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11-02-2002, 10:20 PM
Hey Dale-

Here's a song by Keith Urban off his new CD, Goldren Road. It's called "Whenever I Run". I thought of you when I heard this song :)


I've seen that darkness on the edge of town
The sun come up and the rain fall down
And I've been a fool, yeah I've been around

And when the world got too much for me
I took off and left a memory
Thinking I'd find something better for me somehow
Oh but now

Whenever I run
Instead of running into the blue
I follow my heart
And their in your arms
Is where I find the love I need
And the best is yet to come
Baby you're the one I run to

I used to quit when it got too tough
Throw in my cards when I was down on my luck
But baby you mean too much to me
so now

(Repeat Chorus)

I never could stay in one place for too long
I never could stand that still
Ah but you changed so much in me
And now I know I will

I'm gonna stay where the love is right
I'm so tired of being a bird in flight
Good love takes work
Ah but that's alright
That's alright

(Repeat chorus)

You're the only one
Instead of running into the blue
I follow my heart
And there in your arms
That's where I find the love I need
And the best is yet to come
Baby you're the one I run to
The one I run to
The one I run to


Here's another one by Keith also off his new cd. It's a song for me and I hope you and all the other Beleiver's out there...


There was a world outside my door
I wasn't in touch with anymore
There was a way I used to feel
I knew what was and wasn't real

You built a bridge,I tore it down
I felt safe on shaky ground
And I was a master of despair
Making believe I didnt care

I shouldn't be standing here today
After all the crazy things I've done
I'm ready to fall and that's OK
I ran as far as I could run
You won

Outr of a world turned upside down
It took some time to come around
Out of a dream you made me whole
You lit a fire down in my soul

(Repeat Chorus Twice)
And you won

I thought I knew what I was doing
I thought I was in control
I thought nobody could slow me down
But what did I know
I was just a kid a motherless child
No one to watch over me I was runnin' wild
Free of all repsonsibility 'til my life
And my love for myself caught up with me
Yeah, it caught up with me
And now, yes I am
So ready

I hope that you like these songs :)

Vanessa :)

11-03-2002, 02:45 AM
Oh yes Vanessa! I really, really do! And now, I REALLY, REALLY wanna see keith at the County Line Saloon more than ever!

11-03-2002, 11:00 AM
dale- I'm glad that you liked the songs :) Do you have either of Keith's cd's. The first one is is self titled cd, which is alos very good.

I hope that you get to see him at the Saloon! He's very good in concert! :) He plays a mean guitar!

Vanessa :)