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10-23-1999, 06:44 AM
Alright people let's have some FRIGGIN' fun here!<BR>Any fun facts you know about our hero? Post them, were talking his fave food, or color to the size of his.....well you know! <BR>By the end of the day I want to be a human GArth encyclopedia! I want to know every quirky little detail about Garth/Chris for God's sake make them up if you have to, just show some signs of life!!N

Chris Gaines
10-23-1999, 07:30 AM
Even though this should be on the PG Board and not the Chris Gaines one I'll answer this LOL :)<P>Everyone knows his favorite Restaurant...<P><B>Taco Bell</B> LOL<P>JasonN

10-23-1999, 07:49 AM
Chris Gaines..I know I know but this place was so dead this morning (picture tumbleweeds blowing across your screen) I decided to post a topic in each forum hoping to liven things up a bit.<BR>Thanks for the contribution anyway :) You are so good to me you know that? *lol*N

Chris Gaines
10-23-1999, 07:50 AM
ok ok.. I'll try again :)<P>I dunno why but his favorite number is <B>7</B><P>but his favorite track on his albums is <B>track 10</B>.. he always puts his most favorite song of the album there...<P>The Dance<BR>The Wolves<BR>The River<BR>Face To Face<BR>The Cowboy Song<BR>Ireland<BR>In Another's Eyes<BR>It's Your Song<P>Were all Track Ten sitters on his albums :)<P>JasonN

10-23-1999, 07:51 AM
CG, by the way I did not know that about him...Taco Bell huh? That only re-enforces my curiosity..like what happens if garth has to go to the bathroom while he's doing a concert, if he eats a lot of taco bell that should be a major concern *lol*N

10-23-1999, 07:58 AM
Well I think we all know about his obsession for brushing his teeth! *LOL* ;)<P>Paula :)N

10-23-1999, 07:59 AM
Oh! And for those people that were part of the online chats with Garth, we know he REALLY doesn't like Fish. (hmmmm I hope I remembered that right) :D<P>PaulaN

Chris Gaines
10-23-1999, 08:00 AM
LOL!!!!!!!!! Garth4JMC that was good :)<P>But see.. Taco Bell is open Late.. I think he goes there after his concerts.. not before... Concerts end about 11:30pm.. Taco Bell is open till 3am.. <P>See now ya know the reason all Taco Bells are open till 3am :)<P>They just never know when Garth may shw up LOL! :)<BR>(That was a joke) :P<P>JasonN

Chris Gaines
10-23-1999, 08:03 AM
Paula,<P>your right I remember that..<P>Question, "Garth, what do you like to eat for breakfast, a certain cereal?"<P>Garth, "Anything but Fish."<P>Question, "Garth, What is your favorite food?"<P>Garth, "Anything but fish."<P>LOL!<BR>JasonN

10-23-1999, 08:04 AM
Czy4gth<BR>I did not know the teeth brushing or the fish thing *lol* thanks!<P>CG,<BR>Well come on we all know taco bell can hit us up to like a week later! *LOL* I don;t know what I'd do! On stage doin' your thing then *rumble,gurgle* What could you do but haul ass of to a bathroom!*LOL* <BR>Come on it's funny if you do the play by play in your head! Hell he could be all gassy from TB, we'd never know!N

10-23-1999, 08:12 AM
I knew there was a reason I love this guy so much,surprise surprise..I'll eat anything but fish! I get the heebiejeebies just think of that crap! YICKN

10-23-1999, 08:26 AM
Garth was the sixth child and born on February 7, 1962. That may be why 7 is his favorite number. He graduated from Yukon High School in 1980. Also he prefers striped shirts and Resistol hats. N

10-23-1999, 08:29 AM
Teach,<BR>Thanks, I'm gonna take it a tad further...<BR>Any idea how that whole colorful, unique shirt thing got started? I've always wondered about that.N

10-23-1999, 09:55 AM
I read somewhere that he used to wear Resistols, but his current favorite is a Stetson 'Tyler'.N

