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Since it's so quiet around here lately... I was wondering if we could share 'old' concert times we've had in the past?
I'm sure it would be nice to relive the memories together and share with those that never had a chance to go to a concert...just what it was like to be there! I'd love to read about 'YOUR' memories and what was important to you about those times.

I have two concert reviews I'll share and a few I started to write but never finished...maybe I'll finish them and post them here.
To start off... the first one (Sept. 13,1998 PHILLY PA.) is posted on my website but I'm going to just cut and paste it here...and the second one (Oct. 29, 1998 TAMPA FL.) is archived at 'roughstock' Garthbox...

So, for old times sake... here's my memory... :)


SEPT. 13, 1998
7:00 P.M.


Although I have been truly blessed to be in Garth's presence six
times; I find each event exactly that...An event...Every chance to
see him has held a precious memory that can not be shared no matter
how much I would like to share it with you. It has to be your own
experience (event) to get the full depth of Garth and his powerful
music that moves people to Love, Cry, Laugh, Endure, Etc....
I'm writing this review to sort of share my experience at the
concert on a beautiful Sunday in Philly on September 13th... and I
even made a choice to sit in number 13 seat that day instead of seat
number 11... I guess I used to believe that number 13 was a bad luck
number... but it was just superstition because 13 proved to be a very
lucky number for me... So I'm glad I've over come that belief! I
figured out that when your taught something all your life It's hard
to believe different because you expect things to be as you were
taught... But what a revelation it is to find out that things are not
always the way people have perceived them to be...so I don't hold it
against my mom because she told me 13 was an un-lucky number...she
just told me what she had been told by her family...Then again she
never had a chance to sit in row 11 seat number 13 on the 13th to see
Garth Brooks! Maybe her theory would change too, if she had a chance
to see the number 13 in a different light...Of course I have learned
some more valuable lessons from my mom that I treasure like the time
I was ten years old and we had a blizzard on Thanksgiving I think it
was the 24th of November...We were very poor with no money and no
turkey! Now, all the kids at school were having turkey and that's
what I wanted too... but thru a child's eyes I didn't understand at
that time why we didn't have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and
such... I thought it was all my mothers fault but it wasn't... We did
have a can of Chicken Noodle Soup though and that's what my mom made
for her and I... We sat down at the table with a bowl of soup for
Thanksgiving...and my mom said Grace! I was shocked and I didn't
understand why she thanked God for chicken noodle soup... I do under-
stand now... and I thought the number 24 was a bad luck day... I
suppose I could have started a new superstition or an old wives tale
back then and generations later would believe it! Such as the number
13 thing... anyway... I'm sorry to rattle on... I'll try to keep it
more to the point instead of wandering off aimlessly... Well maybe it
wasn't aimlessly ... you see...( #@!#%!) WHAT??? O.K. Back to the
concert review.


I pulled into the parking lot of the "First Union Center" with my
two fellow occupants on this vagabond with me...My 12 year old son
Christopher and my twenty year old niece Barbie... We had followed
a 'Trip-quest' map that I printed out on the computer the night
before and it's door to door driving directions were very precise
and I would recommend using that service (that's free) for anyone
traveling to a vicinity that is un-familiar to them.
We had arrived around 4:00 P.M. so we had some time to wander around
before show time... As we approached the end of the building where
they had a booth set up to sell t-shirts and such... I heard someone
screaming "Diane, Diane!"... It was my dear friend Amber with her
mom and some friends whom she introduced me to. It is such a delight
to see her because she has a radiant personality that makes you feel
good inside. Her excitement about being there was just so contagious.
We stood looking thru the black metal fence that protected a drop-off
to the area where Garth's buses were parked. Amber told me how she
ran into Kelly (Garth's brother) and had talked to him for awhile...
Christopher, Barbie and I decided to walk around for awhile so we
told Amber we'd see her later... I kept checking the parking lot to
see if my twenty two year old son Walter, his fiancÚ Kristi and my
twenty year old daughter Stephanie had arrived yet...
Christopher had to go to the bathroom so we went inside... but once
you went in you couldn't go back out to the parking lot... The area
that we entered the building at; was a bar... They had it sectioned
off until a certain time to let us thru to our seats. I was so tired
because of lack of sleep and walking around so much that I just had
to sit down and the only place was the floor... so Christopher,
Barbie and I sat down against the wall...behind us there were some
glass windows where you could see inside. The room contained 'A Still'
I guess, the beer served there could've been brewed in that room...
Or maybe it was just for show... Like at a museum... I really don't
know but it was an interesting display.

After awhile they allowed us to proceed to our seats in the arena...
I can't explain what I felt when I found out where our seats were.
Just pure excitement!!! We were directly left of the stage if you
were looking out to the floor seats from the stage ...and there were
absolutely no seats in front of us!!! Just the stage about 10 feet
away... I couldn't believe it... When God answered my prayers for
this event He went all out for me and I love Him so much!!!
After we sat there for awhile I saw Sandy signing autograph's for
some fans... She was directly below us and the door for Garth to
enter and exit was right below us also... Christopher had the camera
and took tons of pic's of Sandy but the roll of film was exposed and
only one pic was available on the 2nd roll of film that I had
developed... I couldn't believe how excited Christopher was as he
kept hollering to Sandy... and I can't believe I didn't bring more
than two rolls of film! She is more beautiful in person than in her
pic's because she radiates an overwhelming love for the fans... I saw
her and watched her give of herself to each one that asked for some
time... I should have been brave enough to walk down to her myself
and give her a hug and a thanks for all she has given to the world...
I just sat and watched this amazing woman and admired her strength
that she must have to be Mrs. Garth Brooks... It takes alot to be her
and I can understand why Garth calls her his
'Knight In Shining Armor' because she does shine like a star.

