07-29-1999, 04:53 PM
do you think "Lost In You" will do any good on the radio,if have any success at all? .....i kinda don't think it will do good :( :( :( :(......one reason is cause of my local radio stations,my local country station<BR>i'm pretty sure is not playing it...i don't listen to it but i changed it to that station to see if they were playing it and they did play a Garth song but it was NOT "Lost In You" :(,and my fav. station KRQ(a top40/pop station) played it like 3-4 times and have not since :(....i've lost hope for this single atleast here in Tucson :(....i donno why i love the song! :(...maybe i'll listen to some of the others and see if they play it but i'll prob. just be disappointed :(<BR>....are anyone else's radio stations playing it? .....can anyone "cheer" me up about this?<BR>i kinda think they should have released a up-<BR>tempo song for the 1st single(don't get me wrong i love this song! :)...what do you think?......any good news would be great! ;)<P>aRi<P><BR>aRiN

07-29-1999, 04:58 PM
sorry about the 2 ----&gt;aRi&lt;----- :o<P>aRiN

07-29-1999, 05:19 PM
<B>Ari</B>,<P>I totally understood what you're afraid about. I am also worrying about the same thing since my station refused to play the song. Besides, the song lost in all challenges and it's not being played on regular basis :( Hmmmm.... I have a bad feeling about this project, but hopefully the second single "It don't matter to the sun" would be more preferred in all stations. Oh boy, am I worrying too much here? Well, look at the bright side here, the very first single "Much Too Young" was released a couple months before the song went to top 8. By then, not many people knew who Garth was. So, I think we'll need to see and wait for the response from stations. <P>Oh by the way, we have quite a few stations starting to play "Lost in YOU" here in Canada. Maybe that's a good start :)<P>TommyN

07-29-1999, 05:21 PM
aRi.....call up your pop station and request it! Call during different times of the day....get your friends to call. If it is getting requested, and often, by different people, the radio programers would surely notice.<P>I just called a pop station in Chicago.....I have never listened to this station, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I asked "to hear that new song, Lost In You?" The DJ said, "by who?????" kinda like a test or something. I just said Chris Gains, and he's like, oh, ok, I'd be happy to! I knew from reading the Billboard article yesterday, that this particular station DOES NOT mention Garth at all......so maybe the DJ just wanted to see if I was one of their listeners, or a Garth fan, I dunno.<P>I think the song is gonna be big! It's getting positive remarks from what I've read, maybe the stations just need a little encouragement! :) I don't think it's gonna fly on country radio...at least not around here, but, it aint a country song, so I can see their point.<P>Back to listening to this pop station and waiting to hear my request...LOL, it really isnt all that bad, kinda light/soft stuff, and even some oldies that I recognize from my pre-country days! :)N

07-29-1999, 05:28 PM
I think it has a good chance, I think it will do good on Pop radio and on some Country stations. :)N

07-29-1999, 06:03 PM
My radio station in Savvannah (Z102), is playing it like crazy. I hope they continue to because I love that song.<P>Brian<BR>N

07-29-1999, 06:23 PM
They are not playing it any more on the country stations here, but it did get pretty good feedback when they did play it. I think that they are just hesitant to play it on country because they really weren't supposed to play it at all. As for the pop stations around here, I'll have to ask my friends if they've been hearing it...I don't listen to them because I cant stand the rest of the music ;) But I think the song will do just find :)N

07-29-1999, 06:54 PM
They played it!!! They played it!!!! Wooooohoooooo!!!!! It was soooooooooo exciting to hear it over the radio! LOL, y'all have to excuse my excitement, but it was my first time! ;) And it was cool, cuz when they introduced it, they actually played somebody else (not me) requesting it! So, hey, I know for sure that at least two people requested it tonight! :)N

07-30-1999, 04:13 AM
I don't think it will be big here in Denmark :( :( :( Hell, I don't even think they will play it :( :( :(<P>BrianN

Debbie R
07-30-1999, 06:40 AM
Cheryl, which Chi station did you hear it on? There are so many pop/rock stations here I don't know which one to listen to in hopes of hearing the song. The rock stations I would normally listen to are the Loop and CD 94.7 but they don't seem to be the type of station to play Chris Gaines, they're more classic rock.N

07-30-1999, 01:32 PM
Debbie.....I heard it on Windy 100 (100.3). It's a soft rock/pop kinda station. They take request every night and that is when I called. Their phone number is 312/591-6100. LOL, maybe we'll both be calling in tonight to request it!N

07-30-1999, 06:32 PM
I think the song will do great. Don't quote me on that though. lol.I personally have not heard it on any radio stn. here in BC. Not that I really listen but I do hear some when hubby is in my van with me. I think ppl just have to get use to it. I love the song myself, I'm so jealous that the video will be aired on VH1. We don't get that in Canada. :(<BR>All you guys who get it, enjoy and please report back in the CG forum to tell the rest of us about it. :)<P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N