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07-31-1999, 09:24 PM
now i know you all read the part on vh1 about a concert tour being planned. <P>trust me from what I heard, he will showcase the songs some just a few in some stage settings or surprise club dates. and on shows but the character will not talk just sing the song . to keep the mystery and all.<P>but from what i was told a few months ago, he will tour, but not in the format as garth brooks . just some club dates and shows here and there. <P><BR>if it happens in the fall or winter I AM THERE. just when, will we be told, more than likely days before it happens , oh well..<P>N

08-01-1999, 09:23 AM
Hey, Diana, thanks for the info. Too bad he will never do any of those shows in my neck of the woods. Guess I'll have to drive down to California..NOT! lol. <P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N

08-01-1999, 06:39 PM
Boppityboo you never know. and if you do drive down let me know. i will show you around you own travel guide. get you cheap rates at 4 star hotels let me know !!<P>blessings and you better go darling you better go well its Chris Gaines and we are his groupies giggle !!!N

08-05-1999, 06:35 PM
Diana,<BR>Do you think he'll be playing at any of the House of Blues?? There are two that are in reach of us...Hollywood and Las Vegas! I've been keeping an eye out at their website (www.hob.com) but haven't seen anything yet. I wonder if they will announce it ahead of time. Too many people may show up if they do! Remember me if you're planning any trips to see him!!! :) <BR>Cindy <BR>N

08-05-1999, 07:58 PM
cindy email quick over this one i was at hob site as well but i did have a direct number to them a fax for tix mmm <P>but i do not think he will do any spots till the cd is out so lets set up some time to chat of this email me ok <BR>i left it up here somewhereN

08-05-1999, 09:03 PM
I have to admit that this is my biggest fear turning into reality :o<P>BrianN

08-06-1999, 09:01 AM
Hey, Diana, thanks for the offer of being a personal tour guide. You know I will take you up on that offer one day if I come there. :) Brian, what fear of yours is becoming reality?<P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N

08-06-1999, 10:19 AM
Hmm, if he begins touring Chris gaines then he will have to push another studio album out sometime in the future :o <BR>But the main problem for me is that he twice have promised to tour Europe, and he haven't been here yet :( Well, if he now will tour as CG it will take a while before he starts the new world tour :( <B>And Thats the problem</B> Then he will start in USA, (because it's been a long time since the last US tour) and with all these people who wants to see him he has to add new shows in almost every city :( And this will postpone the European tour by circa 1 1/2 year. That will mean that when he is done touring USA he will need some rest, probably with some "silly" spring training, and in the end he will never get to Europe, except maybe Ireland :( :( :( Thats my biggest fear :o<BR>and I think it's going to be reality again :(<P>I just desperately wants to see him again :D<P>BrianN

08-06-1999, 02:53 PM
Poor Brian....Why don't you start saving your money during Garth's time off from touring. (I hear it won't be until 2002 when he starts again). Then you can come to the USA to see him!<P>We can take up a "Get Brian to a Garth concert" fund. We will all send you 77 cents (us funds).<P>Just trying to cheer you up a bit.<BR>~Ann~N

08-06-1999, 02:56 PM
Very Cool Jason!<BR>You da "FAN" man!<P>~Ann~N

08-06-1999, 02:58 PM
oops....that was supposed to be under Jason post.<P>Sorry<P>~ann~N

08-06-1999, 03:08 PM
I am sure he will get back on next tour, he has not forgotten yall over there. :) I doubt another spring trainig will happen, he will be in his 40's after his next tour, since it won't be till 2002, I heard 2003 though, even longer. :) I think the G-MAN will his strategy set by then, I heard it will be in bigger venues, so he won't have to do so many shows in one city, I think he is going to take the George Strait route, which is cool, it gives more family time for the entertainer touring like that. :) He will be back, don't worry, and Garth has said he is not touring as Chris Gaines, and really when will there be time for that, he is releasing the album, then has to shoot the movie, has a Christmas album, family time, I don't think he will tour as Chris Gaines. :) Might do some small clubs maybe in LA, but I don't think he will take it to the road as a tour. :)N

08-06-1999, 08:34 PM
exactly what I have been saying he will do surprise club dates for sure...<P>now that is straight out of princes (rule of thumb) always popping up at clubs unannounced.<P>So i would expect mr gaines to do the same<BR>gaines is gaining on us whoaaaaaaaaaaN

08-07-1999, 01:45 AM
Hey Garth_FANtasizer, I am saving up money :)<BR>But there is also a problem with getting the yicks :( They are sold out even before I know they have been on sale :( :(<BR>And that he won't tour until 2002 makes me just more sad :( :( :(<P>BrianN