View Full Version : Chris Gaines in NY this week

07-13-1999, 04:32 AM
I'll try to give as much info as possible, forgive me if I ramble. Invitations have gone out to rock radio stations inviting them, all expenses paid, to a showcase given by Sony/EMI to highlight Chris Gaines. From what I understand, the trips are first class airfare and accommodations at the Waldorf Astoria. I thought they said it would occur this week. This show for the radio stations is supposedly the one that is being filmed for the special on NBC. Sony/EMI is the parent company of Capital Records. If anyone has any information to contradict any of this, please feel free......I have not verified any of this information, it's just stuff I've heard. New Yorkers - be on the lookout!!!N

07-13-1999, 07:15 AM
lucky New Yorkers :( :o<P>aRiN

07-13-1999, 05:08 PM
CSteffan,<P>I believe what you heard is correct. I did hear that Garth would be in New York and Chicago this week promoting the Chris Gaines album to radio bigwigs. I heard this on Crook & Chase, I think.<P>JulieN