View Full Version : lime creek christmas

10-18-2003, 09:37 PM
hi, i was present at lime creek christmas in nashville and i have been constantly looking for a script of lime creek by joe henry and/or the script of the serbs true love...if anyone could help me, thank you in advance....


10-18-2003, 10:52 PM
If you find it let us know! You know more than we do! Maybe you could tell us about it beings you experienced it firsthand? Maybe get our juices flowing for all things Santa Garth? :)

10-19-2003, 12:17 AM
I remember we had a thread about this at the time, but I don't remember if they ever found it. Try searching this forum for Henry (it doesn't take 3 letter words, so it won't do Joe) and Lime Creek and see if you find anything.


Monica Lockhart
10-21-2003, 12:51 AM
Rachel was awesome and posted this for us several months ago.

Here is the link to the poem.



Chris Gaines
10-21-2003, 06:09 AM
and here is the full thread.. so yuo can read the comments too :)