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07-22-1999, 03:33 PM
:( :( :( Well, that was it I guess.<BR>There is no chance for Chris Gaines here in Denmark :( :( :(<BR>They was making fun of Garth Brooks today in the radio :( :( It is the best station we have over here, excuse me, it <B>WAS</B> the best station :( :(<BR>I can clearly imagine how they would receive CG when the album comes out :( :(<BR>Now they have played all their stupid dance and rap music for two weeks, and only a single other song I did like.<BR>I wish they would wake up and see that there is more in the world that BSB, Michael Jackson, Boyzone and all this gangsta rap :( :( :(<BR>Right now I could kill them, Grrrrrrrr<P> :(Brian :(N

07-22-1999, 04:31 PM
Hey!<P>Don't worry about that! Ya never know what GB could do? Think about New York City, the biggest city in the US and he brought the country roots..into the City, oh well, there's been people doubtin' that he could have had successed, then...oh well, he just walked onstage, and then did his best, then he <B>conqueared the biggest city in US</B> with only country music?!<P>Yeah, that's the same thing when he went into Europe, sure country music wasn't that big over there, but GB came in, and changed it all!<P>Ya never know <B>Chris Gaines,</B> He could do something that big over there, like <B>Garth Brooks</B> in New York City<P>Just my root's sense...<BR>DeafcowboyN

07-22-1999, 07:09 PM
Sorry about that Pilgrim. I'm new around these parts so I assume u live in or around Copenhagen...sorry to hear ur gonna miss out on CG. The good news is you have lots of places to catch his stuff on the WWW!! CG won't be touring so live isn't an issue. Glad you have the gangsta rap problem and not me...lol! Chin up, mate.<P>Standing outside the fire...Dan. Cheers!N

07-22-1999, 08:06 PM
Pilgrim:<P>Have faith! I honestly never thought I'd hear CG here, but he's doing really well in the challenge so far. Only one more night, and it goes on the regular playlist. Of course, it helps that the DJ is really enjoying CG music too. <P>Catch y'all around the next bend...<BR>N

07-23-1999, 12:59 AM
Thanx everybody :)<P>well,maybe you could be right (I hope so) but I doubt it.<BR>The only "new" country stars who are big here right now is Shania and Faith, and thats only because they did change their music to a more European related :(<P><B>CanadianCMFan</B> Do you know Copenhagen????? I guess you could be right ;)<BR>If I am coming from DK... Then I live far away from Copenhagen :)<BR>But if I comes from Canada then Copenhagen is right "next door" :) its only 95 miles away :)<P>BrianN

07-23-1999, 01:37 AM
<B>Pilgrim</B>,<P>Give us the email address!! I am writing to them!! :( Geeze...LOL<P>TommyN

07-23-1999, 06:51 AM
Me too...lets all write to them!! :DN

07-23-1999, 09:26 AM
You will get the address :D but I have to find it on the net first, and then...........<P>BrianN

07-23-1999, 09:57 AM
Here is the e-mail link :)<P> <A HREF="mailto:tryk@dr.dk">tryk@dr.dk</A> <P>The host is called <B>Jesper BŠhrenz</B> and his stupid assistant is called <B>M°ffe</B> :D<BR>I know you can't write the °, but you can write oe instead. It's no big deal he is so stupid he won't recognize it :)<BR>They have a thing going on where the listeners should get M°ffe to laugh (bring him a mirror). <P>Well a listenet called with a story about her hubby and a wish for a GB song, or something like that. Anyway M°ffe didn't find it funny, They said the story was tragic only because the name Garth Brooks was mentioned.<P>They will air the next show exactly 12 hours from now :D :D<P><B>GO FLAME THEM</B> (lol)<BR>Well I guess you better be a little polite ;)<P>BrianN

07-23-1999, 10:44 AM
I sent them a letter, which was just a simple request, sure if I had matches I would have lighted the letter, and hand it over to him, and then <B>Boom</B>..oh well, I hope they play it.<P>DeafcowboyN

07-23-1999, 01:36 PM
WOW deafcowboy (lol)<BR>Well maybe I have to specify that it wasn't CG they were making fun of, but Garth himself :(<BR>I will wait by the radio and listen if they got something to say :)<BR>and then I let you know :)<P>BrianN

07-23-1999, 05:16 PM
<B>Pilgrim</B>,<P>This is what I wrote to them:<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR><BR>Jesper BŠhrenz and his assistant M°ffe,<P>Hello guys, I am an immigrant from the States way back in early 90's. I am still not very good at Danish, so please forgive me for writing in english. <BR> <BR>I am a loyal listener of your station for many years. However, until recently, I have been pissed by the way you guys made fun of Garth Brooks. Garth is my favorite artist and I even went to the concert at Belfast last year. I think he's a great singer and great entertainer. So please don't insult him again on the radio. I knew Garth has an upcoming POP project called "In the life of Chris Gaines". Fortunately, I am able to hear the sound clip of "Lost In You" from internet and I'm very impressed by this song. I would love to hear this single ^_^ <P>I know you guys don't really like Garth Brooks, but please do me a favor by adding that song to our daily playlist. <P>Thanks.<P>Tommy<BR><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>LOL.. I even made up a little story to make it more believable :o I hope it would work.<BR>N

