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05-09-2003, 11:01 PM
I can't believe it--I just won a trip to the ACM awards in Vegas!!! I've won lots of stuff off the radio before, but I've never won a trip! Woohoo! Anyone know if Garth'll be there--lol.

05-10-2003, 05:00 AM
ConGARTHulations!!! I doubt if he'd be going, but for your sake I hope he is!

Originally posted by GriggsGarthGirl
I can't believe it--I just won a trip to the ACM awards in Vegas!!! I've won lots of stuff off the radio before, but I've never won a trip! Woohoo! Anyone know if Garth'll be there--lol.

05-10-2003, 09:46 AM
WOW, that's very cool...Congratulations:)

05-10-2003, 11:01 AM

How exciting for you Amy! Whatcha gonna wear?


05-10-2003, 01:58 PM
It's probably best for me to believe he won't be there. I don't think I could handle knowing he was going to be there and I don't think I could handle him actually being there--lol. I'll definitely keep a look out for him though--lol.

I have no clue what I'm gonna wear. I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl and do my best to avoid getting 'dressed up'--lol. Gonna have to look for something today. Not looking forward to that, but hopefully I'll find something I like that I can pass off as 'dressed up'--lol.

I'm very excited and nervous about this trip. Can't wait till Monday when I get all the details. I believe they said something about private concerts and I hope they are with artists I like--lol.

05-10-2003, 02:58 PM
Hey Amy - you probably will get tickets to the post show party. Believe me - you'll like it! I've read recently who's going to be there, if I see it again, I'll post it here. But basically, everyone hangs out and jams, jumps up on stage, it's one big PARTY!


05-11-2003, 02:19 AM
I don't have all the details yet, I'll get that Monday morning and it's killing me to not know--lol. I've been looking for all kinds of info so I know what to expect when I get there. I saw the artist list for the post show party and I *hope* my package comes with tickets to that. There are so many people on that list that I've been wanting to see for a while and now I can :) Hopin' the camera policy isn't as strictly enforced as they make it seem--lol.

I also know that they mentioned private concerts/meet and greets :) Hopin' against hope that a certain Mr. Griggs is on that list--lol. Would love to see him there--lol.

I also had some luck shopping today. Found some light blue pants with beadwork embellishments on them. Not too casual/not too dressy. I like 'em.

05-11-2003, 11:56 PM
What a cool thing to win! I'm sure you'll have a blast. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!


05-22-2003, 02:21 PM
Originally posted by GriggsGarthGirl
I can't believe it--I just won a trip to the ACM awards in Vegas!!! I've won lots of stuff off the radio before, but I've never won a trip! Woohoo! Anyone know if Garth'll be there--lol.

So how was the show in person? My husband and I have attended a couple of times when it was here in CA..... but the place in Vegas looked huge! Was it as impressive as it seemed? I watched the red carpet section on CMT before the show started and they had a small section of bleaches or chairs set up for fans that were there because they were contest winners. Did you get to be there and meet everyone on the way in?

Can't wait to hear the scoop!

Bethany :)

05-22-2003, 02:38 PM
I can't wait either! I heard that the people standing in the middle of the stage were contest winners, I hope Amy got in there! (Although it would be a long time to stand!)


06-02-2003, 09:55 PM
just bringing up to the top hoping it catches someone's attention who has not updated us on her trip...

:-" :-" :-" :-" :-"

06-03-2003, 02:29 AM
Unfortunately, I didn't get any of the cool stuff. The orange carpet tickets and the mosh pit area went to people who won from an ACM sponsored contest. I won from "What a Trip" and at some times it was more like "Oy, what a trip I won"--lol.

We arrived in Vegas on Tuesday morning and that's when we got all the final information. We got tickets to Sizzlin' Country and had been promised meet and greets, but, they decided that since the artists would only be doing a couple songs each they'd rather have us enjoy the show than miss someone for a meet and greet. Wish they would've asked me what I'd prefer--lol.

