View Full Version : ATTENTION all James Taylor fans!!!!!!!!

06-17-2002, 09:34 PM
Hi all,

ATTENTION all James Taylor fans. There is going to be a free concert, as part of NBC live 4th of July special... ALL living in New York......PLEASE READ !!!

I would love to go as I am a HUGE James Taylor fan. BUTTTTTTTT I am all the way over in Michigan...

Here is the info..


Take Care All,


06-22-2002, 11:47 PM
Hey Lisa - I checked out your link but I didn't see anything about the 4th of July show there...is this still on?

I'm having a hard time keeping track of the 4th of July TV celebrations, but I'm hoping there's going to be something good on that night, I hate going out on national holidays. All the idiots are on the roads.

Thanks for posting about this!

06-23-2002, 04:13 PM
Hey they moved it....lol

It is under tour now. About half way down...

Your right about the CRAZY'S on the roads. I also say home on the 4TH of July and New Years Eve..

btw, you should of seen the roads the night the "Red Wings" won..Talk about nutts!!!!

Take Care,