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05-25-2002, 05:23 AM
I just heard an interesting interview with Richard Chamberlain, who as Dr. Kildare, received about 12,000 fan letters a week. He was asked what it was like to have devoted fans like that. His reply was that he never really understood it, until one day, he was alone in a hotel elevator, and when the doors opened, he quickly looked away, hoping no one would recognize him. He was suddenly aware that the person next to him was dressed all in pink and out of curiosity, he glanced quickly over to see none other than Aretha Franklin. Now it happens that he's a HUGE fan of hers, and found his heart suddenly beating fast, and he completely embarrassed himself by saying something like "OHMYGOD, you're Aretha Franklin! I'm so excited to meet you! OHMYGOD! I can't believe it! I'm such a big fan of yours!" And he carried on like that until she recognized him and commented, without enthusiasm: "You were in Thorn Birds." So now he understands the concept of being a FAN. I know I've NEVER been a fan of anyone before, and while I'm happy that I am, I always feel a little silly about the depth of it, and how it colors my life. Anyone else feel the same way?


05-25-2002, 08:43 AM
ok, swiching frome my usual charicter, to an inteligent one, (oh wate what's that say aobout me?) argh> haha

the fan thing, well it's actuly understandable, in fact There is some psycoligy that comes to play in it. check it out.

First of all it's been proven that music is one of the most influental forces is society. ANY SOCIETY. Music is so powerful that if you pay atention you will notice that you're body experinces pysilogical changes. YOu heart beat, for example, excelerates with a fast beet, and slows with a slow beat. (notice that grocrie stors play slow music at 5? )

anway. if you take the power of music, and ad to that powerful lyrics, you have a very powerful force. And of corse, if you listen to a garth brooks cd, you might notice some great stuff. First of all GARTH knows what I'm talking about, cause that's how he does his concerts.

Hell take a fast song, and get you all railed up, and then hit a slow song, and realy calm you down, I'ts like a work out. if your maried i'm shure you can think of a simaler experiance.

And with such power, pumped into under an hour per cd. no wonder he has such fans. His music is remarkably powerful, with lyrics adding even more power. When garth talk about heart ake, you feal it. when he talks about joy, you smile.

besides Steph, of corse your a fan who motivated you to pic up that gitar. WIch let you to meeting friends at OTF. IT also led you to meeting me. :P oh yea, and to this site!!

I'd love to see you meet garth! hehe you need to kid around more!!

05-25-2002, 02:00 PM
I think I am becoming more of a fan of Garth the man apart from the spotlight. The look of contented happiness on his face as he held those 3 little girls on his lap in the Dr. Pepper commercial clinched it, and means more to me than any autographs that fade with time. This view is etched in my heart, where it won't ever fade.