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07-30-1999, 02:50 PM
on August 10, time to be announced, and other information about the Chris Gaines project which I haven't had a chance to read yet but wanted to pass this along so you can all check it out: <A HREF="http://www.vh1.com/garth/" TARGET=_blank>http://www.vh1.com/garth/</A> <P>PaulaN

07-30-1999, 03:48 PM
Thanks :)<P>I just came from there, there is a couple of pics form the video and you can preview a little of it, but it would not work for me. :) There is story of who Chris Gaines is and everything. It looks like Chris has a "big hair doo" if you know what I mean. :) Can't wait till the video on Monday. :)N

07-30-1999, 03:59 PM
<B>kristen</B>,<P>I couldn't get the video to work either :(. The still pictures on the page were so small I could barely make them out, but I know what you mean about the big hairdo. Did you check out any of the links? They didn't really add to the story line of Chris Gaine. One of them was a link to a Garth Brooks chat room, though. But it wasn't a Yahoo chat room so it's not the one where he'll be on August 10.<P>PaulaN

07-30-1999, 04:07 PM
I checked out some of the links too, but when I realized they were nothing about Garth I stopped and just read the story. I am a little confused, it said that Chris was burned beyong reconition or something in 92, then he gets on with his life, okay from what I got this hits album that is coming and "Lost In You" is in present time like right now? Where are his scars at?? I am a little confused. Oh well, I can't wait till the video. :) This neat. :)N

07-30-1999, 04:19 PM
<B>Hey guys</B>,<P>I saw the preview :) But it was kinda strange because Chris was just sitting in the middle of the crowds singing. While he was singing, there were tons of people walking back and forth. Hmmmmm..... very strange!!!!<P>TommyN

07-30-1999, 04:50 PM
Thanks for the link!!! :D Wow, Garth looks soooooo different...I've seen him this way so many times now, but it still gives me this weird feeling every time I see him as Chris :o Hey, did anyone else notice that in the 4th picture down in the video preview, his eyes are blue...but in the next picture, they're brown?? <P>Hey Tommy, you mentioned about it being strange having a bunch of people walking around. Hmmm..so what I'm thinking is, maybe Chris Gaines feels invisible, like nobody notices. So thats why he has a bunch of people walking around, but the whole concept is that nobody really sees him?? Just a thought ;)<P>WOOOHOOOO, I cannoth wait for this chat on yahoo...c'mon everyone, we all have to think of some good questions to ask da man!!!!! :D If one of our questions is given to him, that would be sooooooooooo cool :D Now I cannot wait for August 10th!!!!! :DN

07-30-1999, 05:13 PM
Paula.....Thanks for the link! Wow....a lot of background on Chris. So, now we know more about him, but he still is just as mysterious as ever!<P>I couldn't get the video to work either :( and I dont get VH1, so I'm gonna have to wait even long to see it! There was mention at the bottom of the story of a Garth special to be shown on VH1 too. Anybody feel like making a copy of all the Garth/Gaines stuff coming up on VH1 for me???? (on hands and knees, begging! I'd pay all expenses, of course) :)N

07-30-1999, 05:15 PM
It took me about 20 minutes to download Quicktime, and the video still wont work :( It keeps saying that there was an error in the plug-in...anyone else getting this?N

07-30-1999, 05:16 PM
Cheryl, once I tape it I can mail you my tape and you can copy it...because I dont have 2 VCRs or I'd copy it for you :)N

07-30-1999, 05:26 PM
Thats what it tells me, that there is a error in the script and then it ask if I want to still run the pages or something. Then it like makes my computer freeze for a sec. I don't know what it is or mean, I gonna wait till Monday, I want it to be a surprise kinda of what happens in it. :)N

07-30-1999, 06:15 PM
Paula,<P>Thanks for the link! :)<P>Hey, the video won't work for me either...same thing keeps happening...making my computer keep freezing too!<P>JulieN

07-30-1999, 06:55 PM
Shannon.....you are so sweet! What a generous offer to part with your copy of the video so I could copy it! Wow.......that really is very sweet. :) I might just take ya up on that.....I'd gladly pay for your postage and all. Thanks again! :)N

07-30-1999, 09:14 PM
Paula:<P>Thank you so very much for the link. Awesome news on there. It seems that the more we learn about CG, the less we seem to know! Make any sense? lol<P>Can you imagine trying to log onto Yahoo on that day? Sure hope they can handle all the traffic.<P>I couldn't get the video to work either! Oh well, I'll just have to wait until Monday, like everyone else. Only 3 more sleeps! lol<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...<BR>N

07-30-1999, 09:25 PM
my take on teh video what i pulled up was , taht he is in a dream state. All in his life is a haze do to his love for this women. But as in all things in life, love does not stand still. <P>It appears that while life is rushing around him( what tommy mentioned is true :-) he is at a stand still for his love and will be forever in a haze due to her not knowing or his inablity to share this enternal love for her ( to her)<P>As some one said earlier the more we know the further we are from really understandign Chris Gaines. But in the end this all brings the people in. IN one of my earlier posts months ago, I made mention at how they will leak tid bits about his video his music, his song, his story. Now it seems it is all happening. thanks to my little spy friend I have( even though she does not like garth geez ) .. <P>again wait and see and even then we too will be in a daze, haze over you( chris gaines) <P>lost but steadly following :-) <BR>diana elizabethN

07-31-1999, 01:30 AM
VERY COOL :D :D thanx for the chat info :D<P>But the video still doesn't work for me :( :(<BR>A plug-in error or something like that:8<P>BrianN

07-31-1999, 03:31 AM
Hey Cheryl, no problem :)N

07-31-1999, 07:58 AM
It's amazing to look at the photo of Chris Gaines! Garth Brooks is not recognizable. Wow! Looks completely different.<P>I wonder how the album will turn out.<P>He did a really good job with changing his look, and I understand it that GB is going to be singing R & B, and rock for the album. That is going to be an interesting twist!<P>Nikki<BR>(Resident of Chantilly, VA)N

07-31-1999, 08:22 AM
Thanks Paula. that video was weird, was just sitting there and singing. Thats definatly not garth. It doesent even look like him one bit. Go figure.<P>BrianN

07-31-1999, 12:41 PM
For anyone else who doesn't get VH1, I do have 2 VCRs and would be happy to copy the video and anything Garth you might like.<P>Just let me know!N