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05-15-2003, 04:05 PM
I posted this at ty.com, but since some pgers participated, I wanted to post the information here as well. Thanks ALL!!!!
Hi Everyone,
I wanted to let all of you that participated in the donation to St. Judes to Honor Trisha know that I am getting all the checks cashed tomorrow, and mailing them next week. We did a Great Job! If you still would like to participate you can do so by my paypal account--tsperr@mn.rr.com using a savings, checking or money market account, or paypal acct.-- msperr@mn.rr.com using a credit card.
I've spoken to St. Judes and they will be watching for it, and will mail something to Trisha letting her know what was done for her, and sending her a card or something... I've also spoken to someone in Trisha's staff and can now do what I had hoped to do. For all those that sent money, I will be sending you an email in which I'll need you to reply and send it back to me. If You SENT Money and do NOT get an email from me--EMAIL ME at tsperr@mn.rr.com because that means I lost your email or something.
I want to THANK EVERYONE for your Support and Encouragement and Participation regarding this gift for Trisha!! I hope you'll consider joining me again next year when I kick off the 3rd annual donation to Honor Trisha! Probably about Feb. again! I can't wait!
Again, Thank You!
Tammy Sperr