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07-30-1999, 05:08 PM
Hi Ya'll..<P>Due to the fact of all the previous fuss, I thought I'd throw this in for ya's to read.<P>Garth did, indeed record Todd Snider's "Alright Guy". In fact, he had Todd even re-write the song a little with him, and even had him play harmonica on the recording.<BR>While selecting which tracks would make the release, "Alright Guy" was scratched. Along with a bunch of others.<P>I apologize to ya'll on my behalf for causing such a stir in the past. But do remember, it did happen (recorded). It was just not selected for the release.<P>thanks for listening.<P>I think I'm alright!<P>-shawn-<BR>N

07-30-1999, 06:18 PM
Hey Shawn......thanks for the update. I read the same thing somewhere else (dont remember where) that parts of the song were re-written (drug references, I think). I'm sure all the Todd fans are disappointed by this. Hang in there, maybe it will turn up on a future(?) Chris Gains CD!N

07-31-1999, 02:25 AM
Thanx for the info :D<BR>I think there might be a very good chance for the song to show up as a bonus track on one of the singles :D :D<BR>Infact I really "know" this will happen :)<BR>Otherwise it doesn't make any sense they have put all this work in the song :)<P>BrianN

07-31-1999, 08:51 AM
Yeah,<P>Garth and Todd did both put alot of effort into the new "remake". But, from where it stands right now, I'm told it was cut, and won't be used.<P>You may be right, Brian... Maybe Garth or the record co. will change their minds and decide to use it.<P>thanks again<P>-s-N

07-31-1999, 09:08 AM
Shawn,<P>Don't forget...<P>Just cause it not on this album don't mean it won't be on the next one... remember..<P>They still will release an Album that is the actual soundtrack to the movie sometime next year.. if the news stories was right..<P>and it is "Supposibly" the 6th album of "Chris Gaines"... the final album before his death. :)<P>So don't give up hope yet :)<P>Jason :)N