View Full Version : Happy Easter Garth!

Monica Lockhart
04-20-2003, 08:06 PM
Just wanted to wish you, Taylor, August, Allie, Trisha and your entire family a very Happy Easter!

I spent the day on the beach with family and friends and it was such a beautiful day! Hope your day was just as nice!

Don't eat too many chocolate Easter Bunnies ;)

Hugs and Heartpats!


04-20-2003, 08:46 PM
I would like to also wish Garth and his family a Happy Easter. :)

This year was the first year we actually didn't have Easter, my Mom and Dad are in Las Vegas for a well deserved and unstressful vacation so we decided not to have an Easter, but we did call and chat with everyone.

Robin :) :)

04-20-2003, 11:20 PM
Celebrating new life in Christ with you and all my Garth family! You are loved, ~Dale