10-23-1999, 11:39 AM
I read that his favorite dish that his mom used to make was stuffed cabbage rolls. Don't ask me why I remember that, I guess I'm just full of useless knowledge. :) JackieN

10-23-1999, 11:49 AM
I also read somewhere that he made a video for "Friends in Low Places" but refused to release it because he did not like it and thought that it did not do justice to the song.N

10-23-1999, 02:07 PM
Did you guys know that when he recorded Friends in Low Places in the studio, he brought in 50 friends & family members, supplied them w/ several coolers of beer and had a grill set up? If you listen to the song carefully you'll hear a couple beer cans being opened! I heard it, always did but never realized what it was *lol*N

10-23-1999, 02:20 PM
He likes M&M's, all flavors, :) :) :), but usually gets plain.<P> :) Sandy's pet name for him is Bear :), I read that in my Garth Brooks Scrapbook.<P>N

10-23-1999, 02:28 PM
Shameless is that scrapbook any good? is it outdated at all?N

10-23-1999, 03:52 PM
Hmmm...I dont know any useless facts :o N

10-23-1999, 04:19 PM
I have really enjoyed reading what I have read so far. Copyright is 1992. <P>There are alot of good pictures, one that I just can't get over, he is dressed really casual and is wearing glasses :D, it is very cool. :) :DN

10-23-1999, 04:21 PM
Shameless,<BR>I might just have to purchase that book<P>I wonder if a book will be done about Chris Gaines, as seriously as Garth is taking his character, I think there will beN

10-24-1999, 07:42 AM
Also on the "Friends in low Places" you can hear Garth shout "push Marie" toward the end of the song...after the can opening. One of his bandmates' wives was pregnant at the time, it was getting late, and everyone was getting silly...listen...you can hear it!!<BR>Also, he likes Pancake Pantry (?) is that the name of the place? He likes scrambled eggs with ham and his Mom used to fry two eggs to put on top of that!! Thats all for now! N

10-24-1999, 07:53 AM
I thought I posted a reply, it must have gotten lost somewhere. Anyway, on Friends in Low Places, listen for "push Marie", it is after the can opening. I think one of the bandmates wives' was pregant & it was getting late & everyone was silly...Garth yells that out...listen, you can hear it!! Also, he likes to eat at Pancake Pantry...likes scrambled eggs with ham, said his Mom used to fry two eggs to put on top of that...he said this on C&C!!N

10-24-1999, 09:30 AM
Gart4prez<BR>I haven't heard that..heard the beer can though...I'll have to listen for it!N

10-24-1999, 09:56 AM
Hey Shameless-<BR>The Scrapbook is out of print-are you able to post that photo on the AHBA site? I'd love to see it. ThanksN

10-24-1999, 10:55 AM
His hat size is 7 5/8 and his boots are custom made in Fort Worth,Texas.N

10-24-1999, 09:08 PM
GARTH4PREZ<BR>*LOL*<BR>I listened to Friends in Low places and I heard him yell after the beer opened! VERY funny, and it's so obviously him yelling! Thanks for that one! N

10-25-1999, 08:07 AM
Okay, so far I've known everything I've read. The only thing I don't know is the size of "it" but I've heard his boot size is 91/2 which is not very big for a man of 6 foot. I still don't know his religion and Nationality though some Irish I know that. N

10-25-1999, 10:00 AM
Not only is "7" the date of his birth, but he's a very superstitious person, so it could have other ignificant meanings. He's already said that Garth Brooks will never have only 13 tracks on an album.<P>I can't believe it about Sandy's nickname for him...I was just thinking that this morning...I would give him a nickname of "Bear" too!<P>He doesn't eat Taco Bell before a concert. They usually eat pasta though he eats little since he gets so nervous before going on stage. Pigging out at Taco Bell after a concert is what he attributes his weight problem to.N

10-25-1999, 03:19 PM
I read that he puts his favorite song at the end of the album, doesn't necessarily have to be song 10. His shoe size may not be that big but we have all seen the photo of Chris Gaines in the tights! Enough said. :)N