07-24-1999, 12:36 AM
HOLY Tommy!!!! maybe thats why they haven't said anything yet ;) (lol)<BR>I guess, well I don't even know if P3 radio is on satellite :o<BR>Also I would hope for your sake that your e-mail address has no US or Canada relation :)<BR>The e-mails addresses here in Denmark are mostly from Danish companies like mine that ends on <B>post.tele.dk</B><BR>or Palle's that is <B>get2net.dk</B> uuhhu They are both on Outlook Express<P>Let me know if they reply you :D<P>BrianN

07-24-1999, 03:29 AM
This is what I wrote them...sorry, I didnt make up any stories that I am Danish :o<P>It was recently reported online that during your radio show, you guys<BR>publicly insulted Garth Brooks when a woman called and asked you to play a<BR>GB song for her husband. And you said "the story was tragic only because the<BR>name Garth Brooks was mentioned."<BR>It might not mean much to you guys coming from fans all the way in America<BR>who can't even listen to your station, but insulting Garth Brooks in front<BR>of his fans is only going to result in your station losing its listeners. In<BR>case you have not realized it yet, Garth is the biggest-selling solo artist<BR>in MUSIC HISTORY. Some of his biggest concerts ever have been in Dublin and<BR>Belfast, Ireland.<BR>If you care about your station at all (and it appears you don't, but I'm<BR>holding out hope), you'll hopefully be more wise in the future when a Garth<BR>fan requests a song. Instead of giving your listeners some smart-as* answer,<BR>why not just play the song?? The woman who called in probably no longer<BR>listens to your station. I bet you're thinking that you have nothing to<BR>worry about...it's only one listener, right? Until she tells her friends who<BR>listen to your station...and they tell their friends...I think you get my<BR>point. Soon you'll be wondering why you're out of jobs because nobody<BR>listens anymore. Please take your fans into consideration next time they<BR>want to hear a song. You may not like Garth Brooks, but there are plenty of<BR>other people who do.<P><BR>Hmmm...maybe I should have been a little more polite, but people like these guys really piss me off (pardon my language :o).<BR>If I lived in Denmark, I'd go slap some sense into them ;)N

07-24-1999, 10:11 AM
LOOK AT THIS RESPONSE THEY SENT ME! GEEZ, THESE PEOPLE ARE SCREWED UP! <P><BR>Hello stranger<P>Sorry that you don't have the guts to stay by your words, but have to hide<BR>as an unknown....<BR>I know a lot of Garth Brooks fans, and had the pleasure to see his concert<BR>in Central Park in N.Y.. I thought that both Garth Brooks and his fans had a<BR>sense of humor, guess I was wrong.<P>Since we're not a country station, or have a music format that calls for<BR>C&W, the losing of listeners will be absolutly none....so I don't worry to<BR>much about about that part of your compliment.<P>And let me remind you that I live in a country where we have freedom of<BR>speach, and that by the way goes for Garth Brooks as well (It's called the<BR>first amendtment). So whatever I say or my producer or my listner say about<BR>Garth Brooks, is not to be considered an insult, so I don't care about that<BR>either.<P>What I care about is that you claim that we are smartasses, thats an<BR>insult.... <BR>So please send the name of your lawyer so that I can sue you, for every<BR>penny that you are worth.<P>And by the way, my favorite track by Garth Brooks is "Friends In Low<BR>Places"..<P>Greetings and smiles<BR>Jesper BaehrenZ<BR>(Host)N

07-24-1999, 03:06 PM
Hey Shannon :D :D I just send you a mail :)<BR>It's a really nice post you wrote :) but I think the station won't lose any listeners because of that :( with Brooks. <BR>Jesper is OK :D But his assistant..... uhh he's a pain in the A$$ :)<BR>M°ffe is a real JERK, sorry for using some harsh words, but that's the only way to say it :)<BR>Well as long as there are artists like BSB :( Michael Jackson :( :( Boyzone :( etc. then the station will survive.<BR>He says in the answer that we live in a country with freedom of speach. Well he is right :o I have been saying some really bad things of Denmark :( And I stick up to 'em :)<BR>when boys or girls can begin to drink <B>and</B> smoke at the age of 10, without nobody doing anything to stop that, I guess you all clearly can imagine what kind of country I live in :( :(<BR>I am <B>NOT</B> proud of being a Dane.<BR>This is NO fairytale country as other Danes would like it to be. <P>Brian<BR>N

07-26-1999, 12:10 AM
<B>Shannon</B>,<P>HOLY! WHAT AN A$$? Geeze, the guy even wants to sue you for what you have said to them. Oh boy, that guy has huge attitude problem.<P>Well, like he said, we can't really do much thing to the station, since we're not in Danmark :(<P><B>Pilgrim</B>,<P>C'mon, Garth needs your HELP!! You should call the station and tell them to respect Da-Man!! ((BANG))<P>TommyN

07-26-1999, 01:51 AM
<B>Tommy</B><BR>I have mailed Shannon and told her that I think she have been a victim of the "cruel" Danish black humor :o<BR>I don't think that Jesper REALLY means what he said :)<BR>Anyway, I'll back Shannon up 200% :D Nobody shall attack her as long as I know of it :)<BR>If any of you who have mailed the station (if there are more) has got a reply then please let me know :D<BR>If there is more of this bull$hi7 I WILL flame him :D<P>BrianN