View Full Version : Probably stupid question, but how do I?

07-31-1999, 05:41 PM
Once I've downloaded the audioclip from chrisgainesfans.com to my RealPlayer, how do I keep it from going away once I've shut everything down, so that I can listen to it again later without downloading again? Like I said, probably a stupid question, but I'm pretty computer illiterate about most things, so your help would be very much appreciated!<P>By the way, I absolutely LOVE 'Lost In You'!!! It is SOOOOOOO exciting to hear something new (and beautiful) from our guy! I can't get enough!N

07-31-1999, 06:17 PM
Not a stupid question!! <P>When I downloaded it.. I got an icon automatically on my desktop. Do you have RealPlayer?? Try downloading it through the realplayer option.. That may help. Then all you do is click on the play key again and again to keep hearing it...<P>Hope that helps! :) N

08-01-1999, 05:51 AM
Nothing is ever too stupid for me.LOL.<BR>I already had a realplayer downloaded but somehow downloaded the song on mp3.Then i had to download an mp3 player(which I know nothing about any of this,just kept hoping and praying that eventually it would work).After 2 days of downloading,pressing buttons and whatever I FINALLY HEARD IT!!!So never give up.Only Garth could make me have to use my brain.N

08-01-1999, 10:34 AM
Hey MJ,<P>You do have a brain......wow....I'm surpised!<BR>LOL<P>Deafcowboy<BR> :)N

08-01-1999, 10:38 AM
BTW.....MountainGirlCrazy4Garth,<P>If you use IE....right click on the "- MP3 (1.5 megs)"....then click on "Save Target as"<BR>Then save it on your harddrive anywhere you want...<P>Hope it was helpful!<BR>DeafcowboyN

08-01-1999, 11:07 AM
In RealPlayer, if you click on Presets, you can go to "Save" and then click on the option to save it under country. That's how I saved the videos for The Change and his CG press conference :)N

08-01-1999, 09:59 PM
BTW...Deafcowboy...be nice to MJ...lol.<BR>MountainGirl: go to &lt;http://www.real.com&gt; and download Real Jukebox. It is easy to download and plays the MP-3 streams which are the best way to listen to music currently on the web. Once you play Lost In You on Real Juke you can save it in a file for further play. Good Luck!<P>Standing outside the fire...Dan. Cheers!<BR>N