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08-01-1999, 05:34 PM
OK, <I>someone</I> had to start this, so why not me?<P>You know you're a Chrisnutt if...<P>...You leave the radio on one station <I>ALL DAY EVERY DAY</I>, listening through songs you don't like, so that you can hear "Lost In You" <B>once</B>.<P>...You <B>beg</B> your Chris hating brother to try and download the video for you.<P>...Chris has only existed for a few months, and you can already tell all of your friends what happened in his life (as far as we know it, anyway).<P>Right, I'm done for now. But I'll probably come up with a few more as time goes on...<P>Anyone else?<BR>HazelN

08-01-1999, 06:00 PM
<B>Hazel</B>,<P>I agree with your first and third one. I've been listening to Top 40 and soft rock stations just to hear it played once on the radio. I've also been telling friends and family about the new project...they just shake their heads.<P>You know you're a Chrisnutt if...you are already making arrangements for your sister and a couple of friends to tape the NBC special because you will be on vacation when it's on, just in case you lose electricity after you program it on your VCR, so you'll have backup tapes.<P>PaulaN

08-01-1999, 06:16 PM
<B>Brits</B>,<P>VERY COOL! Like you said, someone has to do this ;)<P><I>"you know you're a Chrisnutt if you had a huge arguement with your own brother about this whole CG project (and he still doesn't agree to it)"<P>"You know you're a Chrisnutt if you spent a couple hours trying to find out all stations that could possibly "Lost in You" (and even told PGers to request the song!!)"<P>"You know you're a Chrisnutt if you have been listening to "Lost in You" for <B>777</B> times since the first day that a PGer posted its mp3 :o" (it's not me!! ok.. I admit it)<P>"You know you're a Chrisnutt if you try to send the mp3 of "Lost in You" to your Chinese friends and ask them for their opinions...LOL"<P>"You know you're' a Chrisnutt if you even posted a message on one of the Chinese American/British MTV programs about an upcoming mega smash hit from Chris Gaines"<P></I><P>Ok, that's all I can think now. I will come back for more if I did something even <B>crazier</B> :)<P>TommyN

08-01-1999, 06:23 PM
You know your a Chris nut if...........<P>Is this one? I am already hoping that there will be seguels to the movie and the LAMB has not even been made yet. :)N

08-01-1999, 06:47 PM
You know your a Chrisnutt if...<P>..you are cognizant of the fact that <B>C</B> is the 3rd and <B>G</B> is the 7th letter and you know Chris's alter Ego is actually 37 years old. hmmmmmmmm!<P>...you have a countdown calendar for the release of The first Chris Gaines album.<P>...you have debates with friends in net places over the exact words to "Lost In You"<P>...you have 3 VCRs and buy three brand new Video Tape to tape the Premier showing of the Chris Gaines Video, "Lost In You"<P>...you do everything for three days to download a 10 second snippet of the <B>Lost In You </B> video. From the VH1 site and it does <B>NOT WORK</B> and it crashes your computer and your computer retaliate by purging the file <B>!@#$%!&*#$@!</B><BR>but you do it repeatedly over a three day period <B>BECAUSE YOU CAN'T WAIT!!!</B><P>...you print 36 postage stamp size pictures form the Lost in you Video on photo paper.<P>...Friends and family start calling you when they hear Chris Gaines is going to be on VH1, because they know you are a Chrisnutt!<P>Kathy77<BR>N

08-01-1999, 07:02 PM
:) Way to go Brits! Cool topic!<P>You know you're a Chrisnutt if:<P>You see a poster of some models in a clothes shop, and the first thing you notice is that one of the guys has a "Chris Gaines hairdo!"<P>You insist that your husband ask his boss to tape VH1 for you on Aug 2 because you dont get VH1 and he does, and you are dying to see the video!<P>You start to wonder if Chris likes to eat at Taco Bell too!<P>Hey, about listening to pop/rock radio for the song on the radio all day......been there, and still doing it! :) My daughter thought that is was pretty funny the way Garth brought a lot of people from rock/pop to country (myself included) and is now dragging them back there (just for a visit, anyway!)N

08-01-1999, 07:31 PM
<B>Kathy</B>,<P>OH BOY! I didn't realize that this C and G have a mystery in them :o <P>VERY COOL! OK, I think we are all ChrisNutts here...LOL<P>TommyN

