View Full Version : ‘Idol’ creator Monkee-ing around

07-25-2002, 01:38 AM
British mogul wants to meld ’60s show with new boy band

By Mark Armstrong

July 23 — What do you get when you cross Fox’s cutthroat “American Idol” with late 1960s TV sensations the Monkees? You get an idea that only a network executive could love. You also may get millions of wannabes hoping to become the next Mickey, Davy, Peter and Michael.


(Don't say I haven't been trying to warn you what's coming! Lol. I wonder what Davy and Micky think of this guy using The Monkees name while they are still using it while touring. This Fuller guy is also behind the Spice Girls and SCLUB7, the latter which he based on The Monkees. My friend Josh Queen would be great as a Monkee! Remember the name anyway.)

07-30-2002, 09:44 PM
All they need to do is contact me! Lol!
Incidentally, decorated Simpsons veterans Josh Weinstein and Bill Oakley have also signed onto the new Monkees project; Oakley tells Variety he has been studying all things Monkees as research. The pair are hoping to keep the feel of the original show, while updating it, steeping it with pop culture references and the like, and "possibly" using new technology to enhance the show.