After awhile Barbie and I went to get some soda for the three of us...
Christopher stayed behind to observe all the people filling in the
seats around the room... I think he was very happy to be so close to
the stage... I could tell. When we came back to sit down in our seats
I turned around when someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was my
oldest son Walter... He was extremely happy that our seats were right
next to the stage and I can still see his smile... (I guess that's
a mother thing) anyway, I asked where my daughter Stephanie was but
she didn't come... Her concern was for her two babies that she really
has not been away from since their birth. Sarah is two and Philip
is one... I can understand her dilemma... that was my disappointment.
So, I had an extra ticket! I decided to go find Amber who was on the
opposite side of the stage as we were... She was in row 22 or 23 but
next to the stage also... I offered her the ticket and she came over
but decided it would be best if she set with her mom and friends that
she had arrived with... I agreed and asked her to find someone that
was way up in the highest level and give the ticket to them for me...
She left to go back over to her seat and also gave the ticket to an
elderly lady to use but the lady never used the seat. So a seat
remained empty thru-out the show. The ticket we gave away was for
seat #15 but Walter ended up sitting in seat #15 and Kristi sat in
seat#14 so the empty seat ended up being seat #13 !!!
(oh, I'm not even going to go there! but it was row 13,seat 13 on
the 13th...that remained empty...:)(ROFLOL)


The lights dimmed as the announcement went out something like this:
"Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the reigning female vocalist of
the year...Trisha Yearwood!!!"
We all stood up screaming as Trisha graced the stage and her voice
rang out to the tune of "Perfect Love"... Now, Trisha is very very
beautiful and has the voice of an angel... She does this thing that
is called "The Trisha Dance" by her fans, Because she always slaps
her hip with her free hand as she is performing.
After screaming for awhile I joined in singing the song...Even though
I can't carry a tune, I did make an effort except when she hit the
high notes... I'd stop singing and just listen instead.
I remember Trisha mentioning something about Fathers never thinking
any boy is good enough for their daughters...and then she sang
"She's In Love With The Boy"... Which is one of Christopher's
favorite songs and he sang along. Trisha also sang, "How Do I Live"
and had the audience sing solo back to her and I was amazed at all
of us that were singing and she held the mic out into the audience
at the front of the stage and savored the moment just listening to
us singing the words to her song.
Trisha also sang "Wrong Side Of Memphis", "XXX's and OOO's", "The
Song Remembers When", and a song off her new album titled "Love
Wouldn't Lie To Me" and all thru-out her performance fans handed her
gifts and flowers. I held up a sign for her to read that said "WE
LOVE YOU" on it as she walked by in front of me.
She sure does know how to perform and like Garth said in an interview
I read once; that Trisha is not an opening act...
I believe I've had the chance to see two concerts for the price of
one...Trisha's and then Garth's... My two favorites!
After Trisha left the stage, I knew we would get to see her again
later on in Garth's show... The duet part! But for now the lights
came back on in the arena as the stage was re-arranged to prepare
for Garth's entrance...


For awhile the entire arena became like an ocean of waves as section
after section of people collaborated to create this effect. I of
course joined in the fun of this event that is known as THE WAVE...
If you have never seen this, it basically is hundreds of people in
different sections of the arena standing up and holding their hands
up in the air at the same time with the others in their section and
then sitting down while the next section does that and you wait until
it gets back to your section so you can do it again! (phew!)
Anyway...It's a site to see as thousands of people are involved in
it's perfection. The unity of so many is unique and I have only seen
this event at Garth's concerts. Sometimes I wonder if he ever peeks
out to watch this and what he might think... I could imagine him
pondering to himself (This is not a quote), 'Those crazy fans of mine
they really can unite and share in a common effort! That's cool.'
(This was not a quote) I saw a couple of beach balls getting bounced
around the arena and it appeared to delight every fan that got a
chance to toss it in the air with one hand and smack it with the
other. Everyone was so excited and anxiously waiting for Garth to
arrive on stage. Christopher taped the sign "We Love You" on the
metal bars in front of our seats so Garth could read it... I also
had a sign that read "Thank-You Stillwater" with all their names on
it made out of Glitter that I held up once during the show... And
a song request sign that Christopher and I held up once during the
show also...It was a very beautiful sign made out of Gold and green
glitter but I left them all there when the show was over.



The G-5 countdown was granted by a voice that could be compared to a
transmission from our Space Shuttle to NASA in Houston... The voice
declared we were in a smoke free facility and standing on seats was
prohibited, How ever feel free To Stand!
The lights had dimmed and a thunderous roar rose up from the crowd
and everyone stood up as a mega-thunderous roar came from the stage
area where the lighting rig started to lift and all eyes were fixed
on this spectacular sight! It was like experiencing something from
the twilight zone yet the stage appearance at that time could be
compared to a UFO landing in our presence (but this was no
Un-identified Flying Object!) This was Garth showing up in boots!
And his grand entrance...
I watched as the drum pod slowly rose up out of the stage and the
keyboard also... I remember the extremely bright lightning that
filled the drum pod that looks made of gold... It was a light of
sorts that I have never seen other than at Garth's concerts... It
appeared to be self contained...and then after the pod stopped
sparking... there was silence as the heartbeat effect reverberated
thru-out the arena and thru-out each heart! It felt like that
heartbeat became one with mine and Garth started singing as the
piano rose slowly out of the stage... Everyone was screaming so
loud and the white piano was being played by a man wearing a white
tuxedo...on top of the piano where the 'g' logo is ...Garth was
slowly rising on a pedestal singing "I said a little prayer tonight
before I came on stage"...People are going wild!!! I turned to
look at Walter and Kristi two rows behind me and Walter was smiling
and Kristi was in such awe of everything going on... Christopher
was screaming and Barbie was jumping up and down screaming... I was
observing the effect that Garth was having on the people I love...
Oh, what a sight to see. I turned to look at Garth so he could
have the same effect on me and it felt so good to be there... To see
him...and he stood on top of the piano just looking that look where
he is amazed by us screaming so loud and he slowly shook his head
and jumped down from the piano and raced around the stage greeting
fans and gathering gifts that he placed in a designated area of the
stage thru-out the show... My gift was an envelope filled with
letters from fans, guestbook entries from my old guestbook on my
website, fans favorite song entries and stuff I knew Garth would
enjoy reading because it was from his fans... and I hope he realized
that "The Dance" was the most favorite song of all! And even though
it was the least favorite years ago, it is the most favorite now.

