View Full Version : New Guideline For Posting Outside Articles

Monica Lockhart
07-03-2002, 12:48 AM
Recently, we have seen an abundance of posting articles without giving credit to the original source. We do not want to violate anyone else's copyright, therefore, effective immediately, the following guidlelines will be enforced when posting articles:

1. We prefer you post either the relevant part of the story or a short synopsis of the article and then provide the link where the article can be found.

2. If credit is not given to the source, your post will be edited and or deleted.

3. Posting of extremely lengthly quotes from outside sources is frowned upon. Excessive abuse of this guideline will result in editing of the post. Please allow others to choose to read the entire article by providing the link.

Thanks as always for your cooperation. :)


07-03-2002, 01:49 AM
I sooooo agree with this policy, Moni! Good decision!

If you're going to quote HUGE parts of stuff, it should be credited. And actually... without permission from the author I don't think it should be posted in that length at all. When you're posting huge parts of a book or lengthy article I think it does reduce the likelihood that someone will bother to buy the book or magazine. Why bother if you can read it for free?

If the person just posts small sections then the others reading it might be interested enough to go out and buy it or check it out from a library. That is good... but not the whole thing. And if it's available freely on the internet, then I agree that the author would probably be interested to know that it is being copied in large sections to be posted elsewhere.

Where a work of art or literature... or whatever... is colored by the webspace that it is posted in... so I'm sure the author wants to be aware of where it is being published.

Mary Liz