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07-17-1999, 07:02 AM
I recently read a post here that said Gar...Chris Gaines was going to be performing on the Tonight Show in the next month or so. Well, I don't how to find out when he'll be there and I'm CERTAIN I can't get to Burbank, CA, but don't you think "Chris"(wink, wink) would get a kick out of it if we could get some PGers there to root him on? Ya'know, randomly shout out, "We love you, Chris!" during the commercial breaks. Or make a sign, or something. I mean, no mention of Garth. Anybody up to the challenge?N

07-17-1999, 09:11 AM
How I wish I could be there, but it just isn't possible for me at this time. Hope you get a big group of PGers together. Sounds like an awesome idea, and definitely use signs. :)<P>N

07-17-1999, 12:10 PM
Hey, I am planning to attend the next Tonight Show that Garth is on, but how do I find out when that will be? I live in WA state so I need a little time to plan the trip down. I will definitely show support for Garth/Chris from Planet Garth!! Whoever hears for sure that Garth is going to be on post it here!N

07-17-1999, 12:13 PM
I'd love to be there also, but it just isn't going to happen. Just a tad too far! :)<P>Great idea and I hope it works.<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

07-17-1999, 12:18 PM
Too far for me, I'm afraid :( Or else I would be there for sure...but I don't think my parents would let me come to CA ;)N

07-17-1999, 01:56 PM
Hmmm you guys are speaking of too far away :o Think of me from Europe or those from Australia or NZ ;) (lol)<BR>I would love to be there too :) <P>BrianN

07-18-1999, 03:09 AM
Well, as much as I'd love to, I know a trip across country is nowhere near possible.<P>Hey, here's an idea though. If anyone does make it, how about a sign that is a big Garth symbol but with a "C" instead of the "G".<P>DeniseN

07-18-1999, 05:01 AM
I just went to the Tonight Show web site and checked on upcoming musical guests - they were listed through July 29 but no CG - think he might show up in Aug 7? (I don't even know what day that is, but I think it's a Sunday which rules that out). Anyway, I e-mailed the show, asking about CG and teling them our plan to support "him" - hopefully we'll get a positive response.<BR>I'll keep you all posted,<BR>KerryN

07-18-1999, 08:45 PM
i'd loooooooovvvve to go!.....not sure if i can :(,maybe ;)....hey,it would not be a long drive since i live in AZ! :D....ummmmm.... *thinking* ;)<P>aRiN

07-19-1999, 08:59 AM
C'mon, I would love to see some PGers in Tonight show supporting Chris Gaines. If some of you are fortunate to attend the show, please YELL LOUDER!! :D<P>I can't go :( TOO FAR FOR ME<P>TommyN

07-24-1999, 08:07 AM
Tommy you get the tix and fly down here and we can get some pgers to go . i live here in calif in the valley and jay leno is close to attend. hey we can go for a tour of hollywood i will show you around.<P><BR>yes the site to jay leno is <P>umm forgot but opps if someone can put up the site for others to reach. it has where you can email as well. which i have done alreayd about gettting garth there. <P>But from what i know most artists will not promote their song till it has been out a while so if the song comes out in aug. I would say we can or could expect him chris gaines to be on sometime in sept as my friend had mentioned. <P><BR>so i say i am there!!!!! if you all wanna meet up and get a leno group (focus) group that is we all on the look out for teh date. we can get the tix and boom we are there. but we all have to get tix. see it takes a while to get tix they you have to choose alternate days :-( should it be booked. we can wait in line as well.<P>so lets get the ball rolling i say . anyone wanna stand in line with me???? or shall i do this alone??<P>blessings dianaN

07-26-1999, 01:24 AM
<B>Diane</B>,<P>Oh boy, it will cost me a fortune to go Jay Leno's. I can't really afford a fly since I have to pay for my own tuition this year :o <P>Well, like I say, if you are fortunate to go, REMEMBER TO YELL LOUDER!! <P>TommyN

07-26-1999, 08:53 AM
Oh the days of college fees , yes Tommy I do know of these days. I understand completely.. what year in college are you in, what is your major? opps guess I should leave that for private email.<P>well tommy I do plan on going I even got my hubby to agree to go when we find out the dates. When the dates are announced.<P><BR>I understand completely, college is the future and it is yours to live<P><BR>But I shall yell louder just for you <BR>blessings N

07-26-1999, 01:36 PM
Hi guys. I've heard about the visit with Leno too. I seriously doubt it would be before September because almost all the shows this time of year are repeats. He's got the Chris Gaines special on NBC I think on Sept 28, so look for a visit to the Tonight Show about a week or so (maybe less)before the special.<P>Standing outside the fire...Dan. Cheers!N

07-26-1999, 03:07 PM
right, exactly what i said, i agree with you as well. more than likely the weeks coming to the special. that is the way jay always does that and most publicists book their acts.<P>great minds think alike or fanatics of <BR>Chris Gaines LOl :-)<P>blessings (=^..^=)diana elizabethN

