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10-12-2003, 05:17 PM
Hey guys:

Just to let you now I just returned from Tulsa last night. I flew out Wednesday. I didn't have any Garth sightings, but there was just this feeling I had inside that he was near somewhere. I did get to go up to Claremore, and I think that is the closest I came to his ranch. I loved it down there. Claremore is on the outskirts of Tulsa, and it is really beautiful. I would not mind building a house there. Kind of quiet like where I am from. I went to a couple of malls. Does anyone know which of the malls he tends to go to when he goes??? It is Eastland, Promdance???? I did get to go to both. I stayed at the Shearton on 109 East 41st street, had a nice pool!!!!!!

Anyway thanks for listening? I really didn't have any clues on where to look for a Garth moment. I didn't have a car and a friend actually drove me around some, and she had no clue. Next time I think I will rent a car. It really was nice and I highly recommend it there.

Any thoughts or comments are welcome!!! If anyone would like to e-mail me with comments it is angels2@va.tds.net. Maybe Tulsa would be a suggestion for the convention the next time since Garth is there and maybe he would pop in and say something or play some.


10-12-2003, 06:09 PM
I'm sorry you didn't get to see Garth, Angel, but at least you had a nice time there.