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07-26-1999, 09:32 AM
First off, I wanna say THANK YOU publicly to a great friend, Bal from England, on #gbfan, who knew I was having real diffuculty playing Lost In You on my puter. Sweet guy that he is, he made a Mirc wav of it for me and finally today I figured out how to play it on my windows media player. DUH! It was so easy, and I found out I can play all my Mirc wavs without having to go into Mirc. lol Anyway, sorry, for rambling, but that isn't why I posted. I played for the first time Lost In You for my 5 yr. old daughter. I asked her who is that.. without hesitation she said Garth. lol. Even my 5 yr old knew it was him right away.. I'm training her right.. She doesn't even say Garth BROOKS anymore, just 'Garth'. :) All this time trying to figure out how to get my media player to work and it was working all the time. OY! <P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)<P><BR>P.S. Listening to LIY right now. :)N

07-26-1999, 11:59 AM
Very cool :D<BR>Thanx to your friend from me :)<BR>Very cool daughter :D So little and soo wise :) She'll be something special when she grows up :D<P>BTW I have some troubles with my Wmp too :( Grrr. OK I survive it will play Garth, but nothing else.<P>BrianN

07-26-1999, 02:24 PM
<B>Ellie</B>,<P>First of all, THANK YOU for you mag :D I really appreciate. <P>Secondly, THANK GOD, you finally got to hear that song!! I know you were struggling with your computer and finally got helped. Hahhaa... it's funny that you said <I>"I'm training her right.."</I>--this is funny!<P>TommyN

07-26-1999, 02:30 PM
WHile on the subj of kids. <BR>My little daughter Carlene heard me playing at night for the 100th time *LOST IN YOU*, my daughter then asked me garth sining huh mommy , and why does he have another name now chris gaines. <P>now i only explained to her daddy all about Garths new persona and that was months ago. she may have heard me along that time and made mention of that last night. that blew me away that my little 3year even said "why garth have another name kiss gaines" She can not say Chris yet giggle<P><BR>but she will soon she will giggle <P>(=^..^=) diana elizaberthN