10-25-1999, 03:28 PM
gbfan<BR>AHHHHH!!! You're killing me! I've been trying to keep myself from thinking of that!! So has my boyfriend *lol* he gets the backlash! <BR>Shoot now I gotta go look at the cd again....N

Royal Troyal Fan
10-25-1999, 05:22 PM
Hey everybody,<BR> I haven't posted in a while but this topic was just too good to refuse.....<P>Ah, in the belly button area...<BR>I have been told by another Garthnut<BR>...who happend to have had "hands on" <BR>experience with da man - Garth is an innie!<P>Karen in Chicago!N

10-25-1999, 05:38 PM
Whats a innie?N

10-25-1999, 08:29 PM
An innie, is a belly button that goes in, some have one that protrudes a little bit. :)<BR>I actually have his mom's cabbage rolls, bbq chicken and potato salad recipe that are Garth's favorite. The GarthBrooks Scrapbook, is a great book. He designs most of his own 'MoBetta' shirts. From a company in Oklahoma. The company sends him blank shirt patterns and Garth can design his own style right on it and they make it for him. His fav jeans are Wranglers cause they fit. Although he does like Levi's. :) He always wore striped shirts because he thought they made him look thinner. His horse's name is Crackerjack. He loves riding around on his tractor or bull dozer around his property. I have a pic of him in a book of him lifting weights. :) Very cool. His favorite trucks are 4 by 4 Chevy dualies. Hmm... I can probably think of a few more.. but I'm blanked out right now. :)<P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N

10-25-1999, 09:10 PM
Hey there!!<BR>This is AZamy77's daughter Tiffany. Everyone on here is saying they don't know why Garth's favorite number is **7**. Maybe this definition will give some insight, and make it more obvious why that's his favorite #.<BR>Okay, I know first off that 6 is the number of the devil, 8 is the number of man, and 7 IS THE NUMBER OF GOD. He is a very religious person, and loves God with all of his heart. I also heard him in an interview once say that his favorite number was '7' because that is God's number. I also read it somewhere too, in another interview. In one of his albums (there could be more than one), he mentions why he likes the number '7'. It's a symbol of God, and this is a quote from Da Man:<P> _______________________________________<BR> "And above all, Thank You to God, for it is through Him all things are possible."<BR> _______________________________________<P>Examples: "Seventh Heaven". Also, Europe is known for the creation of The Bible. In some European countries, the week starts on not Sunday, but Monday. Therefore, making Sunday the seventh day of the week. This is also the traditional day of worship. <BR>I could be wrong on some of this, correct me if so.<P>Also, for a "non-useless" fact:<BR>My mother and I were on the NBC chat recently on the 'net. We had entered in a bunch of questions under the name "Amy4JohnnyBench". We were in the process of coming up with good questions for Garth. My mother said "How can we verify it's him?" I suggested to her we ask something from Spring Training, that noone else but GARTH would know.(This was since there was controversy over the Yahoo chat to whether it was really Garth or not.) I said "Hey!! How 'bout we ask him what drink HE always drank at spring training?!?!" So this was her question, and also his reply:<BR>_____________________________________________<BR>&lt;Amy4JohnnyBench&gt; Ok, Garth, I can verify with this question as to whether it's you here or not. What drink in the cafeteria was your favorite, and always ran out on YOU in Spring Training?<BR>God Bless, Amy<P>&lt;Garth_Brooks&gt; Oh! Hawaiian Punch. And I am hoping you have got that fixed by now. ;-) I miss you. Tell your daughter I said hi.<BR>_____________________________________________<P>Awww....just brings tears to my eyes everytime I read that. Because I know that he remembers us, and cares about us. :)<P>I know this is long, but I gotta catch up to you in posts there Garth4JMC!!! j/k :)<BR>I just thought that I would inform people who have questions about the **sevens** thing. It's based upon his religion, and superstition. Thank You!<BR>God Bless<BR>Tiffany ;-)N

always supportive fan
10-26-1999, 05:19 AM
The only useless fact I know is that when Garth met Sandy, she had went to swing at the girl one time in the bathroom and the girl ducked and her fist went straight through the wall. That's when Garth came in to help out. He asked if she wanted to stay at his apartment and she said no way. Any way, he also wrote a song for her that he has refused to cut because it's something special for the two of them to share. He also didn't write the song for his mom. That's all I can think of right now. <BR>Lovin' Garth forever,<BR>MelissaN

