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05-06-2002, 05:44 PM
Due to a reorganization of several forums within the Planet Garth Forums, there are several items I’d like to announce.

Retired Forum
The GarthBall 2002/Teammates For Kids forum will join the World Tour Forum, and be given a retired status. It will continue to be available on the site for archive reasons. This forum was originally created in 99 to discuss Garth’s day-to-day activities during Spring Training with the San Diego Padres, and later with the New York Mets.

New Forum
Because of the retirement of the GarthBall forum, we are spinning off the Teammates For Kids part of it and creating its own forum. This forum will focus specifically with the charity that Garth established as part of his participation in Spring Training, and now includes NHL athletes as well as baseball.

Forum Closings
After months of internal discussions, and sometime debates, the following forums will be closed, as of Monday, May 6th. The Open Forum
The Poll Forum
The Voting Forum
The poll, and voting forums will be closed permanently. The Open Forum will be closed indefinitely.

The reason for this part of the reorganization is that many people are losing sight of the original, and obvious objective of this web site. This is a Garth Brooks site. Many people come specifically to the Open Forum to discuss many non-related topics that cover diverse issues from movies to politics, and religion.

As someone who has spent close to seven years developing this site, my opinion is, any thing not Garth or country related, does not add any value to this site. I've never understood how Planet Garth became such a hotbed of controversial topics that are in no way related to Garth Brooks or even country music.

Because of the constant controversy that has risen from these topics for several years now, this forum has forced the moderators (including Monica, and myself) to address these issues, often at the expense of the other more important forums, and in my case, the rest of the Planet Garth site.

By closing this forum, and removing all non-related topics, the moderators will be allowed to focus on maintaining the best environment for the Garth fan to discuss all things Garth.

I know this will be an unpopular decision with many of you. However, the moderators, Monica, and I are all on volunteered time, and we all originally came here for the same reason. We no longer have the interest, desire, or time to deal with these issues any longer.

Thank you,
Brandon Wiesner