After all the excitement of Garth's arrival and he finished singing
"The Old Stuff"... He talked about us being that loud all night and
if we kept up that pace he would keep playing too... He said that
since this was the last night in Philly that we were getting every
thing thrown at us... referring to the songs.
This is a list of some of the songs Garth sang... They are not in
the order he sang them but these are the ones I remember...

Some of the show's high-lights were when Garth paid attention to one
side of the stage where people were screaming loudest at that time...
and then he walked to our side of the stage and we screamed louder...
then he walked back to the right side again and they screamed even
louder and the lights were switching from side to side shining on all
those screaming on each side and then he went to the back of the
stage and they screamed as loud as they could...and Garth started
laughing and shaking his head as he declared "What's gotten into you
guys?" and the people in the front were being quiet because Garth
didn't get to them yet... and he came back to our side of the stage
again and we screamed and then he went to the right side of the stage
again and they screamed and then he went to the back and they
screamed... but when Garth walked to the front of the stage that was
still in the dark he said "I dread this!" and the lights shone out on
the entire front which was 3/4 of the arena and they screamed so
loud and had patiently waited for their chance to do so! Garth put
up his hand as if to block a raging wind and pretended like it almost
knocked him over as he stumbled backwards a few steps... This was
so much fun and I'm sure everyone there enjoyed it! I know I did.

Another high-light was when Garth sang "Unanswered Prayers" and it
seemed like everyone in the building was singing... and for a while
Garth let us sing... I do believe God was looking down on us and
that He heard us sing to Him "Just because He may not answer doesn't
mean He don't care, some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered
Prayers." After the song was finished, Garth removed his hat and
walked around clapping for us... He said "That was gorgeous!"...
And it was... I never want to forget it because for awhile we sang
out with one voice and I realized that we were people from all walks
of life in that room ... Yet the existence of a generation gap was
void and the existence of race or nationality was void... We were
all just Mankind singing our thanks to God... Garth was smiling!
And he melts hearts when he smiles... I know he loves it when we
sing his songs and then he took a bow... Mission accomplished.

An important highlight for me was when I was singing along clapping
to an up-beat song... I think it was Callin' Baton Rouge but I was
singing and then I realized that Garth was walking strait towards
me and his eyes were locked on me! I started to tremble because he
was so close and nothing was between us but a rail and a few feet
of space... I felt like I stepped over into the Twilight Zone and
this was for real... I didn't mean to be scared but I was and yet
I just stared him in the eyes and he stared me back in the eyes for
what seemed like forever but it was only like two minutes... I just
kept clapping and singing a little louder but if I had stopped
I probably would have started crying... Because there he was just
paying all that attention to me and I was just staying connected to
the audience around me... I mean there he was! Just a few feet
away and I'm scared... (geezz!) I don't know why I felt so awkward.
Still trying to figure that one out?! But it is a moment I want to
remember forever. I think Garth had his purple thumps... and they're
contagious because I think I started getting them at that time... If
you don't know what the Purple Thumps are...then you have to read
Bruce Feilers book titled "Dreaming Outloud" to find out... It has
something to do with time and it's alteration...and a Zone ... just
like the Twilight Zone...

For Christopher his special moment is unique... Garth was singing on
our side of the stage and Sandy came walking over with one of the
balls that had dropped out of the lighting rigs (spaceship thingy)
when Garth was singing before...I forget which song but all the
balls came down on top of him and he punched them out into the
audience... They all contained the 'g' logo on them also. Sandy was
specific about giving it to Christopher... and he reached over the
rail to her as she handed it to him... He sat back with the ball
in his seat like it weighed a ton or something... I leaned over to
him and asked "Did you say Thank-you?" and he just sat there in a
daze staring at Garth... WOW! I decided not to bother him...
he was in another world! Garth looked on smiling... And after the
concert was over it seemed like everyone wanted the ball that
Christopher held in his possession like a great treasure because
Sandy gave it to him... I feared leaving him by the sign outside
the ladies bathroom... I had told him to stay there until I got back
so he didn't get lost. He was tossing the ball around when I came
out and I was shocked the kid didn't get mugged for his prize
possession... (JUST KIDDING)... In the parking lot after leaving
the show...A lady was persistent in trying to buy the ball off of
Christopher... First she offered him twenty and then forty and up
to hundred ... But I'm proud to say he just wouldn't budge...
anyway she was using her fingers not verbally offering to buy it
I think she was just joking around with Christopher and he enjoyed
teasing her by holding the ball up and then shaking his head no.
Sometimes things mean more to you then money... It's not a fact
that it's a ball... It's the fact that it was a gift from two very
special people... Garth and Sandy Brooks... and money just can't
buy something that special.

