because I love to create things and perform them. And he said, "That's awesome! Maybe you could tour... like Garth Brooks!!!!"

Now, if my performances can be 100th as brilliant as Garth's, I would be happy... :)

That was kind of funny- you'd have to be there, though, to get the whole effect!

01-24-2004, 10:48 PM
At our house, when my husband brings someone new from work home with him, or over for dinner, I think he purposely tries not to leave me alone with the guy. He knows as soon as he goes to the bathroom, I'm gonna ask this guy if he likes Garth. And then I'm gonna ask him if he likes Trisha.

The last guy he brought home for dinner, my husband gets up to go to the bathroom. I flipped the TV to CMT, and the first words out of my mouth were, "So Chuck...Do you like Garth?" He said, "yep," without hesitation. Then I said, "Do you like Trisha?" He goes, "Trisha Yearwood? Yeah I like her too." So we sat and talked country music for about five or ten minutes until my husband got back. The first thing I said when I saw him was, "Hey Mike, Chuck likes Garth & Trisha." My husband goes, "Good then....he's gonna live." And they both started laughing. I didn't think it was funny, but they did. To me, it's a serious thing.

I really have only once gotten into an argument with someone regarding Garth. Maybe a couple times regarding Trisha.


01-25-2004, 12:28 AM
I'm honored Snow!

I caught my hubby wearing my PG t-shirt under his chef coat this week. I gave him a hard time about it. ;) Gary also likes to joke about my "Garth stalker friends" who travel to OK to see him. But y'all know he loves you!

Someone the other day came up with a cute little line, and he said - "hey that sounds like a country song. run it by Garth, would ya?" I told him I'd forward his email. ;)

OH - and one of the DJ's I work with was talking about scheduling things, and she gave me a day and said "Unless it's Garth, don't schedule anyone for that day." LOL

Come on by Garth, I'd love to take her up on that!

So yeah, I guess he pops up in conversation a lot.

01-25-2004, 09:24 AM
Joyce, there's shirts from here? No one told me that! ;) My b-day's coming up soon ;) ;). J/K

Snow, I know how that goes. I get teased about liking Garth all the time. It's usually not in a bad way 'cause most of my family finally caught on that when it comes to music I have this one track way of thinking about certain artists and certain songs. People at school however are a completely different story. My choir director, the male, found out I had "discovered" Garth all over again. He just went off on this week of picking on me about it. He doesn't care for too much and he will tell you straight that he doesn't. Finally, on the Thursday of that week where he was doing that I just couldn't take it anymore. I don't like to argue with people about music because I usually end up crying but it was getting personal with me and I was sick of. So I blew up at him. I stood there in the middle ensemble room with him and yelled at him for about twenty minutes. I felt horrible and ended up running out crying but I did it. I found out later that one of my friends had walked in to the band room when we first started at each other. She said she could hear us in the commons. You have to remember that's through three six-inch thick cinderblock walls and two wooden doors. Needless to say he never picked on me about loving country as much as I do again.

Wow, I just realized how long that is. Sorry about that.