07-28-1999, 06:29 PM
Hi! <BR>One of my mom's friends has a friend who works security for the Tonight Show. He talked to Jay's assistant last week. He said that Garth/Chris will be on the show, but no date has been set. He'll call as soon as he knows (if you guys don't find out before I do), I'll let you know. :)<BR>CindyN

07-28-1999, 06:29 PM
Hi! <BR>One of my mom's friends has a friend who works security for the Tonight Show. He talked to Jay's assistant last week. He said that Garth/Chris will be on the show, but no date has been set. He'll call as soon as he knows and if you guys don't find out before I do, I'll let you know. :)<BR>CindyN

07-28-1999, 06:30 PM
Opps! Sorry for the double post!N

07-28-1999, 07:15 PM
cpoet you are the one whom lives umm close to me correct some where between san dimas and diamond bar correct??<P>well then i guess i shall bump into you again, (assuming we have have already living so close in proximity) at the show. Or join us in a limo , us being my hubby and I giggle ( that is all i know whom live close to us my own hubby) ..LOLOL<P>see you thereN

07-28-1999, 09:11 PM
<B>Cpoet</B>,<P>Hey, long time no see :) Yes, if you have any new info, please let us know :D<P>Oh besides, are you going to the show yourself? <P>TommyN

08-01-1999, 04:49 PM
Hi! Sorry for the delay in replying, we were in Vegas this weekend. <P>Eternity4U- Yes, I'm in San Dimas...well, actually my mom is...I live in Rancho Cucamonga, but I spend a lot of time over there. What city are you in? If I'm in town for the Tonight Show (keeping my fingers crossed...I'll be in Utah Sept.19-Oct.10 for vacation) I'll see you there!!<BR>I haven't heard anything back from Steve, but as soon as I do...You'll all be the first to know!! <BR>Cindy :)N

08-01-1999, 07:37 PM
omg cpoet email me I have a plan already brewing ok. you see a friend sometimes gets soem tix to the jay leno show or to up and coming artist to see in clubs( local) <P>she happens to work for umm ( SONY) shhhh <P>I live in Walnut, so I bet we have even bumped inot each other huh? coffee next week, we should huh wanna? let me know i shall bring my little one along oh how fun huh :-)<P>blessings to you and email me silly one you so we can go crazy together <P>eternity333@yahoo.comN

08-04-1999, 06:42 PM
The tonight show taping will be on Monday, September 27!!!!! Which really sucks because I will be out of town!! :(N

08-04-1999, 07:03 PM
Since most of us can't be there, let's flood the show with e-mails a few days before the taping! That way we can at least show some support for Chris - anyone going to be able to go and "carry the torch" for the rest of us PGers (or PCers!)?<P>KerryN

08-04-1999, 09:47 PM
i am going that is for sure and with plans in mind and a venture to carry out whoa<BR>opps oh yeah and some friends will be along anyone want to meet me there???<P>i am thereeeeeeeeeeeN

08-05-1999, 07:45 AM
Eternity4U--<P>I'm very interested in going!! Just told hubby the other day that I really wanted to go on another adventure--he just rolled his eyes and laughed!! What's your email so we can work this out--also have a friend from PG that may want to go. Let me know!!N

08-05-1999, 07:51 AM
eternity333@yahoo.com<P>hey umm i will have very many tix so umm <BR>ok email me lets do this together with a crazy lady( not crazy just daring lady) <P>we will meet the man CHRIS GAINES<P>ok email me will catch you this evening need to take off for errands <P>whoaaa diana N

08-05-1999, 09:57 AM
Hello,<P> I live 10 minutes from burbank and would love to go the show.But whats the secret on getting tickets.Last time when Garth was on Jay leno I had sent a request in for tickets about 2 months in advance.A week before the show I received a notice stating Sorry no more tickets available.<BR> Then I was told to stay overnight in my car and wait in line the next early morning for any tickets that could be available.<BR>But unfortunately I had to work that morning so i lost out on my chance.<BR> So any helpful hints would be GREAT!!<P> N

08-05-1999, 04:36 PM
there is not secret just luck and common sense<P>go in person and get a will call just in case. use all other addresses possible to get more tix then you want<P>and pray pray lol and ask others to write in for you<P>of course now that i said this oppps all will be doing this and our chances are even less lololol oh well <P>guess i am too friendly huh <P>oh one more thing call the radio stations they sometimes will give them away <P>hope this helps byeN

08-05-1999, 04:42 PM
So, is the taping Sept 27th and it will air that night?? Man, I'm so jealous...I would LOVE to be able to go!!!! :(N

08-05-1999, 06:10 PM
E4U-<BR>Is there some way we can help? If we all request tickets, and one of us gets them, could you guys who can be there use them? Don't know anything about this, so let us know.<BR>KerryN