Back to the concert...
During the show Garth took requests... Signs went up here and there.
Garth went to the side of the stage where Amber was sitting... She
had her sign "Face To Face" held in the air... Garth said "This is
the last song off of 'The Chase' album" and started singing "Face
To Face" to Amber!!! I joined in and I knew he was singing it for
her... He did how ever leave out the second verse of that song. If
you would like to read Ambers review of the concert and her feelings
about this check out my ~Reviews~ page and click on Ambers Review...

After Garth sang "The Dance" I remember the crew members running
onto the stage with guns that look like war machines! But they are
only confetti guns... The first time I saw them do that was in
Evansville Indiana and I have to say it scared me for a second back
then... This time, I knew what to expect and I watched the streamers
shoot out above the audience and I had confetti falling all around
me and I caught some as it was falling like very large snowflakes.

Another part of the show was when Garth picked on Jimmy Mattingly...
He taunted him about the signs... I remember one that said 'Gimme
Jimmy' and Garth did! Then another sign that was all the way on the
other side of the arena but I could see it because the spotlight was
shining on it read "Don't Worry Jimmy, Garth has Fiddle Envy" and
Garth mentioned that one... Jimmy never says a word... There were so
many signs... but I do know when Jimmy started playing that fiddle...
It was actually smoking!!! I couldn't believe the smoke that poured
off of that fiddle... It made me think of the verse in the song Garth
sings with Steve Wariner 'One spark from that fiddle bow can set this
place on fire' (Burning The Roadhouse Down).

During 'The Thunder Rolls' and as the rolling thunder noise echo's
thru-out the arena and the stage dances with flashing light's like
thunder as the room is dark... I turned to Walter and Kristi and saw
them experience some of Garth's magic... I could tell they were
amazed. When I took Walter to the concert in Albany New York last
year he had to sit way up in the farthest reaches of the arena...
This time... He had it up close! This was Kristi's first Garth
concert and I know she has been telling everyone about how out of
all the concerts (40) in all, that she's ever been to of various
artists... Garth is the Best!!! Now, I'm glad she came along.

My conclusion is this... After seeing Garth in concert and on your
way home... It's like your mind is on 'Rewind' because you keep
going back over and over to the memory of each moment that stuck
out for you... but I have to say "The Dance" for me is a wonderful
memory and not that I can share this in words but Thank God For
Garth Brooks and the music that has touched my soul and set my
heart on fire with love that will lead me to the light... and Garth
if you ever read this..."I Love You" and "We All Love You"...
Thanks for never changing in what you do for us!

Well, I could go on and on and maybe I'll add more to this review
as I remember it... Hope you enjoyed it... and if you have any
comments please e-mail me? I'd love to hear from you... Take care,
and God Bless ~Diane~

-Diane :)

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Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 04:36:03 -0500
From: Diane E Guest
Subject: [GB List] Tampa Review