We were told the House of Blues has a strict no camera policy, but we could try to sneak one in if we wanted to. I have a very nice SLR camera with a huge zoom and I knew if they saw that in my bag I'd never see it again so I snuck in a smaller, crappier camera and when we got there they didn't check a single bag. That really bothered me. Kept wishing our hotel was closer so I could get the good camera--lol.

Anyways, we were told we'd have reserved seats on the floor and didn't have to show up early to get a good seat. But when we got there the venue knew nothing about it and we had to get in line with everyone else and hope to get a good place to stand. (I feel like I'm complaining a lot--sorry about that but it was very frustrating at the time).

As I was getting my ticket ripped Pinmonkey showed up and I walked in right next to Chad--lol. Didn't say a thing to him, but thought that was pretty cool--lol. I have a friend who's a big Pinmonkey fan so that was neat. They went off on the elevator to the private party. They weren't part of the show so they must've just been hanging out backstage. Should've got in the elevator with them--lol.

We found a good spot to watch the show, well, not really good but do-able. The show hadn't officially started when one of the woman organizing the trip found us to let us know we did have reserved seats on the floor so we ended up being about 6 rows back, which was pretty cool.

Now on to the show--lol. Sara Evans was hosting, but due to vocal chord problems wasn't able to sing. She'd just recently been given the ok to talk again. They had a lot of auction items in between the sets and that was cool. Wish I had the money to bid on some of the items--lol. By the way, all the money raised went to CF--great cause.

Lonestar came out first and did the 3 new songs from their greatest hits CD. That was cool. Next the Warren Brothers came out and they started with "Hey, Mr. President"--they introduced it by saying that it wasn't a huge hit, but asked everyone to cheer as if it were a Kenny Chesney song when they started it--lol. It worked pretty well, but they followed it up with "We Don't Sell A lot of Records (But We Sure Sell A lot of Beer)" saying that they wanted to get the 2 biggest artists in country music to sing background on it, but they were busy so they got Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney instead--lol. Then they said they wanted to get Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney at the show to sing it with them, but could only afford Kenny--lol. Kenny came out and it got so LOUD in there. Brett immediately said "We just told you to cheer like it was a Kenny Chesney song and it was nothing like that"--lol. It was neat to see Kenny in a venue that small. He looked really happy--all smiles!

I believe after the Warren Brothers was Deana Carter she sang 3 songs and blew bubbles at the same time--lol. I believe she sang "Strawberry Wine", "There's No Limit" and "Tequila and You" I believe is the title.

After that it gets a bit blurry. I made the mistake of walking the strip as soon as we got to Vegas and the heat really got to me. Rushlow sang a few songs and they were really loud--lol. Darryl Worley sang "I Miss My Friend", "I Need A Breather" and "Have you Forgotten." Diamond Rio came out and sang "Beautiful Mess" "I Believe" and one other song--lol. They also had Tony Stewart come out on stage and auctioned off one of his leather nascar jackets. That was neat, but I had no clue who he was and just wanted to pass out by that point--lol.

But, that was all forgotten when Tracy Byrd took the stage! He was scheduled to be on at the mid point of the show and when he wasn't on then I assumed he canceled or couldn't make it so I had given up all hope of seeing him--lol. He was the one artist that I really wanted to see. He started with "Ten Rounds" (first time I heard it live and I wanted to say all of Andy's spoken lines at the end--lol) then he sang "Let Me Be In Love" and ended the show with "The Truth About Men" and none other than T-roy Gentry came out to sing the end of it with him! I've never seen MG in concert and never realized how incredibly cute Troy is! He was all smiles! His teeth are soooo white--lol. I had kinda been hoping that another one of the back up singers would've been there, but he was no where to be seen :(

On to the awards show! Finally--lol. Didn't think I'd ever get to this part--lol. What A Trip had arranged for a shuttle to take us over to the Mandalay Bay (we were staying at New York, New York). Before we left they told us that due to security reasons they couldn't drop us off at the main enterance, but they knew of a back door where we could be dropped off--sorry for the inconvience.

