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02-14-2003, 11:55 AM
Is "Why Ain't I Running" the new single? My station just got finished playing. I was shocked that they were playing it because they don't play a song until it gets into the top 30 of the countdown. When the song went off, the DJ said that is brand new music by Garth.

02-14-2003, 12:08 PM
Hey...I am not really sure if that is garth's new single...I haven't heard anything on if they were going to release it or not. I hope they do though, because that is such a wonderful song, and i know it will go #1 if they release it. I think they should also release "Pushing up Daisies" that is another good song off of scarecrow

02-14-2003, 12:10 PM
Hey Shannon - that is the rumor! Check out this thread for more airings:

J. <-- who hasn't heard it on Nashville radio yet.

02-14-2003, 02:03 PM
Like I've said. Garth did "Why Ain't I Running" for me. :)

02-15-2003, 06:23 AM
Word has it that this may be the new single from Garth. Capitol is trying to coax him back for a new record or something. Anyway, I sure hope this does well for him. Its a great song.

Lowell Miller
02-15-2003, 03:06 PM
:cool: :cool: That's double cool.

02-17-2003, 03:14 PM
I live in N. Carolina, and they've started playing it here. It was the first thing I heard on the radio today. I started requesting it as soon as I heard it might be a single.

02-18-2003, 11:25 AM
hey everyone...i am so excited, i just heard the new singal on the radio, and i really think this is going to be the big one. I love the song, and i am really happy they released it. So all we have to do is keep requesting it, and maybe it will go #1

02-18-2003, 04:11 PM
The song is already out, it might not be on a single but it's already out on cd, it's the first song on his scarecrow cd.

02-18-2003, 10:52 PM
I heard it for the first time on my radio station tonight! I turned the radio on just as the song was starting so I don't know what, if anything, the DJ said about it.
The song is already out, it might not be on a single but it's already out on cd, it's the first song on his scarecrow cd.Hey Matt, welcome to PG! Trust me, we know the song is on Scarecrow...it just hadn't been released as a single to radio. A group of us sent letters to Capitol a few months ago suggesting that they release that song, although I'm not saying that the letters influenced them. We wanted to see Garth on the charts again since it's been a while since a song had been released.


02-19-2003, 01:40 AM
Our station plays all requests during the lunch hour (ARL) so I was going to email them to request "Why Ain't I Running", but before I got to do that they surprised me and played it! At 10:00 am each weekday they play three songs in a row by a certain artist and today they played Garth including WAIR. I was so happy to hear it! I stopped what I was doing at work and just listened.:) I did email them to thank them for playing it and for them to keep playing it.


02-19-2003, 09:42 AM
I tried to call our station yesterday afternoon to make my request for WAIR, and before I could get through they played it. I thought that was very cool!! I hope it gets on the charts and stays there, where it belongs.


02-19-2003, 09:47 AM
Watch out, country radio! Garth-starved-nutts are going to be heading to the phones and email programs in droves!:D


02-19-2003, 09:47 PM
just heard WAIR on an ARkansas station....seems this new single is a reality.....

why aint i runnin....to the phone and requesting..is the question...lol

02-26-2003, 09:00 PM
Haven't heard it on my radio station yet!! :(
Going to go request right now!!!! :)

Joan :)

02-26-2003, 09:06 PM
What would y'all think of doing some sort of organized campaign for this one? Maybe a catch phrase that we could use in an email request campaign? Something that would generate a little press and get country radio's attention?


02-26-2003, 09:15 PM
I'm so jealous! Kinda hard to hear WAIR on the radio when you have no country radio station to listen to!
I'll help the cause though...give me some stations to email and I'll do my part... even though I won't have the luxury of getting that little jolt of joy I always got when a garth song came on, at least I know SOMEONE will!
Why can't Nashville help us up here in the forsaken city??


02-27-2003, 01:31 AM
ok, it was brought to my attention that an organized campaign for Trisha backfired, so I guess that isn't such a good idea. I still think that we could do something to alert the press that PGers are here and expecting Capitol to take this song to #1!

Harriet, Harriet, Harriet, I've told you - Nashville isn't where the money to buy radio stations is! Believe me, they want their music played in the biggest city in the country. YOU NEED XM! LOL. I listen to the same country channel from Hendersonville, TN to Trivoli, IL, and let me tell you, southern Illinois has it worse for radio stations than NYC does.

Ever heard the obituaries being read on the radio?

02-27-2003, 07:02 PM
Maybe I should write an obiturary for country radio in NYC and that Southern Ill. radio station will read it! LOL
Joyce, I know I could get XM, and I probably will end up having to because I can't take CMT in the car with me, and because they play the same songs all day anyway! But something inside of me is resenting having to do that, because on the free airwaves of this free nation, there should be a little free space left on the dial so that everyone is free to listen to their favorite kind of music... Why should listeners who favor Latino music get to choose from at least 4 different stations when I can't choose at all? Where's my freedom of choice? I think something needs to be done about issues like that...
Well, it's nice to know that Nashville at least knows about the problem and commisserates with us...Gaylord has oodles of money...they can't invest in a radio station?