Hello everyone... This is a shortened version of my Tampa Experience at
Garth's concert on Oct. 29, 1998 at the Ice Palace... I know there
haven't been many reviews posted about Tampa and I'm having a hard time
with this one as well... As you read you will find out why it's been
hard to write. This concert was a special event for me and ranks in
the category of giving birth to my three children and those events are
very special to me! I had contacted my friend and fellow 'believer'
Linda Sprenkle about tickets she had and I have to admire her kindness
and loving heart that girl has! She is the best... Linda made it
possible for me to see my first Garth concert on April 7, 1997 in State
College Pa. and now she had made it possible for me to see Garth one
last time in concert...(well, you never know...It may not be the last
time! I'm planning on winning the back yard concert that Garth is giving
to one lucky winner!!! (LOL) Anyway, I had no money; not even ten
bucks to my name and Linda offered to wait for the money... what a
friend! Then I had big dreams and ideas that I had to 'believe' all
would work out and prayed to God that somehow I would get money... I sat
at my computer night after night holding the three tickets Linda sent
for Walt, Christopher my 12 year old son and Me! I had compiled a
booklet card for Garth from all the entries from everyone that visited
my website or e-mailed a saying to be included... I then typed each
message using "Print Shop" and "Canon Creative" to decorate every page
so it would look like a card... It ended up looking like a book!!! I
just had to get it to Florida on the stage for Garth to read! So there
was another dream I wanted to fulfill and I 'believed'... I wasn't
getting much sleep and I could cry easily just thinking about "What if
it don't work out?" question that kept running through my head... but
my heart kept telling me "Believe"... So, I had decided that I would
have a Yard Sale... Hadn't had one in many years and had gathered alot
of stuff I didn't need or want... I had the Yard Sale for three days
with the help of my two nephews carting everything in and out of the
house... I even decided if I didn't make enough money that I would sell
my computer for $500.00 bucks just to get money for gas to get to
Florida and home...It was only about a 1500 mile drive one way... My
mini van could be a comfortable place to sleep if we needed to... then
my 18 year old nephew decided he wanted to go along for the ride and had
his own money saved for food and lodging if needed... So John was going
to Florida too... and Walt and I worked hard at the yard sale making
extra money for this trip... and many problems came and went but I would
write a book if I explained everything... So, to get to the point we
made over a $1000.00 on this yard sale and then it hit me "I'm going to
the Ice Palace!!!" All the stress went away and I didn't have to sell
my computer with the brand new printer and new scanner!
That was wonderful in the sense that I could still keep my Garth site
going... I really enjoy having my site on Garth and I get wonderful
letters everyday from fans of Garth thanking me... I would miss it for
sure if I didn't have my computer! (LOL)
So, Walt, Christopher, John and I packed up and shipped out... sleeping
at a motel at South of The Border one night on the way there and at
Walt's nephew's house in Dunellen Florida for one night, then at the
Day's Inn on the beach at Clearwater... Then to Tampa the Holiday Inn
where Linda was staying... and tons of "Garth Nutts" signs decorated the
doors there! I was on the 5th floor , Linda was on the 7th and the
lady that sold John her extra ticket was on the 14th floor ... and
during our travels around the hotel you could see "Garth nutts"
everywhere! and everyone was so kind! I had told Linda at the pool
that John didn't have a ticket to go... then when I got up to my room
there was a phone call that Walt answered and somehow Linda found a lady
selling one extra ticket! John was thrilled and so was I ...because I
knew he wanted to go and Christopher wanted him to go also... Those two
are very close even for the age difference... While we were at the
Holiday Inn in Tampa waiting for time to pass to see Garth in action...
I developed a fever of sorts and started shaking and my heart was
fibrillating badly so I laid down on the bed and fell asleep hugging the
blanket against me... I thanked God for making all this possible and for
sending all those people from the Church down the road to buy all my
stuff for sale... As, I feel asleep I thought " I'm in the same town
Garth is in!!!" That made me smile for sure... Then Walt, John and
Christopher had gone for the long walk to the Ice Palace to find out
where it was... On the way there they came across a bunch of people
looking up at the sky... Walt asked "What's everyone looking at?" Then
someone told him that it was the space shuttle taking off with John
Glenn on board it... So, Christopher and John joined everyone in
watching this moment in history... John even took a few pictures of it
with his camera... Garth was watching this event also at the space
center I found out in an article when I got home... I slept through the
whole thing! (LOL)
After awhile Linda came down to visit for awhile and told me she had
three extra tickets for the 31st concert... I wanted them so bad but
Walt said we couldn't stay because we only had enough money saved for
the trip home... but I did have the concert that night to look forward
to and when the taxi came to pick us up and we were on our way to the
arena... I felt like I was still dreaming... It's a state of mind that
hits you when your on the way to the arena and while your at the arena
to see Garth and you ask yourself "Is this really happening?" It takes
forever to come and passes by so quickly you wish you were still waiting
for the day to come again... but you have the memory to remember a
At the concert we waited to go in... once we entered, the man Walt
his ticket to was very kind... He said something and when he talked it
sounded like the wizard on "The Wizard of Oz".... and I said to the
man... "You sound like the wizard on the "Wizard of Oz " and he laughed
and asked "Is that good or bad?" and I said "Good." and he smiled... I
felt like I knew him forever! And even more I felt like Dorothy from
that show also... I had to go to the bathroom and I turned and saw Jimmy
(Garth's fiddle player) standing against the wall by the bathroom... I
just looked at him and he was looking at Christopher but I handed Walt
the camera and went to the bathroom... When I came out Jimmy was gone...
We went to find our seats and they were about 1/2 way in the middle of
the arena on the side 2nd row from the floor... Linda, her daughter in
law and friend were on the opposite side of the arena and John was
also... for awhile we were all waving to each other like crazy! I tried
searching for my friend Donna who was there also and I forgot the
section she was in ... I was looking through the binoculars trying to
her but to no avail. Soon, it was announced that Trisha Yearwood
would be taking the stage... It was so good to see her again! She
started off with "Perfect Love" and the Trisha Dance as she slapped her
hip walking around the stage... Then she also sang (not in order) "She's
In Love With The Boy", "The Song Remembers When" , "XXX'S and OOO's" ,
"Wrong Side Of Memphis", "How Do I Live"... and there were probabley
but there was a problem going on at this time... You see Christopher was
next to me and Walt was behind me as we are looking to the stage... We
were standing, singing with Trisha and clapping with the songs...
everyone on the floor was standing... but on the sides where we were...
everyone was sitting and expected us to do the same... Trisha saw
Christopher and I and she waved back and forth and we waved back and
forth to her...
Trisha waves with her whole body and arm over her head and we did the
same thing in unison with her...she was smiling...
Christopher loves the song "She's In Love With The Boy"
but from behind us, I heard a rough voice say
"Sit Down Or I'll Make You Sit Down"...