08-02-1999, 06:10 AM
you know when you are a fanatic when your 3yr old can tell you the story all on Chris gaines( because she has heard you talk about it all day)<P>your husband has been now converted over to a chris gaines fan, and is even telling his friends the song is awsome.<P>when you pull up the web site to show your parents all about (garth brooks) chris gaines story(delaying the BBQ) LOL :-)<P>when you say you will make dinner for your parents OVER THIER HOUSE. plan on meeting hubby over parents house just so you all can view the video together at 5 pacific standard time, when your parents are not even home !!!!(just hubby , little one and me) YIKES i am a nut huh....<P><BR>and loving it whoa <BR>blessings diana elizabethN

08-02-1999, 07:03 AM
Very cool topic! :D Ok, you know you're a Chrisnutt if you made your friend drive you to 8 different bookstores to look for a copy of Billboard magazine (I still haven't found it yet :() Also, you spent the whole time in the car trying to convince her that Garth doesn't think he's two people and she still doesn't believe you!!! :oN

08-02-1999, 10:11 AM
All of your guys reasons for being a Chrisnutt are soo true. I do all of that, esp. when I am on the puter, I play Lost In You, over and over the whole time. lol :) The 'C' being 3 and 'G' being 7 to make 37 is very cool, how'd you notice that? lol I don't have any other reasons to add,, you guys did a great job already.<BR>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N

08-02-1999, 10:51 AM
Shannon! You forgot one :o<P><I>You know you are a Chrisnutt: If you try to get a foreing radio station to play Chris and the DJ replies you that he would sue you for every penny you are worth</I> :o ;)<P>Sorry :o I just had to post this :o<P>BrianN

08-02-1999, 11:46 AM
You notice that G-A-R-T-H B-R-O-O-K-S and C-H-R-I-S G-A-I-N-E-S have the same amount of letters in each name.<P>You notice that Chris's greatest hits album has 13 :D songs on it! I guess he's not as superstitious as you-know-who!<P>You notice Chris Gaines refers to himself as CG on his liner jacket for "Lost In You"<P><BR>You help start a web page dedicated to the MAN! ;)<P><BR>N

08-02-1999, 05:51 PM
<B>IF...</B><BR>You're doing all the things every crazy person who posted on this thread is doing! <BR>KerryN

08-02-1999, 05:54 PM
Oops - forgot one - IF...<BR>Your 7-year-old says the picture of that scary man is not Garth, and if it was you would know the words to the song because you know all of Garth's words, and you start singing the words to Lost In You and he runs out of the room yelling for Dad 'cause he's convinced you've finally lost it altogether!!LOL<BR>KerryN

08-03-1999, 03:09 AM
Kerry, ROFL!! :DN

08-03-1999, 03:18 AM
If you have to go into your bathroom, stand on top of your toilet seat, holding the radio in one hand, while adjusting the antenna with the other, just to hear "Lost in you" from a Toronto radio station because the stations in Buffalo AREN'T PLAYING IT!<P>I need longer arms<BR>~Ann~N

08-03-1999, 12:41 PM

08-03-1999, 05:10 PM
I don't know if this is a silly idea or not, but it occurred to me that the info on this thread would be perfect for the Leno show - woudn't it be a kick if we forwarded some of this crazy stuff to Leno to show our support of Chris Gaines! You know Jay will want to have some fun with this, as he always likes to do with Garth...What do y'all think?<BR>KerryN

08-03-1999, 06:14 PM
<B>boppityboo</B><BR>Ellie, I noticed The 'C' being 3 and 'G' being 7 to make 37 when I was listening to Garth in an interview say, G is the 7th letter of the alphabet and he was born on the 7th day...then my mind went on to 'B' is the 2nd letter and he was born in the 2nd month ...then that led me to 'CG' = '37' I just wonder if he did that on purpose... hmmmmmm!<P><B>majmom</B><BR>Kerry, ROFLM*O! You've sent your son screaming from the room? That is too funny!<BR><I>(good idea about Leno too)</I><P><B>Garth_FANtasizer ~~Ann~~</B> ROFLOL! Did you really mean to make your entrance into planet garth on a toilet? :o Well, that just shows you will fit in here real well! ;) <BR><B>Welcome to PG Ann</B> and my condolences about the Buffalo radio stations! <P><B>Brits</B> Way to go Hazel! I haven' t laughed so hard since the "You Know You're a GarthNutt Thread!"<P>Kathy77N