View Full Version : Michael W. Smith and a Host of Artists Join U2's Bono for Africa DATA Project

07-11-2002, 04:30 PM
This is incredible news, and so exciting to me, as I've been keeping up with both of these fine men's careers with you all here. This is evidence to me the music is headed to it's higher calling, and the world sure could use the help! I saw this idea of church and street combined through the music all along, and had tried to let you all know through what I've been sharing about that on the Harlan Howard thread. Guess things just have a way of working out for good. But this. This is such good news for the music. For the world. For everybody.

Michael W. Smith and a Host of Artists Join U2's Bono for Africa DATA Project

As many of you know by now, Bono videotaped a special DATA public service announcement that was unveiled by Michael W. Smith at Creation East last Friday night. Via the festival's huge DiamondVision screen, Bono apologized for "interrupting your festival" and went on to talk for several minutes about the Bible's extreme emphasis on the plight of the poor, and our call to respond to Africa's need.

The following night Michael W. played the video clip for the 200,000 attendees at Celebrate Freedom in Dallas.

Bono's PSA was created for the Christian community, affirming his recent statements that DATA is "an unusual combination of church and street." Look for other Christian artists to showcase Bono's special message, along with email sign-up sheets, at this summer's festivals and on various tours.

For more information on the efforts, please visit www.datadata.org.


07-11-2002, 04:34 PM
(Here's another update from that same link.)

GRAMMY Award winning and multi-platinum selling artist and composer, Michael W. Smith and legendary producer Phil Ramone (Bono, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Barbra Streisand, Luciano Pavarotti) are teaming up to record a song for the album Songs For Life. Executive produced by Ramone, proceeds from the album, to be released on Interscope Records in October, will go towards AIDS relief efforts in Africa.

The song, tentatively titled “Reaching Out,” was penned by Smith and Dan Hill and is being produced by Ramone. He says of Smith, “Michael’s voice rings in a whole different way.” He adds, “Michael sent me a demo of this song, and I fell in love with it.”The link to the complete article is http://www.ccmmagazine.com/musicnews/fullstory.asp?Id=578