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09-25-2003, 08:51 PM
If you explore Keith's site you'll find this really cool interview under Nashville news with lots of cool Nashville songwriter comments. Here's just a short section of main interest:

Writing Up: An Interview With EMI Writer Keith Anderson

[Doak Turner] How did you eventually get your EMI publishing deal?

Keith Anderson In the beginning, you have your plans, being realistic. If you know you have it, you keep going and you do not take "No" for an answer. After two years, I was so lucky to have people like Jeffrey Steel, Victoria Shaw, Bob Dipiero, Craig Wiseman and Kim Williams ask me to write with them. I started building up a really good collection of songs, and I pulled back from going to the publishers. I knew that by waiting, I could get a better deal with a publisher and be able to make enough money to not have to work a second job in town. I wanted to make a living writing songs. I also had a song on hold three different times that I co-wrote with George Ducas and Bill Luther. It was on hold for Lonestar and Tim McGraw.

It would mean more money coming into a publishing deal. This is not the norm for most songwriters. I was working on an artist deal, which was appealing for the hit songwriters to write with me, as opposed to being only a songwriter. That is part of the business. I felt like I had really good songs at the time. I got real lucky with the “Beer Run” song with George Jones and Garth Brooks each putting the song on their new CDs. I had leverage and called my lawyer. I then started going to my dream publishing companies, places where I really wanted to write.

It was a really hard decision choosing which of those companies to sign a publishing deal. They all wanted a part of the “Beer Run” song, and said they always believed in me, were my best friends. I had to determine who was really going to help me beyond that one song. Who was going to help me reach my goals as a writer and an artist. I had three companies that really made it hard to choose which one to sign with at the time.

I could not have made a better choice, than signing with EMI. They are amazing. Gary Overton is always open to talk with me and the other songwriters in the company, he is absolutely the best when it comes to publishers. Having “Beer Run” and the other strong songs in my catalog helped me secure a better deal than most first time songwriters.

[Doak Turner] How did “Beer Run” happen to be written and make both George Jones and Garth’s CDs?

Keith Anderson “Beer Run” happened by writing with Kim Williams. He has written songs that are on close to a hundred million of Garth’s CDs. I wrote “Beer Run” with Kim, George Ducas, Amanda Williams, and Kent Blazy. Amanda is Kim's daughter, who actually brought the idea to the room. She had just gotten back from college for the summer and told us about the saying "B-double E-double R-U-N." We had that same saying when I was in college, but I had forgotten about it until she brought it up. So, we wrote it. About a week later, Garth called Kim and said he was looking for songs for a new CD. Kim sent it to Garth, and he really liked it, but wanted a rewrite. I assume that was for the duet with George Jones. So it would have more of a Jones-type melody. Then we just hoped for the best.


09-26-2003, 01:59 PM
Thanks, Dale! How cool to know the story behind the song.

Garth is a song writers dream! This story reminded me of the remark Paul Williams said at the Songwriters Award Show. He told the story on how he got word that Garth had a song of his on hold. He said it's like being told you're going to have sex... someday. Or something like that. It was really funny.


09-27-2003, 12:04 AM
Thanks Dale! Somehow I'd forgotten, or maybe not even ever realized, that George Ducas was one of the 17 co-writers on Beer Run.

This line was pretty funny:

“Beer Run” happened by writing with Kim Williams. He has written songs that are on close to a hundred million of Garth’s CDs.