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07-17-1999, 05:16 AM
Saw on E! Yesterday that the Kevin Costner movie "For The Love Of The Game" is due to be released July 30th. Is this the same movie "It Don't Matter To The Sun" is in??!! If it is, then we should be able to get the soundtrack at the end of the month!!N

07-17-1999, 07:05 AM
Yes, I believe it is. Ever since I first saw the preview for this, I KNEW Garth would get involved somehow. I mean, it is the same guy who spent part of his vacation in Spring Training. I didn't think about it getting on the soundtrack....Cool!N

07-17-1999, 09:08 AM
WOOOHOOOO, I hope that the Garth/Chris song is in this movie. I never miss a Kevin Costner movie. So it will be an even nicer treat to hear Garth as well. N

07-17-1999, 12:23 PM
Thanks for the info...I will definitely see the movie and get the soundtrack!!! :DN

07-18-1999, 08:41 PM
awesome!....thats cool if it is! :)<P>aRiN

07-18-1999, 10:51 PM
Well I've been searching the web for info about the movie and soundtrack. I really hate to be the one to say this but unless you heard something I didn't according to what I found the movie isn't going to be relased until Sept 17th. I could be wrong but I saw it in a couple of places. Anybody have an idea what the real date is?<P>BevN