I turned around to see what was going on and this man was standing
there in Walt's face screaming at him!
I turned back and looked at Christopher and thought if they
fight then my little boy is going to get hurt too...
and probably me too but
Christopher was my top priority... we moved forward a few steps and
I kept singing and clapping...
Christopher did also... The man hollered to a security guard after the
song was over and told
him to tell us to sit down... The security man on the floor came over
and told Walt to sit down... and Walt pointed to the people on the floor
and asked him if he was going to make all of them sit down too... and
security man shrugged his shoulders to the other guy that was going to
hit Walt... and let him know there was nothing he could do about us
standing... I mean It's a concert! We're there to have a good time...
to sing, clap, dance, laugh, and I looked around and it seemed like
everyone was afraid to stand because of the several people that kept
screaming "Sit Down!".... Christopher was getting upset and so was I...
Walt sat down and told me I should sit down because he didn't know what
that guy was going to do... I stayed standing up and Christopher too...
Then the two lady's in the row behind me... that I wasn't even in their
way grabbed my shirt and kept pulling on my arm telling me to sit
down... and a lady in the front row got involved and grabbed my arm and
pulled on my shirt telling me to sit down or she was going to punch me
in the face or something like that.... I just kept singing and clapping
and Trisha was looking right at us... I watched another girl get up and
start dancing and singing along also... but she sat down too... I have
to tell you for a moment I was afraid... but then I thought "If God is
for you , who can be against you?" I stayed standing... and would let
the Lord fight my battles... after all... this was a concert and I
wanted to sing with Trisha too... Then the lady behind me but facing the
stage she was next to me pulled on my shirt and asked me to sit down
again... This was crazy... I mean everyone was pulling on my arm, my
clothing, and screaming at me as if Trisha wasn't giving a concert and
they were my boss or something! I was very mad and hurt... I sat down
but got up and left the room... I went up the stairs and went into the
bathroom as Trisha was singing "How Do I Live"... and I love that
song... but I sang it softly in the bathroom stall as tears just kept
pouring out of my eyes and even though I tried to stop crying I
couldn't... I was bothered so much because of the threats, my body being
touched rudely, my shirt being yanked and all the people screaming at
me... I would never, ever do that to anyone... I have to much respect
and love for all people... If someone wants to stand then stand... if
they want to sing then sing... but I was doing nothing wrong but
enjoying the concert when all this went on... I walked out of the stall
and looked in the mirror and my eyes were all bloodshot and swollen... I
waited awhile as I heard that Trisha had stopped singing and knew the
stage was being arranged for Garth to perform... and I also knew the
announcement that would go out before Garth came on stage... and I
couldn't wait for it!
I went back to my seat and Christopher went to find John... Walt was
still sitting talking to the lady and man sitting next to him said
they were going to
stand for Garth no matter what those people said... and Walt told them
we were too...Then Christopher and John came to our seats and
Christopher was rather bold for his age speaking loudly "When Garth
comes out I'm going to stand and I don't care what they say!" ... Well,
I agreed... sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do... I told him
though that "Please don't feel that everyone here is nasty Christopher
because there are alot of very nice people here too. Not just those
nasty ones." I wanted him to have a good time and not be so upset... I
just didn't realize how upset he was... I didn't want him to get hurt in
any way... I try to teach him right from wrong and I wanted him to
understand that those few people were wrong in their actions toward
us... but there were plenty of other fine people that had respect for us
Then the announcement went out... the part I remember most is "Please
don't stand on your seats but you are here to have a good time so feel
free to STAND!!!!" And people screamed for that one... including us!
Garth took the stage in his usual style... coming up through the
piano... everyone was standing! I mean everyone... and almost everyone
stood through the concert except I noticed the lady to the right in the
front who had pulled on my arm and had threatened me...she was sitting
down with
her head bent down towards the floor while Garth was singing like
she was sick or something...
after awhile she left and never came back...
I had felt a desire to ask her if she was alright...and if she needed
help...but I refrained from it because she had been so nasty to me
earlier and I wasn't sure what she would do or how she would respond.
But Garth was going
crazy...running around the stage like a man caught up in 'the fever'
One time during the show...Garth was pointing out the signs up in
the rafters... big letters hung over the rails that read "JIMMY"...
5 people held each one of the letters and when they turned them over,
it read 'GARTH'...
So, Garth was making fun of Jimmy because the sign read Jimmy at that
time...but they turned the letters over to 'Garth' and back to 'Jimmy',
after a few turns...the letters ended up reading "GARMY"...and Garth
laughed like crazy over that...so did everyone that read it ...
God, I love to hear Garth laugh like that!
"So I'm Garmy?" or something like that, he said while Jimmy bowed his
head... LOL
It was a wonderful concert... We were screaming and shaking
Tampa ... "The Old Stuff" was fabulous! When Garth did "The Thunder
Rolls"... I had a real good view of the lighting rig as it swirled and
appeared like lighting was shooting out from it... the arena danced with
lights and Garth's deep low voice sang "And The Thunder Rolled"... I
prayed during that song for some reason... I practically started crying
again as I asked God to forgive those around me and that everyone in the
room could "Love One Another"... Then Garth said that "The Thunder
Rolls" is about domestic violence and he appeared to be looking in our
direction... When he sang "We Shall Be Free" he said this song is meant
to remind us "To Love One Another"... and that song is the song that got
me to listen to Garth and music in the first place... I sang and clapped
and had the time of my life... Garth even did "Standing Outside The
Fire"... that is Christopher's favorite song...but he had left the room
and I went to look for him... I found him walking around in the
hallway... and told him Garth was singing his favorite song and we went
back into the room singing along... Garth did "To Make You Feel My Love"
and "You Move Me" also and Trisha came back out and they did "In
Anothers Eyes" , "Powerful Thing" and "Where Your Road Leads".... I love
the song "Powerful Thing " also from Trisha's new album...and I sang
along with Garth and Trisha...It didn't sound like that many fans knew
the words to the song since it was a new album...
But all the while traveling to Florida... I wanted to hear two songs...
that was 'Powerful Thing' and "Where Your Road Leads"... and they did
both of them! I loved the fact they did "Powerful Thing" because I
didn't expect Garth to do that song with Trisha really.
another thing
is Stephanie Davis was there instead of Debbie Nims.... and Garth picked
on Stephanie and Trisha both...
Garth performed "PianoMan" and "Sweet Baby James" also... but I will
have to end this review here for
now... not sure how long it is so far... My fingers are tired from
typing and I want you to also know that Garth got the card booklet...
and for anyone that entered a message ... he got it! Garth picked it
up on the stage and handed it to someone under the stage... :)
I'm glad the book turned out so nice... and I hope he enjoyed reading
all our messages with our e-mail addy's also.

