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07-22-2002, 12:52 AM
I sat thinking about all the reasons why I follow Garth and his music... and wondered what it was for each individual fan that keeps you hanging on... keeps you desiring something more from the man... even it's a word or two from an interview... like tiny drops of water poured onto a wilting flower as we savor each word in the same way. Some call it 'Garth Withdrawals' and sometimes it's like walking through the desert with nothing to drink.... then Garth speaks and we're a bit refreshed for awhile! :) (So it seems!)
And we all rejoice and wait for the next moment to come along!
But what is it? What keeps you hanging on?


07-22-2002, 01:30 AM
Ooh neat question Diane.

For me personally, it's all the people I've met through him and the friendships I've made. Garth is almost... irrelevant.... at this point(shhh... don't tell him that!)

If the man were to walk away from it all, just up and retire, never play the Opry, never record another song again.... I'd still visit his website every day. Because HE's not what keeps me going (although he's a big part of getting me where I am) but the PGers are!

Oops.... I guess that's what he's done, and what I do! LOL And it's not to see him, but to check in on my buddies around the Planet! And I love days when he DOES give us those drops of water, because more people check into PG those days and share with us.

07-22-2002, 07:22 AM
Oh my...how can anyone pick just one of those! lol
<3 ber

07-22-2002, 10:33 AM
I agree with Producer J. I went to the convention last year and I am going again this year. I fully realize that the chances of seeing GB are slim and none but meeting all the great people of Planet Garth is my main reason for attending. I worked on the tribute book and met many wonderful people through that activity as well. :D

07-22-2002, 01:12 PM
Yup. The people. They keep me going when I'm down. Which is alot lately. It's hard when that happens, because I want to be the one there for them. Often, my need is greater. Like, as I speak. Right now.

07-22-2002, 01:33 PM
As much as we all love our families, and nothing is more important than that, all of the people here at PG have that one common denominator...Garth and his music. We all have that special bond because, as much as our families love us, God love 'em, some just don't understand our taste in music like the people here do. We all are people who appreciate Garth's music, and we are a very unique breed, in my eyes. To appreciate music that talks about so many issues, faith, hope and love...so many positive things that his music does to our lives and how we relate it to our own lives. Like Trisha's song, "The Song Remembers When". It hits the nail on the head as to how I relate to Garth's music for monumental times in my life. How a song I hear makes me remember someone from long ago and far away. You remember where you were and who you were with and what was happening in your life when you hear it. It gives you the butterflies sometimes. It takes you back AND it makes the future look bright all in one. How anyone can't like his music is beyond me. And with further convincing, if they still don't like it, I begin to worry about these people. :) There are so many positive messages that the world needs to hear. And we can't let the messages just drift away. We have to keep living them...and hoping for more from him! I cherish every song he has shared with me and they will never grow old. The music is priceless and timeless......

Thanks for invoking all of those thoughts out of me, Diane! :)
*Heart Pats!*

God bless us all.


07-22-2002, 10:12 PM
Now THAT'S a though question! I'd have to say everything! It's the music, it's the man behind the music, it's how he treats us, and it's everyone here I've met because of Garth. Not only does it feel like Garth is truly family, but everyone here at PG as well!


07-24-2002, 11:34 PM
I didn't select one of the poll choices because even though they all fit (except the last one) my answer, they only scratch at the surface.

I'm here because I'm following my heart. Somewhere along the line, Garth reached into it, wrote his name there, and took a big piece of it with him. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, he takes me with him. I'm only staying close to my heart.

My belief is a little different than what Garth himself has said. He stated that it is the message, not the messanger thats important. I can't disagree with that, but I can't in the same breathe accept it either. I've seen and heard wonderful messages fall short because the sincerity and conviction were missing from the messanger. Garth delivers on all counts. Because he truly represents his message, it sticks to the heart of the hearer. He's a man who is in the position of making a difference. He not only can, but he wants to. He recognizes the importance of a hero and what it takes to be one. I've never seen him try to detract that responsabilty from himself - on the contrary, I've seen him meet it head on and embrace it.

It's not often you come across someone so pure of heart that you truly see God in them. Garth is that person for me.

Garth is my Dance.


07-25-2002, 12:03 AM
I answer his voice because let’s face it, if his voice couldn’t move me the way he does I wouldn’t have any interest in him and I wouldn’t care about the messages he so wonderfully brings to us. That’s just the way it is with entertainers. But reading your replies today on this post and on others moves me as well.

Really, what keeps me hanging on? Reading your love for Garth everyday. I’m not as fluid in English as I would like to be. I can translate with no problem, but when it come to writing or speaking what’s in my heart, well that’s a bit tougher. There is so many great people on PG that speaks from my heart and from Garth’s heart. And I just have to thank you for putting my feeling into words.


07-25-2002, 12:25 AM
Garth is those things to me too. And ditto for you too Amy.

