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08-08-2002, 11:47 PM
I know that I haven't posted much since I came home, but the main reason is that I'm still completely overwhelmed and on emotional overload! Too much to experience in such a short time has left me speechless and very emotional.

First ... beleive it or not, the highlight of my trip was meeting Moni after 4 long years of talking with her on the computer and on the phone. For those of you who haven't had the privledge of meeting her - she's even more awesome in person! I meant what I said at the airport Bud ... I'm going to miss you most of all.

Your arms wrapped around me at the airport, and I was home! :) You are the one thing that surprised me the most during the whole time I was in Nashville and Oklahoma. Surprised in a good way! You are a very, very special person Joyce, but you really do need to work on "the look". Oh yeah, and also your "American Boot"! ROFLMAO

My other two Garth Angels are Mo and Mary Liz. We had more laughs and adventures than should be allowed, but I wouldn't trade one second of it for anything in the world. (Well, except for brrrrpppt on the side of the road, that is!)

When I left here for Nashville, it was with the inention of meeting fellow PG'ers and that was it! No Garth or Garth adventure was on the schedule, nor could I have even thougth of it in my wildest dreams. These ladies had it all planned even before I reached Nashville that we would be taking a trip to Oklahoma. Of course, there never was a guarantee that we would even see Garth, let alone meeting him. You could have bowled me over when they told me on the Friday night at dinner just what they had in store for me.

The whole 12 days that I was gone was one fun-filled adventure right after another. We laughed, cried, had our hearts filled to over flowing and had life changing experiences. None of it wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for my Garth Angels - Moni, Joyce, Mary Liz and Mo. How can I even begin to thank you all?? Bottom line is - I can't. Just know that I'm forever grateful for what you all did. I'll NEVER forget any of it.

For the rest of you who have never met Garth ... I can only give you one piece of advice. Keep believing! Who would have thought that living 2,600 miles away from Nashville, that I would EVER get a Garth moment, let alone the infamous Garth hug? It will happen for each and every one of you.

The memories of the PG convention that I have are all special in their own way. It was an honor to meet each and every one of you who were there. I don't want to name names in case I leave someone out, but I do have a very special memory of all of you. We sure did have some fantastic times, didn't we?

Some of my special ones ...

- tuna & bologna
- my "Welcome to the USA" sign at the airport
- wearing a "white russian"
- big truck!!! big truck!!!!
- a$$ over tea kettle
- *beep beep*
- Gaaath
- serviettes
- CC giving me the American Thunder book
- the hand reaching out to rub my shoulder at the Grand Ole Opry when I lost it
- Miss D
- Dakota, Kelly & Sarah
- Hall Of Fame (Moni made sure I fulfilled that dream)
- upside down horses at Wildhorse Saloon!
- Teresa's hug when she was leaving
- Mickey Mouse road signs!
- Oh I wish I were a Taco Bell Burrito ...
- Amber's hugs
- Joyce's "LOOK" that failed
- Mo's posessed van that's like the black hole
- boot wash soup
- all the heart felt hugs!

The list goes on and on and on as you can see. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I have memories that will last me a life time. Not only meeting Garth, but meeting and getting to know all of you. I'm already planning on a trip for next year.

Thank you my special Garth angels, and thank you to the rest of the PGer's that were at the convention. You ALL made my vacation a once in a lifetime experience all the way around.

((((HUGS)))) to every one of you. :)


08-09-2002, 06:12 PM

You are one special person and I am glad I got to meet cha! You sure have some terrific memories to keep ya going. Thanks for the reminder to "keep on believing." :)

08-09-2002, 09:36 PM
Sher, I'd still be on emotional overload after all that too. The convention alone was awesome. Put that together with meeting Garth, and I'd be a gonner! I'm thrilled for you and the others that got that chance. It was great meeting you and all the other new faces this year, along with seeing familiar faces from last year. I'm ready to do it all over again already!

{{{HUGS}}} back

08-09-2002, 11:38 PM

You are such a special lady! I know that this whole adventure was literally the trip of a life time for you, and I'm so grateful to have gotten to share in a part of it!

Some of my special memories -

- Hearing the future Jimmy Mattingly play the fiddle
- Clutching Sher's hand in the back of the van, laughing until we cried over "someone's" driving.
- Closing down the Pancake Tree
- "We're headed to Kentucky."
- Playing all the games in the kids menu with Dakota
- Trying to lift Mary Liz's suitcases into the truck
- Phone calls from Moni giving me updates from Oklahoma
- Singing Toby Keith to Sherri after way too many fuzzy navels
- Watching everyone stop bidding on a calendar Dakota (and everyone else) really wanted
- Pina coladas on the patio
- Robin and I debating whether or not it was really Kix Brooks
- Finally meeting Amber, who lives 10 miles from me
- The gates at 1:30 in the morning
- All the HUGS
- Someone in Texas loves me :)

and SO many more!

08-10-2002, 04:17 PM
Singing Toby Keith to Sherri after way too many fuzzy navels I would have paid anything to have seen that. You are just one fuzzy navel away from joining the Toby Keith Fan Club, aren't you? ;)

08-10-2002, 04:30 PM
Originally posted by DixieChick4GB
I would have paid anything to have seen that. You are just one fuzzy navel away from joining the Toby Keith Fan Club, aren't you? ;)
Elaine Elaine, didn't you know that Joyce is really the President of Toby's fan club?


08-10-2002, 10:38 PM
Hey now! That's how rumors get started!

Believe me, it took more than one fuzzy navel to get me singing Toby!

The full story is that Sherri had done something she shouldn't have. I was giving her the famous Joyce "look." She told me my looks didn't work on her. So I started singing the "boot" line... after all, it's the American way. ;)

That night was such a blast! And Sherri was definately MY angel that night!

Now let's hear some of the rest of you post your special memories!