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07-29-1999, 04:34 AM
I wasn't sure whether to post this here or at GarthTV, but here goes:<P>I e-mailed VH-1 about the debut of Lost In You, but have gotten no response. I checked the TV guide for Aug 2, and here's what I came up with for possible times the video will be shown: (all times EST)<P>3-6am - videos<BR>6-7am - videos<BR>9-9:30am - videos<BR>9:30-10am - pop-up videos(don't know what that means)<BR>2-4pm - videos<BR>4:30-5pm - pop-up videos<P>The rest of the day is programmed with other stuff, so these should be the only possible times to see the Lost In You video. I'm going to set my VCR for all of these times, plus try to watch when I can. If I hear anything more specific from VH-1, I'll let you all know. Hope this helps,<P>Kerry<P>PS - Don't forget that at 9pm EST on TNN there's supposed to be Garth and Trisha on Prime Time Country.<BR>N

07-29-1999, 04:39 AM
Thanx for the info :D<P>but<P><B>I CAN'T TAKE VH1!!!!!!!!</B> :( :( :( :(<P>Brian :(N

07-29-1999, 09:38 AM
Just to let you know, Pop-up video is a show where bubbles pop up on the video that explain behind the scenes information about the video. It's pretty fun, but a video has to be out awhile before it shows up there. They show "The Thunder Rolls" on there sometimes and that's cool to see. N

07-29-1999, 11:02 AM
:( <B>Pilgirm</B> same here!! I don't get to see VH1!! But I will email to my local Much Music for the info ;)<P>TommyN

07-29-1999, 11:30 AM
Darn, we don't get VH1 in Canada, as far as I know. So for all you lucky ppl who will see the new video, please post it so those unfortunate us who don't see it might know a bit a bout it. Tommy, that is a good idea to email MuchMusic, which I guess is the equivalent of VH1 in Canada. I have listened to Lost In You about 50 times now on my puter. I still love it and am just dying to get the cd single, they better have it in Canada. <P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N

07-29-1999, 11:31 AM
I am going to be watching VH1 all day long, I hope I don't miss it. I hope they will play it more then once too! :)N

07-29-1999, 11:43 AM
Hey guys good news! I just read the AOL mesage board, and a person on there posted an article a newspaper in Atlanta, the article was about Garth and Chris Gaines, it mentioned the Lost In You video and said it will debut at 8:00 P.M on Vh1 on Monday, I don't what time zone they were refering to though. I don't know how sure this is though, the newspaper could be wrong, I think if I don't hear more I will still watch VH1 all day anyways. :)N

07-29-1999, 11:49 AM
I went to the Atlanta newspaper, I see the article, but you have to register and I think pay or something. :)N

07-29-1999, 12:50 PM
I have a satellite dish, and do get VH1, but I'm not going to be home at all on Monday. (It's a holiday here in BC!) There's no way I can set the VCR for all day taping, and tie up the Satellite dish. <BR>If anyone can confirm 8:00 PM Monday, will you please let us know? That way, I can set the VCR for that time. <BR>Thanks.<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

07-29-1999, 12:53 PM
Sorry if I am kinda out of it, but when does the video premier?? I am very excited to see this!<P>Thanks for the info...and I do love the song. I think that this project is going to a major successN

07-29-1999, 12:58 PM
The video is supposed to premere on August 2nd, Monday, a Atlanta newspaper said it will debut at 8:00pm, no time zone was given though, I would suppose it was the time zone for Atlanta, I think they are Eastern, since it was in there newspaper and all. :) Not totally sure on the time though, I will probally watch all day Monday unless I hear more on the time. :)N

07-29-1999, 01:01 PM
I don't know if Atlanta is EST, but the TV Guide says that at 8pm EST on Mon, Aug 2, VH-1 will air a segment of Hard Rock Live featuring Sheryl Crow - but the TV Guide isn't always right either. I will be able to<BR>tape most of the day - will do the best I can to get it on tape for all you PGers who don't get VH-1. Keep your fingers crossed,<BR>Kerry<BR>N

07-29-1999, 03:40 PM
Hmm..I know this sounds silly :o but I took off of work Monday just to tape this video!! Ok, so I did need a day off, but I am planning on sitting in front of the computer, which happens to be right next to the tube, all day :D Hey, if anyone wants to send me a blank tape, I can try to tape it on repeats...VH1 plays the same videos over and over...<P>I emailed them too, with no response yet :(N

07-29-1999, 05:02 PM
MEMEMEME = me please..<P>how much are you going to charge mm let me know ok?<P>I would watch it if if we had vh1 but we do not. then again, even if we did, I am too busy as a mommy and wife, to watch tv all day.<P>so to all you single ones out there if you watch it, I want the details of his LOOKS :-)<P>AND TO all the married ones whom have the luck to catch the video , i want more detals!!! lol <P>and if you do tape it, let me know the costs , thanks :-) blessings<BR>diana elizabethN

07-29-1999, 05:14 PM
I don't know if this helps but sometimes when I get home from work(around 2:30) they have a show called New Music Monday(its like the delivery room on CMT).They show the new video releases for that week so it seems as if this should be where "Lost In You" will be played.I'll check out the tv guide in our Sunday paper and see if it is listed this week.You may look for this program at Vh1.Hope we figure it out before Monday.N

07-29-1999, 05:25 PM
MJ,<P>Is this Eastern or Central time?<P>JulieN

07-29-1999, 06:34 PM
I hope a time will be given by Monday, but if I don't hear anything new, I got my plan ready. My dad gets up a 4am to go to work, I always get up but usually go back to bed, instead I will watch Vh1, since it is summer I don't got school work so I can watch all day too. I'm pretty sure I won't miss it then. But I really hope an accurate time will be given. :)N

07-29-1999, 07:07 PM
I just got through surfing the VH1 website, they have program schedule there, not as good as CMT, but it has a daily somewhat video schedule, not all videos are on the schedule, but it does name some that will be on that day, I think they would have Garth's video on there, right now the schedule for Aug 2nd is not up yet. :)N

07-29-1999, 07:24 PM
Anyone who wants me to try to tape it, I will only charge for shipping and handling of the tape :) Of course I'd never charge anything else :)N