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07-27-1999, 10:49 AM
I was just looking around for Garth stuff on ebay and came across 5 people selling the Lost In You promo singles. So far, the bidding is up to more than $60.00 on one and $36.00 on another!! C'mon, I love Garth and this song, but for $60.00 you can get the whole CD when it comes out and the single, and still have money left over!!!! :o Sorry, I just had to share...I know some people want to be the first to have it, but that is nuts to pay such a high price for one song!<P>On another note, I've been searching the web for any news on Chris Gaines, but haven't found anything else yet. Doesn't Billboard Magazine have their own website? Oh yeah, I also e-mailed VH1 and asked if they could give me a certain time frame for when the video will be shown August 2nd so that nobody misses it. And if you guys want to e-mail them just to put in a good word for Chris Gaines, just go to <A HREF="http://www.VH1.com" TARGET=_blank>http://www.VH1.com</A> .N

07-27-1999, 12:28 PM
<B>BigGfan4life</B> -<P>I agree! Garth himself would not want people to pay these inflated prices, just like he didn't want anyone to pay scalper's prices for his concert tickets. The single will be out in less than a month (Aug 24) and most of us can at least hear it on the net, plus the video will air NEXT WEEK! PGers - Don't pay!!<BR>BTW - I e-mailed VH-1 as well - hope we hear soon! Thanks,<BR>KerryN

07-27-1999, 10:05 PM
WOW, Shannon that's a good way to find out if we are fans or <B>FANS</B> :)<BR>I have to admit that I ain't complaining about these prices :o I have paid too much for too little before :o :o :o both CD's and comics :)<BR>OK, I won't go after this one :)<P>BrianN