Chris Gaines
10-26-1999, 07:35 AM
Just to clarify...<P>I never said I don't know why his favorite number is SEVEN.<P>I SAID.. I don't know why his farotie number is 7 if his favorite track on the album is 10.<P>in other words.. what I'm saying is.. why is his favorite track #.. number 10 if his favorite number is really 7?<P>hope you understand what I REALLY meant when I said it, now.<P>JasonN

10-26-1999, 04:59 PM
Just to clarify that his favorite track is not necessarily number 10, but rather the last track on the CD.<P>garth brooks, The Dance<BR>No Fences, Wolves<BR>Ropin' The Wind, The River<BR>The Chase, Face To Face<BR>In Pieces, The Cowboy Song<BR>Fresh Horses, Ireland<BR>Sevens, Belleau Wood<P>And you'll notice on "The Hits" and "Double Live", the last song is "The Dance", which is His favorite song of all.<P>N

10-27-1999, 06:38 PM
I also read his faverite track is #10. This isn't very interesting, but its really sweet. When Loretta Lynn started touring this year Garth sent her 12 dozen red roses. That's a lot of roses. He also loved Minnie Pearl and gave one of his daughters Pearl as her middle name!N

always supportive fan
10-29-1999, 10:25 AM
Oh here are a couple more things I remember reading in a book Sandy did an interview for. She had bell palsby. That's where one side of your face freezes up and you have trouble eating and drinking. You can only use one side of your mouth. And the side that has gone totally lax is all droopy and looks really awful. Garth didn't know she had it because he was doing some promotional stuff and when he came home, he took one look at her face and asked what the hell happened to her which made her start crying. I thought that was kinda funny because my mom had just had bell palsby and we didn the same thing to her.<BR>Loving Garth Forever,<BR>MelissaN

10-29-1999, 11:41 PM
I'll try one - people who've had him sign an autograph can confirm this but he seems to favour his left hand - it's the one he plays with his beard with during interviews and he holds his mike with it too so I'm guessing he's a southpaw - right?N

10-30-1999, 08:09 AM
He used his right hand to sign my autograph and he also plays the guitar right-handed, so I would say he is right-handed.<P>PaulaN

10-30-1999, 09:28 AM
Forgive me if I repeat any answers... and I'm far from a Garthxpert... but here's a shot...<P>He wears Ropers boots because he's pigeon-toed.<P>He has pretty much a photographic memory...<P>Sandy gives him farm tools for presents...<P>His girlfriend in high school dumped him because she thought he was too much a dreamer!<P>His sister nicknamed him thunder-thighs... hehehehehe...N

10-30-1999, 02:50 PM
When Garth cooks eggs he uses <BR> The One Handed Crack<P>Okay , the only reason I know this is from the recent appercene of Crook and Chase but it is Useless......<BR> JenN

03-16-2000, 06:39 PM
Actually sandy only ment to scare the girl by punching the press bord wall and she succeded! but she scared her self too! little did she know she would be finding the man of her dreams (and ours too!)<P>a garth fan for 10 years and counting :)N

03-16-2000, 07:43 PM
<B>beebaboos</B>,<P>WELCOME TO PG :)<P>I am almost 2 year Garthfan and COUNTING... COUNTING!! :D<P><BR>TommyN

03-17-2000, 03:13 AM
On the subject of Garth's religion, I'm not sure of what denomination he's actually a member, but didn't he and Sandy renew their wedding vows in a Methodist chapel (American Thunder has that info, I think). And I read somewhere else that although he has always had a religious faith, his family didn't attend church and I don't know whether he does now.<P>Angela xN

03-17-2000, 03:30 AM
He whistles as sweetly and joyfully as any songbird. And hummingbirds are humbled by his humming......<P>HawkN

