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Monica Lockhart
07-02-2003, 08:50 PM
I found this at CMT.com :)

Trisha Talks About Next Album, Co-writing With Garth

Tall, trim and apparently in the best of spirits, Trisha Yearwood also spent some time with the media before joining Sara Evans to sing their tribute to McEntire. Yes, she has started on a new album, and yes, she and Garth Brooks have been writing songs together. “I’ve been in the studio [with producer Garth Fundis] just last week for a couple of days,” she reported. “We’re just kind of going in and taking our time. It’s been tougher [to find songs] this time than ever before. They’re coming, but it’s slow.” Besides finding songs she likes and believes in, Yearwood admitted to another problem in putting together the album. “The biggest challenge is not to overthink it. … I’ve never been off the radio for this length of time.” On the matter of co-writing with Brooks, she said, “He and I have written some things -- but nothing yet so far that’s going to be on the record.” She’s also trying her hand with other writers. “I believe there’s potential there,” she said. “I think I have something to say. … If it’s not for this album, then maybe one down the road. … I don’t have a time frame [for the album]. It will probably be out next spring, if I’m lucky.”

Yearwood seemed more eager to praise McEntire than talk about herself. She said that in 1991, not long after her first single came out, she was invited to perform on the Country Music Association awards show. That evening, she was in a dressing room with several other performers, when she saw a floral arrangement with her name on it. Thinking it must be from her parents, she picked up the card and read, “Welcome to your first CMA. Reba.” “She’s a star,” Yearwood stressed, “I’m a chick singer.” She’s also a kidder. I’ve known her since she was an intern at MTM Records back in the late 1980s. When it came my time for a question, I started to ask, ‘Who are you co-writing with besides Garth?” But I got only “Who are you …” out before she chirped brightly, “I’m Trisha Yearwood.” (By the way, she’s writing with Leslie Satcher and may link up with Pat Alger.)

We didn’t learn until later that Brooks had come to see her perform.

I got to see a clip of Trisha singing "When Whoever's In New England" on CMT Music news the other night. I think that is my ultimate favorite Reba song. I would kill to hear Trisha sing that live and be in the same room to get goosebumps!


07-02-2003, 09:02 PM
I'm disappointed the Reba Tribute wasn't televised. What were they thinking?

07-03-2003, 11:16 AM
I saw the clip as well, and it was AMAZING! I'd LOVE>LOVE to hear Trisha singing that Whole Song, and the medley--I mean my god she Nailed the song-Sounded AWESOME! I agree Terry-I can't believe it wasn't televised...anyone think CMT Got it and may show it sometime? Anyone know how to get that song?! I WANT IT! lol
I can't wait to hear Trisha's new cd-I KNOW it will be INCREDIBLE! I DO HOPE she takes her time and doesn't rush it-she really hasn't been off the road that long(although it feels like forever-but in reality hasn't even been a year yet) and she went to alot of trouble to tell everyone she was taking a break--so I hope she just has FUN with it and doesn't feel pressured...but I bet she misses her music! I know I MISS HER!
I also am very interested in hearing what she is writing-with Trisha's talent-I know she will be a killer songwriter, and I know she wrote with Robert...
Now we all know Garth can write, so the two of them together should be Great! Can't Wait!

07-12-2003, 12:33 AM
There are quite a few pictures of Trisha from that night under the news section at TY.com if anyone hasn't been by there. She looks so amazing in those pictures, I only wish I was able to hear her sing, that clip on CMT only left me wanting more! I was also glad to see Johnny in those pictures, I was wondering if he took off to be in Joe Nichols band, but it's good to know he always comes back to Trish! :)

07-12-2003, 01:16 AM
Marissa, If Johnny's not back on tour with Trisha next she's out, I'll personnaly kick his butt! (Like he'd take that in consideration or something! But anyway!) cause a Trisha show without Johnny is like... Movies without junk food, not a complete experience! :) And I agree, she lookd fabulous on those pictures! Makes me miss her even more though.. Oh well, as long as she's happy, it's all good!

07-14-2003, 10:33 AM
I spoke to Johnny at one of their last shows, and he said then that he'd play for Joe while Trisha was on break, and when he could. I personally don't see Johnny leaving Trisha, he adores her, and isn't afraid to say so! GOTTA LOVE THAT!
The one I'm curious about is Heather-from the things she's written, she isn't sure what her musical future holds, she is really busy with her twins and loving it, and let me tell you-they have Grown! Won't be long and they'll be 1 year old. I know that if she isnt back, which I'm just not sure of-I will Definately MISS HER!