View Full Version : Garth #1 on local station Countdown!!

09-01-2003, 07:53 PM
I was so happy this afternoon, I just had to share it here:)
My local station had a Top 300 Countdown for the Labor Day weekend, I have listened on and off since Saturday morning and heard the odd Garth song in there. Well today I had to listen to who was going to be #1 and I told Wayne, it was going to be 'The Dance.' When the countdown was at #4 and I heard those first couple of notes, I was shocked and a little dissappointed. #3 was an Alabama song(can't think of the name), #2-Charlie Daniels Band-Devil Went Down to Georgia.
I then said to Wayne, "If it's not The Dance, it's gotta be 'Friends In Low Places." Then low and behold, we heard those 4 familiar notes:)
WooooHooooo, I'm so happy:)
I sent our station a very nice e-mail to say how pleased I was.
They've always been a Garth friendly station and always support his music, old and new and I let them know how appreciative I was of that!

Anyway, just wanted to share and hope you all had a great long weekend!

Monica Lockhart
09-01-2003, 10:40 PM
Very cool Susan! I love it when Garth is represented well in the Top Hits on these long weekend countdowns! And to be at #1!!! WOOHOO!


09-01-2003, 10:46 PM
They always do stuff like this on holiday weekends, and Garth does indeed always seem to be represented well! #4 and #1 is pretty awesome!