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07-19-1999, 02:15 PM
I was in Media Play (record, video and bookstore in the Northeastern US)today and as always went to check the "Garth" section - and there was a sign there saying: "Coming soon - Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines - reserve your copy today!!" I was thrilled, so I marched right up to the desk to reserve my COPIES(note the plural)and they were very confused - couldn't find the code number for it or even give me a release date, although we know it's around Sept 28/29, right?<BR>Anyway, they took my $3 and gave me a receipt for my reserve order - not that I won't be standing in line at midnight like the rest of us - but it was exciting to see it actually IN print IN the store! The closer we get, the crazier I get!!<BR>Kerry<BR> N

07-19-1999, 08:00 PM
Cool! Thanks for lettin us know.<BR>The only place here that you can reserve copies is at HMV - and only if you beg and plead. I guess next time I go out, I'm going to just have to stop in there and see if they have anything going like that yet! Keeping my fingers crossed. :)<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

07-20-1999, 02:58 AM
I guess I have to ask if they can get it here in DK.....Well.... They have to, I will force them with a gun :)<P>BrianN

07-21-1999, 05:10 PM
Just read your post about Music Play store in Northeastern US. Do you know if there are any of those stores in the Boston area or north of Boston? I would appreciate it If you would check into it for me.<P>Thanks.<P>Chris<BR>N

07-21-1999, 06:16 PM
Chris - <BR>ALl I can tell you is the store I'm referring to is in Northern CT - north of Hartford - but I'll ask them for a directory of stores next time I visit!<BR>KerryN

07-21-1999, 07:25 PM
Hi PG'ers, <BR>I was in Sam Goody today and they also had a sign up that said you could reserve a copy of CG. Hope this helps if you don't have a Media Play in your area.N

07-21-1999, 07:58 PM
Hey, I'm glad you said "copies"...LOL That's what I am going to do too!! <P>TommyN

07-23-1999, 05:43 PM
Hey Thanks for the info... <P> :) N