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07-24-1999, 07:41 AM
Geez so giddy I forgot to post to my own post. <P>My ideas on lost in you VIDEO<BR>~~~~~~<BR>starts out he is sitting in a room(his room) writing the song and pondering on the yesterdays of his life etc. The setting is that he is wearing a white shirt and baggy leather pants( oppose to those rocker tight ones) . The whole video is done sorta of in a blurry mode as if in a dream haze quality.<P>He begins to sing the song and stops and then the camera pulls away to outside of this bldg where the women he sings about comes out. She goes about her daily doings at work and keeps hearing this tune. While at work they show her stopping at searching for this sound. <P>AT this time they pan around the room( the camera) and you see garth in a black shirt (silk) and leather pants again singing the song against the wall. BUT NO ONE CAN SEE CHRIS GAINES ONLY SHE CAN HEAR HIM..<P>Chris follows her around that day here and there singing the song. camera pans back to show garth walking across the street carrying his acoustic guitar walking through traffic. <P>Camera pans back to show her crossing the street to the same bldg. A shot of his hands writing the song then the camer pans back from that view to show him in his room again singing the song and the acoustic portion played . <P>Then again he remembers this lady ( all the while the camera is hazy you know dream quality wise) he walks out. Grabs his coat long jakcet very trendy looking soft fabric and wraps a scarf around him. he brushes his hands through his hair and just then throws the papers to the song on the floor and closes his door to the apt. <P>As he walks out he sees the door open up but goes the other direction and flicks his guitar pick to fall on the floor. he shuts the door. she ( the object of his desire) sees the door shut. and sees the pick on the floor. <P>camera pans to her face and her expression. then a shot of chris gaines heading to rehearsal with his band. <P>~~of course i am leaving out other details but to make this short ( lol).. <BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR>The room he walks into becomes clear that evening as he performs the song for a crowd. that is the whole video is now clear for all to see as if he awoke from a dream. while sining the camera pans to the audiance to show that very same girl , looking up at him. then chris gaines looking out in the audiance LOST <P>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR>see his object of desire has been this girl whom lives in his bldg whom he has not been able to contact or speak due to his busy sch etc. so he begins to sing to hear about her wherever he is. she being attacted to him in the same bld as well can hear his music. And she even hears his music while at work. When in all actuallity it is his SOUL that is singing out to her that she HEARS.<P><BR>so in the end she attends his concert and leaves never knowing at how the two do desire on another<BR>@@@@@@ THE END @@@@@@@@@@@<P>ok ok ok i know enough from me SORRY TO blabber on just been thinking of this. only my ideas of how i would like to see the video done. NOW YOUR TURN ??? :-)N

07-24-1999, 04:11 PM
Hey this is a cool idea :)<BR>I'm sorry to say that I have no idea so far :o<P>BrianN

07-24-1999, 08:55 PM
Come on all you must have some sort of idea of how you would like the LOST IN YOU video to look like . tell us or maybe just me lol .<P>do not be shy let your mind go and your heart soar and your soul be the driver <P>I am waiting???? anxiously!!<BR>diana elizabeth <BR>tomy come on you must have something in your ideas?? giggleN

07-24-1999, 09:20 PM
I am not to creative, but I'll give it a shot in the arm. :)<P>I guess I would have Chris Gaines(or Garth as we all know him) look, well, looking good I'll say. :o There will be a woman, since the song is about love. Garth would be singing, I think Garth would be dressed in black, I wouldn't mind leather at all. :) I would say he would be in a big city somewhere, maybe New York, LA, etc. See everyone, I am not creative when it comes to "real", however if you want comedy, I'm your person. :)N

07-25-1999, 08:17 AM
kristen that was good that is the city i was thinking of cool NY yesssss!!!!!<P>very good and of course leather ( opps) gotta see the garth man opps i mean chris gaines in leather. can you imagine ok ok back to reality ;-)<BR>very good kritsten let your mind wonder dream and you have it!!! you are good..<BR>diana elizabethN

07-26-1999, 01:20 AM
<B>Diane</B>,<P>Hmmm... now you have got me into thinking about Chris Gaines' very first video. Oh boy, I'm starting to worry about it because he is not used to do a "regular video" for a long time...LOL (((hint, hint))) Well, I am expecting the video to be very romantic and the place is kinda gloomy. You know, "lost in you" implies internal frustration and it can be shown through dim lights... and soft graphics. WOOHOOO... I hope it'll turn out FANTASTICILY ;)<P>TommyN

07-26-1999, 08:48 AM
Tommy, <P> Very good choice of words. Very good choice of terms, the gloomy and internal frustation( wow) .. Thanks Tommy you are so right.<P> You know as a kick, we should grab one of us and to a send up of Chris Gaines. You know as a video from us about this song and use one of you all to play chris gaines and we make the video with our ideas.<P>all for kicks of course but songs kinda of fun huh.geez can not wait now for the video (tapping fingers on table as if to indicate hurry up and wait- for --&gt; video) <P>great ideas all keep them COMING ok :-)<P>blessings diana elizabethN