03-17-2000, 07:20 AM
did anyone say that he LOVES M&Ms yet?N

03-17-2000, 10:45 AM
I'm not so sure about the M&M thing...<P>Remember on Donny & Marie, when he refered to his previous appearance on the show, he said that ever since then, he been getting so many M&M's from the fans.<P>On that previous appearance, he was refering to his Mom's death and said that he felt so empty that if he ate an M&M, it would drop straight down to the bottom of his toes. <P>So I'm not sure whether he's actually an M&M addict or the fans just picked up on that comment.<P>Does anyone remember him discussing M&M's before that?<P>BevN

03-17-2000, 11:32 AM
I heard him say that he got paid with all you can eat pizza for his first singing job, and that his boss would have saved money by paying cash<P>We know that he loves pizzaN

03-17-2000, 12:03 PM
At practice the other day, a young boy gave him a bag of peanut M&M's. Someone else commented that they must be melted by now. Garth responded by saying his favorite way to eat M&M's is when they are melted and you can eat them with a fork.N

03-17-2000, 03:12 PM
LOL.... I forgot about this thread.... HEHEHE.... I will hunt some Garth facts up.... Now, where is my copy of American Thunder....<BR>Oh yeah they had/have a Samoyed dog named Sasha....<P><BR>BarkleyN

03-17-2000, 03:34 PM
Garth was a fig newton in a 4th grade talent show and his favorite movie is "To Kill a Mockingbird". <P>His favorite Christmas music is the music of Mahalia Jackson.<P>Cheryl<BR>N

03-17-2000, 04:16 PM
Ok, here comes useless info. from the hockey nut :o We all know that Garth loves Pittsburgh teams, especially the Steelers. But, the Nashville Predators are his fave hockey team, and along with Reba, he is also part owner. <P>PS - BUT...he was wearing a Flyers shirt on SNL :) He musta known I was watching ;)N

03-17-2000, 06:31 PM
Hi,<BR>I'm new here but have been a Garth fan for 7 years,and Counting.<BR>I know that his favorite color is blue and his favorite book is the bible.<BR>Hope to here from you soon.<BR>God Bless Us All,<BR>KristenN

03-17-2000, 08:41 PM
here are 2 facts i bet alot of you did not know.....<P>The song "Ireland" was originally going to be called "Dancing In The Irish Rain"<P>---- <P>Garth's ballad "What She's Doing Now" became the theme song for a Japan TV drama "Oka No Ue No Himawari" ("The Sunflower On The Hill") <P> :) ;)<P>aRi<BR>N

03-17-2000, 09:17 PM
&lt;&lt;Question, "Garth, what do you like to eat for breakfast, a certain cereal?"&gt;&gt;<P>From the wonderful book "The Road Out Of Santa Fe" we learned that Garth and Sandy got up in the middle of night, each had a huge bowl of Capn Crunch and a Coke, and went right back to sleep after all that sugar and caffine!! My kinda folks!!<BR> Friends Thru Garth - Cindy :) <A HREF="http://members/aol/com/Nutts4GB/GB.html" TARGET=_blank>http://members/aol/com/Nutts4GB/GB.html</A> N

05-16-2000, 10:20 PM
I read somewhere that his religion is Baptist. N

05-17-2000, 12:44 PM
okay useless but **extremely funny**<BR> When garth was doing a concert one of the members of his stage crew caught him at like 1am walking on a lighting rig that was 34 feet in the air humming the tune to pop goes the weasel. :) OHH he was also a Javelin Thrower in college and one day he was laying on a POLE VAULT pit and somebody walked past and told him "good now you can get to what you really want to do"(music) i think it was after a dissapointing meet. But check this I am a POLE VAULTER on my high school track team I also throw JAVELIN!!<BR> mangoN

05-17-2000, 04:43 PM
His two favorite movies:<BR>To Kill a Mocking Bird and<BR>Shawshank Redemption :)N

05-17-2000, 08:16 PM
I was just wondering about that photographic memory of his. I'd like to put it to the test. I met him many years back. I'd love to know if he'd remember. (even though I'm sure he wouldn't)<BR> <BR>Terri<BR>N