08-08-1999, 12:03 AM
well actually I am doing just that for many garth fans(since I am such a garth lover).. though not to digress azyankee seems not to think so and wants me to leave ( lol read my post regarding the recent lost)!!!!<P>I have about umm 14 tix coming in. So tell me whom will be there I shall hand them to you. <P>Mom not sure where you are located, but if you want a pair email me, and we can meet up.<P>Thanks for the offer, wow , very sweet.<P>excuse my typos azyankke seems to think, my typos( are horrible) mm am I the only one whom makes typos. Ok being sassy<P><BR>mom again thanks for the offer , a very sweet gesture it is... :-)N

08-08-1999, 12:55 AM
Eternity...<P>Please do not continue to slander me this way. I never said I hated you or that I wanted you to leave. Do not take my comments out of context and confuse them with your own interpretations. <P>Thank you.N

08-08-1999, 04:24 PM
Wow, Sept.27 huh? I wonder if I can somehow get my little ol self to CA? Hmmm...I'm already on the west coast, albeit in Canada. Its really only two states away. I just might check into how much flights are to LA. I would absolutely love to see Chris on Leno. That gives me over 6 weeks to plan and convnce hubby to get use to the idea that I WANT TO GO. lol. I'm serious about this, Diana, if all goes well, I might meet ya in LA. :)<P>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N

08-08-1999, 09:08 PM
contact me ok bobbity I have so many tix i was just talkign to hubby about all the tix we have ordered. I ordered all these tix up about 20 so,for TRUE FRIENDS. And bobbity you are one, you welcomed me here lovingly. :-) <P>so far mtcrazygril,crackerjack,cpoet,anthony,you,and us(hubby and me and two friends) .<P><BR>I am doing this because I am a true garth fan, and quite lucky and blessed in my life, why should not everyone enjoy this moment.<P>email me Bobbity ok if you want to go , i can tell you where to stay near burbank and a site map i will email you . This way you know your way around town. Just let me know more than happy to help you.<P><BR>thanks :-) blessings <BR>diana elizabethN

Suzuki Threes
08-09-1999, 08:10 AM
E4U<BR>How many tickets do you have? I'd be willing to BUY a ticket from you if you have any extra's? Looking at my work schedule I will be in LA that week and could possibly make it. Thanx!N

08-09-1999, 10:41 PM
SuzukiThrees, <P> No save your money and perhaps donate it to a charity. If all the tix come in, I will give you some. No need to pay .<P> Hope you are able to make it that week, It should be really nice to see the real Chris Gaines in person. And to hear him play as well. <P> Hope you can make make it let me know , ok. And I shall touch base with you before then :-) Good luck hope you can make it :-)<P>Diana ElizabethN

08-10-1999, 09:14 AM
If Chris does the same thing that his mentor, GB, does, I would imagine he'll be on the Leno show the day before the album goes on sale. He does that every time. I bet he's on Leno September 27.N

08-10-1999, 09:34 AM
OK so I'm a little hastey! I just read ALL the above postings. It is the 27th!! I may be a bit slow, but I was right! The 27th. I'm watching from the comfort of my home!N

08-12-1999, 04:35 AM
E4U -<P>BOOHOO - I can't be there, but you guys make a big sign and maybe we'll spot you in the audience!!! I still think those of us who can't be there should flood Leno with e-mails a few daus before the show to lend support to Chris - you never know, he might even mention us (PG, that is!)<P>KerryN

08-12-1999, 08:05 AM
Kerry,<BR>Thats a good Idea. Only instead of saying PG, we can say we are from the chrisgainesfans. Maybe we could send in questions for him to ask.<P>All of those going to the show, make sure you have your Lost in You CD in hand! <P>~Ann~N

08-13-1999, 11:05 AM
I'm new to this site, and I think that it is a great thing that you guys are doing in supoprting GB's marketing stunt. Unfortuneatley the only song being played in Cincinnati is Lost in You, so I hope to hear more in the future. The site chrisgainsfans.com is a great site, and I really enjoy the myth that they are creating (Alot like Blair Witch--very believable). The songs are a welcome change! Love 'em! N

08-13-1999, 12:10 PM
how can you tell what tickets you get to what show?(do you request them for the night that Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines is on,or request tix for Sep. 27?)......and do you have to be a certain age?...i'd love to go since i live in AZ and its not that far away! ;)<P>aRiN

08-18-1999, 06:26 AM
Well I sent for tickets to the show. Now I just have to wait and see if I will get them. Last year I didn't get them from nbc, they were already gone. But a lady from here sent me 2 tickets, my husband and I had a wonderfull time.<BR>The age limit is 16 to get into the Tonight Show, they will check I.D.<BR>Also they give out way more tickets than their studio will hold, in other words if they send you a ticket there is still not a garantee that you will get in!<BR>djN