I'm here to be as close as I can to Garth's heart also. But there is more, much more, we have yet to tap into from Garth's messages and example. Now that he is out of the spotlight, it's up to us to let others see in us and each other a piece of Garth like never before. Remember when he said he wants us to be able to say "there is some of him in me if that makes any sense"? Well, he did his job good. He was very successful. But you know what's really beautiful to me as a newer fan, having missed most of Garth's career? Seeing Garth through each one of you as only you can show him in your unigue way. Others may think I've failed at that, not understanding how intensely God, Garth, Chris Gaines, and the music inspire me, as I don't really either. But if you are being true to your heart how is it really failing? I've never in my life been so tested and tried in my heart with my own personal beliefs and convictions, all because of one man and his many faces and his people. And lately, it's been like a high speed roller coaster that as soon as I think the worst is finally over with a crash, it all speeds up even faster. And I want everyone to know I love them through Garth and I'm sorry if somehow I distanced myself, not meaning to. The truth is, I've fallen for Garth and ALL his people and can't get up again on my own without some help from you guys. We are family that's thicker than blood. I am in desparate need of some of your "blood".

What keeps me hangin' on Diane? How about Garth's message in his music that I listened to over and over today?

And someday in heaven when the angels all sing
these Rags(that's me :)) that I'm wearin' will be Fit For a King.

07-25-2002, 05:45 PM
If I'd to pick one thing.. I couldn't! 'cause there's too many important choices!!

I'd havr to pick the people and the music. With all ya'll..it's good to know that you'vr got my back and hopefully you've got mine.. That I can rely on you for things no one else understands.

The music.. that just says it all, doesn't it?? We can't forget CG either!! ;)

dale- being true to your heart isn't failing.. trust me..I know this for a fact!

we're all here for you dale and we're gonna give some of that "blood" to you and hope that it brings you back up to speed on your roller coaster of life...

"...god give me strength and keep remindin' me that blood is thicker than water oh, but lovr lovr is thicker than blood..."

Vanessa :)

diem nash
07-25-2002, 06:10 PM
I voted for "He's Family To Me!".

It took a while to "see" him - to look into his heart. Short! This time is gone forever. Now I opened my eyes and I "see" - with my heart and the other eyes.

I let Garth into my heart and he´ll have a place there forever. Nobody knows, what life will bring. I don´t know where I´ll be tomorrow or what will be then. But whatever´ll happen, I´ll have a piece of him with me. Garth taught me sooo much and cleared my mind and opend my heart for things I never cared. Not like I do today.
He became a very good and important friend to me. We shared sooo many things together...

Well, I told about it.

"He's Family To Me!"

A little while ago I read about the "rumours" that he may have injured his back. And when I read it I felt like a friend does. I got a sting in my heart and felt sad and hoped (and still do), that it´s not true. If I could I´d called him quite after I read it and if it would have been true I´d done everything I could to be there.
All I can do is to pray that everything is alright.

Garth is family to me. People out there will never understand it. I don´t care if he sells his albums or if he gets awards or whatever. I mean it doesn´t matter for my love for him. For him I wish that he may get EVERYTHING!!! To see him smile and happy warms my heart and lets the butterflies in it tickle me. I am proud on him with or without prizes he may get. And even if he never ever will get one I´ll be the same friend that I am now. Maybe even more, cause every day I love our boy more, cause he is, what he is.

He left his foot prints in my heart and nobody can wash them away!

That makes me very happy.

But "Garth Brooks" also stands for this lovely place and the people here. And there is that "Family To Me!" again. You are, too. Sooo many are in my heart. I´ll never forget all the sweet things you´ve done to me and I´ll love to talk to you every day. I love YOU for being as garthy as you all are. It´s true! Garth´s greatest believers/angels are like him. And you´ll understand someone best if you are like that person. You speak with his heart. It´s amazing and sooo lovely!

Thank you for being so garthy!

I love you madly! Just a "Maddy" can do that! And Garth is one, too. He loves you like crazy. I know it! That´s as sure as the "Amen!" in a church like we say.

(((((((you all & Garth)))))))


Maddy :D

diem nash
07-25-2002, 06:14 PM
Dale, my dear friend! We couldn´t talk lately, but I´ve always been with you.

You NEED (!!!!!!!) to know that:

I truely love you!!!

And I´ll give you as much blood as you need. Take it!


Maddy :D

07-26-2002, 08:47 AM
What keeps me hanging on is the HOPE that people would actually listen to his music and realize that we ALL belong to the family of mankind.


07-26-2002, 01:15 PM
for some reason i couldnt vote, but i would definately say the music. there are many garth songs that mean a lot to me: some have helped me through hard times, and others remind me of good times. i love each and every garth song that ive ever heard, and im planning on hearing a lot more once i get Sevens and Scarecrow.