05-17-2000, 08:47 PM
He said on the Mets Hot Stove Report interview that his favorite country song of all time is "Country Bumpkin" and that his favorite singer was his mother. LisaN

05-17-2000, 11:46 PM
in 'the believer' magazine...Aug-Oct 96<BR>Garth was asked:<BR>"What kind of songs do you sing to the girls at bedtime?"<BR>and Garth responded:<BR>"Not songs as much as I tell them stories, usually where three sisters get in scary situations and dad rescues them."<P>-Diane<P>N

05-18-2000, 03:07 PM
well I once saw in an interview that Garth has a big thing with blood. Hes a wimp about even a little blood. Sandy said he once broke a glass and cut himself pretty bad, and she sound him passed out on the kitchen floor with his hand in the sink.<P>I've heard offically he's 6'1", though there have been very reports. <P>the exact quote from American Thunder when he was in the polevault pit was "Now you can get to doing what you're suppose to do!"<P>His mom was a catholic, though I don't know what Garth's denomination is. I don't think he goes to church on a reglar basis, though I heard they built a little chapel/school house on the farm.<P>He uses his own design of Takamine guitars. <P>He use to be addicted to moonpies and coca-cola.<P>He dosn't smoke and I don't really think he ever drinks. He developed a disgust for the stuff while he a bouncer.<P>Can't think of anything else at the moment....<P>Laters,<BR>KatersN

05-20-2000, 07:27 AM
Although I don't have any facts to offer, I would like to ask a question. Can anyone explain to me why, in all the TV appearances I've seen him in for a while now, Garth isn't wearing his wedding band? Just curious.....<P>JennyN

05-20-2000, 09:13 AM
Hi Jenny, I don't think that is an appropriate subject for any of us to comment on(no offense). I believe that Garth's private relationship with his family should be just that, private. I know he had made some things public after the AMA's. I also believe him when he says he is taking time off and retiring to be with his family. I wish all of them the best. Lisa<P>N

05-20-2000, 07:33 PM
Lisa,<BR>I didn't realize that this question was taboo, considering the fact that other's are talking about things like the very up-close encounters their friends have had with him (the "innie" post), etc. I wasn't offended by that post, were you? The fact of the matter is, you have absolutely no idea of what my intent was in asking this question (there was no disrespect intended and I question your motives considering that the first conclusion you jumped to was that I was implying something inappropriate). Actually, there are times and occassions where my husband doesn't wear his ring, and I just wondered if Garth's reasons were similar. And finally, if you truly have such altruistic wishes for he and his family, unless your name is Sandy Brooks, you might want to re-think your screen name. (No offense)N

05-20-2000, 07:54 PM
JLM; Lisa was just letting you know the position of the board and its monitors - not just her position.<P>It wasn't personal - just the policy of the board (and the inny remark was questionable according to board policy too - but this is an old thread - so the administrators might have overlooked that post).<P>Anyway welcome aboard. Hope to see more of your posts around here.<P><BR>HawkN

05-20-2000, 09:11 PM
Hawk,<BR>Since I'm new to this website, I did not realize there was any type of official policy in place to regulate the input of forum participants. I still stand by my position, though. My inquiry was in no way disrespecful to Garth or any member of his family. If there was any question as to my intent, rather than jumping to conclusions and accusing me of being inappropriate,why not just ask me why I wanted to know? As a new member, this was rather "off-putting", to say the least. Judgements made in haste are often inaccurate, as was the case here. I do, however, appreciate your efforts at mediation and must say, I have read several of your posts and have been impressed by your articulate nature. Thanks for the welcome, though it is unfortunate you had to become involved to break up a "cat fight" LOL!!! (Just kidding--thought I should lighten things up a bit!) N

05-21-2000, 01:34 AM
After reading this topic, I now DO know that everyone of you knows more about Grath than I do..... But that doesn't matter, I just can use the knowledge of you!!<BR>-------------THNX for sharing it!-----------<P>Great topic!!<P>Lars.N

