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09-12-2002, 08:58 PM
I was looking back over PG and for people here who know me and also people who I have made friends here I came across something I first posted here which would show what Garth and PG did for me.

I'll clear up some of the text as the old link isn't that clear with funny signs.

Garth moment or a Dream come true?
Hi, I'm Bal from the UK and I haven't posted much here at all and it was rare,I had something of use to post about. Today I have to ask you all if you lost someone and you thought no way you would ever get to hear from again as they lived in a different country, What would you do? and Garth said in his song (It Was your Song) "dreams can come true". Well I can answer that question now.

My Story, Long before the NET was twinkle in the publics eyes I had met someone through a Penpal ad I posted through a TV Text thing as my life was low. I thought to myself that there must be other people like me who need friends even in LOW PLACES so I took a chance. I had this reply and it changed my life as it touched my heart ( Sorry that I can't give any personal details). This person lived in Germany and we became great friends and I know I could to talk to this person about anything. Since there wasn't email it was like I wrote a letter and waited for reply after a month or two and it was the same for my friend. We came even more closer and I had planned to visit her but my health got worse and I had to put it off.

~~~~~~~~~THE GARTH BIT~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After a while we had talked about various music but mainly POP artists etc and one day she told me she liked COUNTRY Music and at this time I had only listened to a few artist's through Satellite radio and wasn't up on who was good or not. She told me about this Garth Brooks and I thought OK and this is Country right. After a while she sent me a tape of songs and I thought I'd better listen to it and I hope she doesn't ask me what I think. I listened to the songs and I started to like the songs and when I got to The River I thought ok this guy can sing good songs as I wasn't really into fast songs like Ain't Going down. This was my first real introduction to Country Music and Garth Brooks. Sadly the following year for some reason we lost touch. I kept sending mail but had no reply's back and then I had alot returned and I started to worry. I had all sorts running in my head like "is she OK and if she is why won't she answer?". I thought OK she probably has moved house or something but still after a year had past and no reply to say she had moved. I was more worried than ever and since I was well into Garth and his music and with CMT starting in the UK I was always reminded of my friend. Everyday I thought of her and every Birthday and Christmas I was thinking of her and what I had lost. I had mail coming from abroad and everytime it wasn't from my friend.

In Nov98 I was fortunate to have seen Garth with the thanks of my friends Shelly and Kathryn who made my dream come true as I got to shake hands with Garth on three songs and I had a great handshake on "We Shall BE Free" when I looked him in the eyes and thought YES. Even thou i was happy I got to actually see Garth, there was a part of me still lost. I was thinking of my friend which by now I started to think i had lost her for good.


Jan99 my computer crashed and major. Since I was always on #GBFAN chat channel I gave it up as I was too busy and had to get my machine up and running again. June99 I was back on track and decided to finish a few things I started and also see what I had missed on #GBFAN. Now i had missed 6 months of Garth but since he hadn't been touring I was lucky I could catch up.

July99 29th at about 6:30pm my time I had an email from Harriet a dear friend who thanked me for sending her a Garth CD and I didn't even know it was her Birthday. After reading her email i decided to check in #GBFAN if she was there and yep there she was. Shortly she had to go about 7pm my time and at this point some came on with the name Germanfan I think. And the rest of the people in the chan started talking about Dani, I asked who's name is Dani as only two people has entered which i didn't know. the German fan replied I'm Dani etc and I started to say I knew a Dani once. Shortly I said this friend I had I lost touch with and I named places she lived and her full name and the next minute this Dani said my full first name. I could not believe it and thought no way and someone is having me on. A little while past and thought can't be as how would she know where I was on about and named somethings which only she would have known. I think the rest of the channel by now stopped talking and we kept talking until she had to go.

I can't explain how this happened and was it likes Garth River where it isn't out until it's completely dried out? Or was it a Garth's Dream which came true for me? Was it because of #GBFAn or Brandon for PlanetGarth as that's how she connected to the channel. All I know is that My friend put me in touch with the Garth World and for some reason I lost her as a result. But in this World I sailed these Rivers and when it seemed no hope I found the person I lost who was where I origanly set sail from ( #GBFAN).

"Dreams Can Come True"

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