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07-26-1999, 07:09 PM
I'm devastated, discouraged, upset...I guess you can tell that Lost In You didn't win the challenge tonight. :(<P>For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, on our local <B>rock</B> station, they preimiered Lost In You last week. In order for it to be part of the station's regular playlist, they play 2 songs, and you have 30 minutes to phone and voted for your favorite. When a song wins 5 nights in a row, it's automatically put on their playlist.<P>Tonight was challenge night #5 for Lost In You. I can't believe it didn't win, and by the sounds of it, the DJ was just as shocked. She's been great, promoting Chris Gaines and his music. I don't know if this means they'll never play it again. I've tried phoning to ask, but the lines have been busy. It's a very sad day in this town - for me anyways. :(<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

07-26-1999, 07:15 PM
hey hey don't fret Chris is still holding strong in Tucson on the pop station! tonight will only be his second night but i think he'll do fine! last thursday he won with 70% of the vote. i'll let you know how it goes!<P>LindsayN

07-26-1999, 07:27 PM
well that sucks :(,please let us know if they will still play it even though it did not win,ok?....hopefully they will! :)<P>i to live in Tucson....i'll be listening to see if it wins on KRQ!,after winning 70% of the vote i'm sure it will! ;)(i'll be totally shocked if it does not)......<P>heres hoping it wins! and also i hope they will still play it on your station even though it did not win :(<P>aRiN

07-26-1999, 07:37 PM
<B>Tommy:</B><P>I just read your post in the main forum that you phoned again tonight. Even though it didn't go the way we hoped, I just wanted to say a great big, huge <B>thank you</B> for trying. :)<P>SherriN

07-26-1999, 10:26 PM
<B>CaptMorgan</B>,<P>I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED :( I have to apologize that I was way to late when I called your station today. I was watching Garth's "This is Garth Brooks" and I was so shocked when I found out that it was 7:29pm. Then I quickly called your station and the lady said that my vote is in. GEEZE!! I regreted watching that video with my friend :( I should have called more than once and told my friends to help out!! Sorry again.. Oh boy, I am feeling very bad!! <P>TommyN

07-27-1999, 06:41 AM
I'm sorry to hear this news :( But don't worry, pretty soon everyone will know Chris Gaines' music and all those pop fans who don't like country will be amazed at the level of Garth's talents :)N

07-27-1999, 07:39 AM
poor chirs/garth lost last night to some dumb rap song. :( :( i was sure he was gonna win!! he was doing so well, i called in twice to vote! then it was all tied up and live on the air the d.j. picked the last deciding vote. it went to the challenger :( if he had picked line 7 everything would have been fine. don't worry eventually people will come around and enjoy this great music!<P>LindsayN

07-27-1999, 09:46 AM
Thats sad news CaptMorgan :( but anyway you have heard it on radio :) They haven't said <B>ANYTHING</B> about Chris Gaines here in Denmark on both radio and TV :( :(<P>BrianN

07-29-1999, 08:36 PM
Woohoo!!!! Great news!!!<P>I just had to tell you all that Sun FM is <B>still</B> playing <B>Lost In You.</B> <P>I still havent' been able to get hold of April (the DJ during the challenge), but my hubby listens to this <B>rock</B> station all day, every day, and he said they've played it quite a few times!!!! Maybe the response during the challenge was so good they thought they'd give it regular air time. Who knows? I'm not going to question it, just enjoy it!!! <P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

07-29-1999, 09:41 PM
<B>Sherii</B>,<P>YES! YES! Now I don't feel guilty about it...lol I think there are quite a few Canadian stations starting to play "Lost in You" as regular basis. Very Cool!<P>TommyN

08-10-1999, 01:52 AM
Lost In You<BR>I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<BR>Garth never dissapoints. Never. He really CAN do anything. His voice is beautiful. It will truly grow on me. Once again speaking of God in his song-Garth truly is God sent to us. You are an angel sent down from above............ Heaven knows.<P>Thanks Garth.<P>God Bless.<P>AmyN

08-10-1999, 01:58 AM
I just must be tired. But I do want to apologize to Chris Gaines for not mentioning him in my above posting. Chris's voice is beautiful and I love that song. I'll be anxiously awaiting the CD. Fellow PG members, forgive me.<P>God Bless.<P>AmyN