05-21-2000, 06:47 AM
Gee I got a compliment - aw shucks - Thanks.<P><BR>Ya' see JLM if Lisa had asked you that - she would have been "breaking the rules". It would have opened a discussion that 'tain't suppose to be. And most likely the trolls that read but don't post would have posted. Then the whole thread would have been deleted which probably would have hurt the original posters feelings. Then the monitors would have felt badly (yes - our monitors love us and feel badly when they have to act). Then Garth might have read it before it was deleted - or Sandy - (its said they love us too) and then, then, then.....And for sure none of us would have been able to read all of the wonderful things said here (wasn't LARS comment cute). The ole' "for want of a nail....."<P>If you click on FAQ (under Garth's picture) then on censor features part of it is explained. And it's explained somewhere else even more but ah don't 'member where.<P>So JLM - your point taken - a more indepth response would have been helpful - but glad you recognize Lisa meant to help a newcomer.<P>Again welcome aboard the Planet. (12th rock from the sun? LOL) For sure; first star in our hearts.<P>Hawk<BR>N

05-21-2000, 09:34 AM
Hawk, thanks. I should have explained better. I did not mean to stir things up JML. Hope you can accept my apology. Lisa<P>N

05-21-2000, 05:31 PM
Lisa,<BR>'Nuff said. And thanks to Hawk's reply, (which I wouldn't have received if it wasn't for yours!) I now know what FAQ stands for. I've always wondered about that! :) And now I think I even know how to make those cool little smiley faces I've seen in everyone else's posts. See? You learn something new everyday! Life is good....<BR>Have a great night!<BR>JennyN

08-15-2006, 09:52 PM
how much does he weigh?

08-15-2006, 11:15 PM
I thought I posted a reply, it must have gotten lost somewhere. Anyway, on Friends in Low Places, listen for "push Marie", it is after the can opening. I think one of the bandmates wives' was pregant & it was getting late & everyone was silly...Garth yells that out...listen, you can hear it!! Also, he likes to eat at Pancake Pantry...likes scrambled eggs with ham, said his Mom used to fry two eggs to put on top of that...he said this on C&C!!N

wow i listened to the song gain and i have always heard that but never knew what he was saying. Since i was little i always took it as him yelling for everyone to go one more time. cool to know what it really is taht's being said


08-16-2006, 05:16 PM
OK, Garth and the fam love to go to Braums and have ice cream. Also we all know that the man can do laundry, repair the AC in the house and do a pretty dang good job at cleaning it also. Let's not forget those things!

08-16-2006, 11:52 PM
An innie, is a belly button that goes in, some have one that protrudes a little bit. :)<BR>I actually have his mom's cabbage rolls, bbq chicken and potato salad recipe that are Garth's favorite. The GarthBrooks Scrapbook, is a great book. He designs most of his own 'MoBetta' shirts. From a company in Oklahoma. The company sends him blank shirt patterns and Garth can design his own style right on it and they make it for him. His fav jeans are Wranglers cause they fit. Although he does like Levi's. :) He always wore striped shirts because he thought they made him look thinner. His horse's name is Crackerjack. He loves riding around on his tractor or bull dozer around his property. I have a pic of him in a book of him lifting weights. :) Very cool. His favorite trucks are 4 by 4 Chevy dualies. Hmm... I can probably think of a few more.. but I'm blanked out right now. :)<P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N
can u post the pic of him lifting weights

08-17-2006, 11:41 PM
The Friends in Low PLaces is an urban legend of sorts...he says it indeed...but it was in a studio and no one is pregnant....
BUT in Two Pina Coladas at the very end as it is fading out you can hear someone say "I am the captain fu*kers..." dirty dirty dirty......but hey why not......its there listen closely

08-18-2006, 02:29 AM
I'm glad to see someone brought this topic up from the past. I've learned some new things about Garth! Anyone else have any useful trivia that they can share?

What exactly is GarthBrooks Scrapbook? I saw they sell it on Amazon but wanted to find out what it was before I buy it.

Useless Trivia:

When I met and talked to Garth back in November last year, I rubbed the back of his hair and said "Garth - what's up with all that white and grey hair" and he said he can thank his momma for that as he was smiling. :)