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06-04-2002, 01:20 PM
Hi, fellow pgers. I usually don't most much on there but I read almost everyday. I have to vent....

Yesterday morning I went to get in my car to go in work to find that it had been broken into. The thieves tried to get my stereo/cd player but they couldn't get it out. They instead proceeded to take everything they could out of my car. The took one of my most precious possessions.....my whole Garth CD collection. They took 2 cd books which were hidden under my seat containing 70 cds total. I am still in shock but I am more angry. My whole Garth collection which took me 10 years to accumulate.....is gone.

06-04-2002, 01:28 PM
Wow--Sorry to hear that! That bites.

2 Weeks ago I was approached at my doorstep and the guy had me, he knew nobody was home with me. Thankfully I gave him $20 and he left. Probably just wanted drinking money. $20 is a small price to pay for your Garth collection (which by the way I had on me and goes almost everywhere I go), and as well for your life.

I know your angry feeling.

06-04-2002, 01:29 PM
OH NO!! How horrible for you. :( Bad enough that your car was broken into, but your Garth Cd collection stolen! That is truly an evil thief! I'm sooo sorry, that is a really rotten thing to have happened to you. The thief better appreciate Garth and at least keep the music for himself, but if not, you might want to keep an eye out on ebay, they might try to sell it there. :(


06-04-2002, 01:50 PM
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! I would be so :( !
I had this guy tell me once that his sister had gotten her whole car stolen~she got her car back but here autographed Garth Brooks CD wasn't in there! Maybe you'll get your CD's back somehow!

06-04-2002, 01:58 PM
Not only did they take my cds, they tore apart my dash trying to get my cd player out. They went through my trunk and took anything they could find. I think it was either young kids trying to make a quick buck or drug addicts. I am just having a hard time dealing with my anger. I've never had anything stolen from me until now.

06-04-2002, 03:40 PM
That is so horrible! I'm so sorry! :-( Don't worry I'm sure you can get it back on ebay or find them somewhere on the net or used cd stores. So sorry about your loss.

06-04-2002, 05:21 PM
I'm so sorry this happenend to you. That was a terrible thing that they did.
I would like to help out if I can. It's not much, but I have extra copies of some of the cd's and would be happy to give you one to help you start to rebuild your collection. I'll have to check to see exactly which cd's those would be. Anyway, let me know if I can help.


06-04-2002, 05:34 PM
Wow, I'm so sorry for your loss. Some people have no clue what such a collection means to us. You might want to search out the used CD stores in your vicinity. If kids stole your collection, they can be very dumb and you might find them at a CD store. Were any of them signed? Then call the police!

I try to only keep copies I've burned in my car. I can put two albums on a cd...almost, and so they take up less space. Those aren't marketable for theives.

06-04-2002, 07:43 PM
Thats horrible! I feel really bad for you. :(


06-04-2002, 10:40 PM
"You can take my money. Take my jewelry. Even take my car AND my cat(sorry pet lovers). Just don't touch my music or I'll bust you up!!"

Man. That's a bummer. Can I send ya something you just gotta have replaced pronto? To tide you over?

06-06-2002, 01:55 AM
Sorry to hear about your car and your cd's I too have doubles on some of my Garth cd's, I'm willing to share.:)


06-06-2002, 09:58 AM
I was broken into twice last year.. it was horriable. For some reason they didn't take my Garth CD's but that is the first place I looked they only took my camera..some emergancy money and my sterio they also tore apart my dash and I was so angery. It just so sad ...that people have to live that way.

please email me:



diem nash
06-06-2002, 03:09 PM
How mean!!!


I hope some Garth-Angels can help you to make you smile again!




06-06-2002, 04:38 PM
I keep all my Garth CD's in my truck too, maybe I should make copies. Its a terrible thing that you cant just leave your car unlocked and not hafta worry about it. Someone actually stold the batteries out of my CD player on a bus one time! I kid you not!

06-06-2002, 07:19 PM
How terrible!

I say for their punishment-if they are caught-lock them in a small room with my sister-in-law-of course that may be consider cruel and unusual punishement! :p :eek:

A couple of months ago we had someone break into our car-nothing was taken-but thank God I did not leave my Garth jacket in the car-I would have felt bad for the sheriff deputy that would have to take the call on that one! ;)

Then of course last month was the nasty and dirty phone message on the answering machine! :(


06-06-2002, 08:59 PM
I'm so sorry to hear about that. Onething for sure is it is hard to loose something you hold dear. And it takes time to collect any thing, we all can understand that.

Hope you gather back part of your collection soon.

06-06-2002, 10:54 PM
Please email me, too!



06-08-2002, 10:08 PM
How terrible! I can't believe that happened. If you're having trouble finding things, let me know. I saw a couple box sets and limited edition Scarecrow albums just today that I could get for you. EM or PM me and let me know if you want me to. I'd be happy to help.


06-09-2002, 05:28 AM
well losing your garth cd's isn't the worst thing in the world!

you could loose your memory of your moms face after she died!1 (hapend to me)

lose our helth

loose your whole famaly

i'm still hopeing to find my mind some day!!!!

or you could be like JEN SHE got broken into! now THAT is bad! people like that realy do need to be dealt with. we cant have them walking the streats, we dont know who they'll break into next!!

06-09-2002, 12:25 PM
Well, I lost my mind a long time ago. Good riddance I now say! Thanks for reminding us there are so many other prescious things in life to appreciate, namely, eachother.
~watching and waiting for someone to understand me/I hope it won't be very long~The Moody Blues

06-10-2002, 04:27 AM
comeon fuzzy THINK!!! i know you usoly dont ha e to with my post, most the time it's saffer not to, but this is intresting!! read it again, for the first time!!!

i just know I dont want to be broaken into!!!

06-10-2002, 11:30 PM
Ok Dean. I'm thinking. I hope and pray you get your memory back. All the good stuff.

06-11-2002, 04:03 PM
I'm sorry for your loss. I would send you coppies but I don't have any doubles. You must be very upset. this kind of stuff is what the cops should be after,not inocent little prank letters. Bye, ALI