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03-01-2003, 08:45 AM
The idea for this thread came as I was reading Bonnie's post in the "Garth, a guitar and you" thread. She mentioned that he sang She's Every Woman to her in MN. because he had seen her green neon sign all night. (I remember when that happened, Bonnie!)
So I was wondering : What/where/when did Garth sing for signs you made? Besides some wonderful stories, maybe some of us will realize we were at the same shows! I want to hear the GARMY story again, lol!
and if Garth never sang for a sign you made, perhaps you can recall a sign you saw and the song he sang for it that stuck in your memory


03-01-2003, 09:32 AM
LOL...Harriet...sign memories. I have to admit, I don't believe I remember ever making a song sign. But, ahhh...the memories of when you and I first met at the Buffalo shows and you giving me sign instructions, and I failed to hold up the sign you gave me at the right time.

Oh yeah, and how about frantically trying to find the right sign for the right song. Hahahaha!! Didn't we piss off some of the other concert goers around us?

Gosh, I love memories of the ride!!

03-01-2003, 11:45 AM
Hey I remember that!!!! :)

Oh .... wait.... ummmm :-?

Oh.. LOL sorry... :o

I didn't even know youse then.... #-o
Ok... so ... continue!!! :-"

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03-01-2003, 10:05 PM
Very Cool way to tap into our Garthy memories, Harriet!! :)
and I happen to recall when Garth sang "Belleau Wood" during the Sevens Radio Broadcast to YOU!! even tho you weren't holding up a sign for that song-- it truly touched you, right??

Ok-- now here's a question that has been bugging me for a loooong time-- is anyone out there in Garth Concert Land that can help me remember WHAT concert this crazy episode happened at?
This has to be one of the *wildest* signs I ever saw that someone made at a concert... it was a huge white bedsheet, and it said (forgive me if I don't get it exactly correct) in bold letters...
Cousin Jimmy, Your Band Has a Great Lead Singer!!!!!!
now the funny thing was that the people came up along the right side aisle on the floor while carrying this bedsheet- must have been at least 6 people!! Too Funny!! looked like a catepillar slowing inching their way up toward the stage. And when Garth and Stillwater saw them it was Hilarious! LMAO!!
But for some strange reason, I just can't seem to recall WHERE that took place... anyone there with me??

Sorry, that's not really a sign for Garth to sing a song- but thought ya'll might get a chuckle out of the story anyway :)

I'm not really sure just how the signs got started for the encores.
But it was definitely a unique and special way for Garth to do our requests. And the songs most asked for on the signs were unreleased cuts or songs not on the normal set list- so it was a nice treat to hear those live!!


03-02-2003, 04:01 PM
LOL, Jo, you crack me up, sistah! Too bad we didn't know each other then, maybe I wouldn't have been so nervous about traveling to Buffalo alone...but all's well that ends well cause Kathy met me at the airport with a sign (that I still have) saying that she was looking for a Kitty from Brooklyn.. (I had a kitty-like screen name back then)... Signs were always a big part of the garth experience, weren't they? I have no idea how they came to be, as I came into the scene rather late, in terms of the ter, but I was a fast learner, hah...
Kathy, meeting you at the airport was one of the highlights of that roadtrip, and where we became sistahs, so Buffalo will always be special to me for that reason...
I can't say I recall which sign it was that you didn't hold up in time, but Lord knows, there must have been a ton to choose from knowing me! Not only did I hold up signs that named songs, but I used to hold up signs with little messages on them..for example I always held up WE BELIEVE when he played We Shall Be Free... I used to try to have them sorted in front of my seat but invariably they'd get mixed up and there'd be a mad scramble to find just the right one when he was looking my way...I still have every single sign I ever made, too...worn and stained, ripped and crumpled, but they are all preserved in a big plastic baggie...
Bonnie, I can't help you with your question about that sign on a bedsheet...this is the first I'm hearing about that!
As for Belleau Wood, no, I didn't have a sign for it at the Sevens radio show, and he didn't play it for me, as I didn't know it then.. he played it as part of the Sevens promotion and yes, it touched me greatly and was the circumstance that led to Garth and I getting to talk for the first time and for me finding all of you in the first place, so that song will always be one that I hold very dear to my heart... I did hold up a sign for it in Philly, which he honored...and also in Tampa, but in Tampa there was someone else sitting a few seats away from me with a Belleau Wood sign as well, so we held them up at the same time and he pointed to our section and said I see a couple signs over here.... and he played it...
I remember somebody having a sign for That Summer in Tampa..I think it was Thursday night's show..and that was the first time I heard him sing the alternate version of that and it blew me away...
I also remember the sign for Sweet Baby James that night...Karen was sitting in my section many rows in front of me but I knew she had that sign and when Garth started talking about James Taylor and a sign he saw, I knew she was getting her song and I started screaming in happiness for her...
I remember sign writing sessions at the hotels in Tampa and Buffalo, in Nashville on the steps of the arena, and in Philly in the parking lot...those were always so much fun!
I saw the video for The River this morning on CMT, and it brought me to tears seeing the venues and the audiences and the joy on everyone's faces...not sad tears, but the kind of tears that come when you are watching a video of a wedding or bar mitzvah and realize that it was a moment in time that can't be recaptured, and as you watch it, you are in the moment all over again... you're crying, but you're smiling at the same time...