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07-13-1999, 11:20 PM
I just heard this on the radio program "After Midnight"! Blair Garner said that Garth and/or Chris is going to be at House of Blues on this Friday!!! He said the info was just starting to come in, but it wasn't clear whether he would be perfoming as CG, or be GB doing CG (LOL, this is getting complicated) :D Woooooooohoooooo!!!!! I'm gonna be on the phone to H.O.B. just as soon as they open in the morning to see if they will confirm it, and try to get tickets. I know I'll never get to sleep tonight now....way to excited at the thought of possibly getting to be there! :)N

Debbie R
07-14-1999, 05:14 AM
CHERYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT NEWS!!!!! Please post if you find anything more!!! I *may* have a connection at HOB!!<P>DebbieN

07-14-1999, 06:22 AM
Debbie....I called HOB just now, and they, of course, have no information. :( I can't say I'm surprised though. I asked for both CG and GB, and the only thing they kept saying was that Jim Belushi is the only scheduled performer for Friday.....he did say that they do have entertainment in the restaurant, but does not know who that would be. Then they wanted to know where I heard that information....that struck me as strange. I've never been to HOB, so I'm not sure how it works, but from what I gather, there is a stage show, and then other bands in various places. Any information you could get from your connction would be greatly appreciated! :) I'm going to call the radio program After Midnight tonight and see if they know anything more, if I can't track down anything else today. Hehehehehehe, if enough people call HOB, maybe they would release some info! Their number is (312) 923-2000. I'll post again with any new info.N

07-14-1999, 08:37 AM
If some one goes tell me ALL about it, if Garth/Chris is there (I would have to take a plane, a really long bus ride, or put many miles on my car to get there).<P> :D<P>GlennN

07-14-1999, 12:24 PM
This mornign the radio station in Phoenix was talking about Chris Gaines performing at House of Blues but I didn't here what day.<P>N

Debbie R
07-16-1999, 07:42 AM
Now I really don't know what to do!! Our country radio station here in Chicago has not mentioned anything about Garth being in town, UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a while ago, they confirmed that he is in town but were not allowed to say where or what he is doing. My Garth buddy is not able to make an adventure tonight and I would really not be comfortable heading to HOB alone. <P>Anyone else in the Chicago land area considering going??? Cheryl, what are your thoughts??<P>Debbie<P>N

Debbie R
07-16-1999, 08:56 AM
Well, I have not been able to get hold of the person who might have connections there! DAMN!! <P>Anyway, here's what I have found out from a friend who has been there and by calling there today. The scheduled act on the main stage is Jim Belushi and his band and there are still tickets available for that. That stage is upstairs. <P>The restaurant on the main floor has a small stage where lesser known acts perform. Today when I called they told me the bands performing in the rest. are "Buckin' Bill" and "Cold Sweat" and they will start about 10 PM. So what does all this mean? I have no idea!!!! <P>N

07-16-1999, 09:30 AM
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!!!! (As I sit here kicking myself!)<P>Hubby offered to cancel the plans we had for tonight and take me to HOB when I first heard about it, but..........after doing some checking and not being able to find out ANYTHING, I felt guilty about draggin him off on a wild Garth chase, and said no. :( GRRRRRR!!!! (kickin myself some more!) So, now we have other plans that are too late to cancel.<P>Debbie......I hope ya get there! If anybody does get the pleasure of seeing our man tonight, PLEASE post all the details!<P>Cheryl (goes back to kickin herself now)N

07-16-1999, 12:02 PM
"Buckin Bill" sounds sought of like a rodeo cowboy to me. Along the lines of a "Cowboy Bill". HmmmmN

Debbie R
07-16-1999, 01:24 PM
Actually, since I posted that I saw that bands name listed in the newspaper and it is "Barkin' Bill and Cold Sweat"; 1 band. N

07-16-1999, 01:32 PM
i hope someone from PG gets to go! ;)....and come back and tell us about it.<P>aRiN

07-16-1999, 04:25 PM
I read off another board that the reason why it is so hard to find where Garth is going to be is because the small shows are only for people in the press, not ordinary folks. He was in New York, now Chicago and it is for press, I think it part of the promotion or something I guess. I guess the only way to see him or hear info on it is to be in the press some how. :)N

07-19-1999, 02:07 PM
Cheryl/Debbie,<P>Ever since I read your post--this morning of all times, I've been calling around Chicago to find out any information. I am here visiting and would love to see Garth if he's around. I understand he was at a Cubs game last Thursday so I know he was definitely here. After wearing out my dialing finger, I came away with no information about Garth having been here or going to be here. The House of Blues knew nothing.<P>I am getting desperate now. Don't want to miss him if he is still here. Does anyone know anything?N