God Bless,

"Well, I don't mean to be complainin' Lord, You've always seen me
through, And I know You got your reasons for each and everything you do,
But tonight outside my window there's a lonesome, mournful sound and I
just can't keep from thinkin' 'Bout the ones the wolves pull down. Oh
Lord, keep me from bein' The one the wolves pull down."
- -Garth Brooks- writer "Stephanie Davis"


06-23-2002, 06:57 PM
Good idea Diane. Te Garthbox has been full of concert memories lately as well.

06-23-2002, 07:28 PM
I LOVE this topic! I for one have never been to a Garth concert.:( When he was in my area in '98 with Trisha, my older brothers had tickets and wanted me to go.... But mom decided my cosin's graduation on that same night was more important!(How she came to that conclusion I'll never know! UGH!!) So I'd ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear about his concerts!!! :)

From the Garth-denied person (lol),

06-23-2002, 10:58 PM
Wow! Now that I got through reading all of that, I'll have to come back over the next couple days and add some things about my concert experiences. What a great trip down memory lane!


06-24-2002, 05:03 PM
Diane, they say Garthy minds think alike, or is that great minds??? LOL :)

Well anyways, I was thinking the same thing recently about how I miss the "Good Ol' Days" when Garth's World Tours were in full swing. The posts on PlanetGarth were full of PGers counting down the days till Garth came to their town, the #GBfan chatroom was full everynight, and plans were being made for that wonderful day when Garthtickets went on sale: recruiting friends and family members to run down to the arena to get wristbands and to organize them all to get them to call Ticketmaster on their cellphones to increase the odds of getting the good seats. (Standing in the middle of a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ticket line at the FU Center in Philly, our chant was "Front row, second show!" hoping that we were next in line when the first show sold out and another show went on sale!) We were lucky enough to get tickets for 4 of the 6 shows that Garth did in Philly in 1998! WOOHOO! Then the signs had to be made, cookies had to be baked, and presents had to be bought, especially those M&Ms!!!
On the big night, we would cruise the concourse looking for Jimmy, or David, or James in hopes of being upgraded to the front row. We were always running into someone we knew from PlanetGarth, getting hugs from someone you've never met but you felt as if you knew your entire life! And as Kenny Chesney says, "That's the good stuff!"

Jim :)

06-24-2002, 05:17 PM
One of my favorite concert memories was when I saw Garth in Memphis in 1998 at the Pyramid. This concert was about a month after Garth hosted Saturday Night Live where he was the musical guest, not Chris Gaines. My seats were lower level right next to the stage so I figured I was in prime sign area for the concert. I made a sign that said I (heart) Coco after Garth's character in the Old French Whore skit. When Garth read it, he doubled over laughing. Then, he had to go get James Garver to show him the sign and he started laughing. Then, Garth put his hand over his heart and gave me a thumbs up and wave. It made me happy just to make him laugh. :)

06-24-2002, 10:12 PM
PJ, that is so cool! Garth acknowledged one of our signs too (Garth, make me feel your love!) by circling his heart and pointing to us!
We have a "Garth Box" in our house: a large plastic container full of our Garth stuff... magazines, pictures, ticket stubs, that kind of stuff... and I found notes that I made after the Philly shows. Here's some of the signs that were the best:

1) "Jimmy, your band has a cool lead singer!"

2) "Garth, can Mikey come out and play?" (Mike jumped into the crowd and gave the woman a hug!)

3) "Trisha, thanks for letting Garth close your concert!"

4) "Jimmy Sweet Tater Britches" (Garth LOVED that one! Called Jimmy "Tater" the rest of the night! Too funny!)

Jim :)

06-24-2002, 10:53 PM
Ah, yes. The signs are always very cool. There were none that REALLY got Garth going at any of the shows I was at. Most of the best ones, I've heard about from other people.

Ok, August 28, 1992. This was about to be Garth 101 for me! I'd been a fan for all of two months, and talked my mom into going. I just knew I was hooked on this guy's music, and I HAD to see him! It wasn't the greatest venue to see a show, and we had "obstructed view" seats partially behind these huge pillars. Had to turn around and watch a screen behind us most of the time. That didn't stop me from having the time of my life though! What still sticks out in my mind about that show is Garth's interaction with the fans. He got so many gifts and flowers, and was so gracious about taking them and thanking people. It just blew me away. Now I was prepared to hear any and all songs from the first three albums, but didn't know I'd hear some brand new Garth stuff that night too. Although he mentioned that the record label thought it was a bit early to start pushing "The Chase" because "Ropin'" was still selling so well, he said he just had to do a couple songs for us. He sang WSBF that night, and right then and there it became one of my favorite songs EVER! I told my mom right then I HAD to have the album when it came out. I completely lost my voice that night, and my mom said she never knew I could get so loud! LOL I didn't know until that night either!

October 8th & 9th, 1993. How my voice made it through two nights in a row, I'll never know! Somehow, I was still able to scream and sing along that second night as well as the first. What I remember best about these two shows was how much Garth teased Ty! It was so cute, and all the women left there wishing they could find a guy like Ty! LOL The first show was a Friday, and the next night the crowd was so much better. It was really the weekend, and everyone just had a blast. (Come to think of it, that must be how I made it through two nights!)

December 19th, 1997. Such a long time since the last show, and how amazing this one was! Walking around in the lobby looking for the entrance to our section, I saw Dave talking to a couple people. I just stood there stunned that I was just a few feet away from a member of Stillwater! I didn't pull myself together enough to talk to him, which I'll always regret. We ran into a friend who ended up getting up-graded to front row! I was so jealous, but we did have pretty good seats. Sandy was there, and came out and talked to fans farther down in our section for a while. We were a little too far up to get to talk to her, but she was great with the fans. The show was so amazing. Trisha and Steve Wariner were both special guests. Victoria Shaw also came out, and after singing one song with Garth, he had her stay out there to experience the crowd singing "The River" to her. I think we did pretty well too! That was very cool! I also remember when Mike was introduced and came out of the drum pod, he threw some water on a few people in the crowd. As he walked back past that same spot to go back in the drum pod, they just drenched him to get him back! Poor guy was soaked! It was funny though. Garth did the "who can get louder" bit with us too. He stood in the middle of the stage looking down at the ground. He'd look up to one side, and we'd go nuts. Then down, and it'd be quite. Then look to the other side. He started laughing and goes, "Now THIS is power!" Seems each show gets better and better, and I had the worst Garth withdrawls after that one! Man, I wish I could go back again for one more show! The memories sure are great though.