Security was really not on the ball with this one--lol. We get to the back enterance and much to my surprise Bill Engval is holding the hotel door open for us! Blake Shelton and his fiance were standing right behind him! Apparently most of the stars were staying at Mandalay Bay so to get to the red carpet they'd leave through the back enterance and wait for a limo--lol. Really don't think we were supposed to be there--lol. Was a bit tempted to hang out there all night--lol.

On our way to the awards show we passed Darryl Worley and some of Kenny Chesney's band members--lol. As soon as we passed Darryl I joked that Joe Nichols would be winning the best new male artist award--I've been known to be bad luck in the past--lol.

Once again we had been told no cameras, but my sister brought he digital camera anyways. Not like we'd be able to get good pics from our seats, but nice to have just in case--lol. On the way in they didn't check any bags and before the show started only announced that flash photography was banned. Another missed photo op--ugh!

During the show it was interesting to hear what a complete control freak Dick Clark is--lol. He kept coming over the speakers to let everyone know how many minutes till show time and reminding the winners to keep their speeches to 30 seconds. The strangest comment was before George Strait came out they reminded us to applaud him ????? Don't know why we wouldn't have--lol.

During the show I spent a lot of time trying to see the stars in the audience. Kenny with his bright red shirt was easy to pick out--lol. Every commercial break he had a different artist talking to him--trying to get on his next tour--lol. It was interesting to see how many artists you could recognize based on their outfits--lol.

I was actually happy with most of the winners! That rarely happens for me--lol. I loved seeing Rascal Flatts win and was very happy for Kenny! Loved his acceptance speech--too sweet!

After the show we went to the same back enterance to catch the shuttle. Once again we should NOT have been there--lol. Limo after limo pulled up there--lol. Nancy O'Dell was the first one to get out. Nice to know she's as plastic in person as she is on tv--lol. She always reminds me a barbie doll--lol. Then the guys from Trick Pony showed up. After that Mark Wills pulled in. He had on a very pretty blue suit and silk shirt. He was also very sweet and held the door open for his wife and everyone else who was with them.

I was too chicken to get autographs. I get nervous in a meet and greet line when I know I'm gonna meet them--lol. I can't just randomly walk up to them--lol. Plus they just wanted to get back to their room. And most likely call security to ask why there was a tour bus of fans at the back enterance--lol.

We left the next morning to head back to Boston. We took a flight from Vegas to LA and then LA to Boston. While we were waiting in the very long security check point line I noticed Deana Carter was in line ahead of us--lol. Never knew she was so short! She was my height--lol. Her carry on bag was a Country Weekly tote bag--I thought that was kinda funny. Don't really know why--lol. I thought after the checkpoint we'd never see her again--she was quite a ways ahead of us. But, we ended up getting on the same tram as her and then followed her up the escalator--not right behind her, but around the same time--lol.

I wasn't stalking her, but I kept nudging my sister when I saw her. She stopped to get a fruit drink--lol. We stopped to get a snack then went over to wait and she was waiting for the same plane--lol. Again I never said anything to her, I'm not a huge fan and I've heard she's not very nice during unofficial meet and greets--lol. She was in first class so we passed her on our way in. I'll never understand why they board first class passangers first and then let everyone in the plane walk by them--lol. I had hoped that someone like Matt Damon would be on the plane with us, but it was kinda neat to know I was flying with Deana Carter--lol.

I did get pictures at Sizzlin' Country, but they didn't turn out that great :( If you'd like to see them anyway here's the link--http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/labels4charity/lst?.dir=/Sizzlin+Country+2003&.src=ph&.order=&.view=t&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.com/

Sorry that this is so long. Makin' up for the lateness by giving lots of details--lol.