06-26-2002, 08:08 AM
I remember those signs Jim and how much fun Garth had with them!

I also had a similar experience as Jim described in his first post.

I had tried to see Garth in concert for years, but never had any luck getting tickets. Then, for the last tour, he instituted the numbered wristbands so everyone would have the same chance at being first in line. When wristbands became available, I went and got mine in the morning. Hubby went to get one in the evening so our numbers would be spread out and a good friend who doesn't even like Garth and had no interest in the concert got one the next day so we would have three numbers at different places in line. Neither hubby nor friend realized they had to wear the wristband until Saturday when the tickets went on sale so they were a bit peeved, but went through with it any way.

Saturday came and friend meant us at the Ticketmaster outlet to line up. Friend expected to wait until number was drawn then go home, but it turns out her number was closest to the front of all three so she had to stick it out. We ended up being about 37th in line.

Before tickets went on sale, the folks working the ticket outlet sent a list down the line to find out how many tickets everyone wanted to buy so they could pull them out of the machine as fast as possible instead of waiting until everyone got up to the desk and paid for their tickets. At this time, the Garthbox wasn't as big as it is today and we definitely weren't as organized in our Garth adventures so I only signed up for two tickets instead of the maximum 6. One of the ladies working the ticket outlet asked me if we would be willing to buy her 4 tickets since she couldn't pull tickets for herself since she was working that day. We agreed, but asked that she pull our 2 tickets first and then her 4 thinking we would have a shot at better tickets if getting just 2 at a time instead of all 6.

When we got up to the ticket counter, she pulled our two tickets but when she went to pull her 4, she got the Sold Out message on the computer. I checked and the two tickets she had pulled for me were near the ceiling behind the stage. I did know by this time that Garth was playing more than one show in each city and the two tickets she had pulled for me were for the Friday show which was the first to go on sale so I was just hoping he was adding a second show. Since I was at the counter and hadn't gotten all my tickets yet (boy was I glad I agreed to buy the employee her tickets now!) I told them I wanted to first two tickets to come out of the machine when the next show was added. I was actually surprised how long it took for the second show to go on sale. By this time, hubby and friend had both gone outside to wait as they just weren't into the Garth frenziness (is that a word?).

Finally, a Saturday show was added and I got the first two tickets out of the machine - 4th row center stage. The next four tickets for the employee were 10th row so she did pretty well too! I was so excited, I paid for my tickets then ran outside and jumped on hubby and ended up breaking his sunglasses that were around his neck. He said if he knew Garth tickets would make me that happy, he would have bought some a long time ago. I did buy him a new pair of sunglasses as well.

The concert was awesome from that close - what an amazing Garth experience - definitely worth the wait!

06-26-2002, 12:10 PM
By this time, hubby and friend had both gone outside to wait as they just weren't into the Garth frenziness (is that a word?).

Thanks for sharing! by the way...did your hubby and friend become Garthnutts too? And the word 'frenziness'...if it isn't a word...it's a word now! LOL New words to describe Garth pop up all the time! :)

Thanks for sharing also! I loved the signs at Garth's concerts also...and miss the good ol' days...

We were always running into someone we knew from PlanetGarth, getting hugs from someone you've never met but you felt as if you knew your entire life!
I know the feeling! I still remember giving you and Cheryl a hug last year in Philly Pa.! It really felt like I was greeting my brother and sister...like real family gathering together that haven't seen each other in a long time...didn't it feel like that?
I can understand how Garth must feel about his believers also...
After all...it's Garth that brought all of us together in the first place! :)


Thanks for that great review!
I don't know how you screamed and sang two nights in a row either!
LOL I always found my voice suffered greatly after the first night...and many people just totally lost their voice! :)


06-26-2002, 05:05 PM
Great story PJ! :) I prefer the "old fashioned way" of ticket sales, though we all know why it changed. (Darn scalpers!)
Back in 1992, Garth was to play Philly in October. I was a novice at camping out for tickets, so I ended up heading down to the Spectrum box office at 9pm the night before and got in line. I was maybe 10th in line, and it was my first experience with "Garthnutts". We had a blast! One guy brought a cassette player, so we sang Garth songs all night long, and every hour on the hour we sang "Friends in Low Places!" It was tough when it got to be 4am & 5am, but the sun was coming up and we would have our Garth tickets in our hands at 10am, so we kept a positive attitude!
I miss camping out for tickets, though we would later have similar experiences waiting in line to get into Fan Fair, back when it was held at the old Fairgrounds. The new friends you make swapping stories and email addresses makes the waiting worth while.

And Lisa, we know how you felt from all that singing! We went to the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday shows that Garth did here in 1998, and by just the second night, we were totally exhausted! It's not just the singing and losing your voice, it's also the standing and dancing and jumping for the entire show! When Friday came, we were too tired to be sad that we weren't going to see Garth that night, but we found new energy when the time came to go see Garth again Saturday night! And I'd gladly do it all over again! That was I week that we'll never forget!

(And Diane: I'm still getting the Garth tape together for you!)

Jim :)

06-26-2002, 05:27 PM
Jim - I'd never feel comfortable camping out for tickets so am glad Garth instituted the wristbands.

Diane - hubby is far from a nutt, but he is tolerant. He can admit that Garth is a nice guy and a helluva entertainer. He also stands amazed at all the people I have met through our Garth connection. Friend never went to a concert and still isn't interested.