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04-26-2002, 01:17 AM
First at all: DON'T move it to the OTHER ARTISTS FORUM because I want ALL PGERS to read it!

Ronan Keating did perform Garth's ITNC on German TV on a German Top Show. Stefan Raab, the host of the show, mentioned GARTH several times, introducing Garth to the German audience as Americas BIGGEST Countrystar. He said that song is one of Garth's best songs ever!!!!! So he said to Ronan: You wanna make Garth popular in Germany? And Ronan: Absolutely ;)

As for the result of the show, his CD is gone in sales from ranking 78 to ranking 26 at Amazon.de.

OH AND YOU CAN WATCH it! His performance is like 10 minutes. You hear a cut of the song (from the CD), you will see a part of his video and if you have been strong and watching the mix of bad English (by the host..lol) and did watch the 10 minutes you will hear Ronan singing acapella ITNC. GREAT!!!!!

Oh and he started the Chorus with: WENN ES MORGEN NICHT MEHR GIBT....German for if tomorrow never comes. The audience was impressed, so was I. And you???

Here is the link for the website. You have to be quick as they might change the site during the weekend. Okay, you go to the site...scroll down until you find RONAN KEATING (is standing there) and click to that button on the left which says ANSEHEN. Then Real Player will show you his appearance!!!!

Go to:

Just curious about your comments ;)


04-26-2002, 11:26 AM
Thanks for the link, Blue.

I thought he did a nice job of ITNC. The video looked cool too. Of course no one can do it better than Garth, but I think Garth would feel honored and pleased with his version of it.


04-26-2002, 01:32 PM
I agree with Ann, *blue*!

Ronan seems like a nice guy, a true Garth fan and really seemed to get the true meaning behind the song! I also can see how Garth could apply that song to his little girls! That would fit too.

I think Ronan did a pretty decent job of covering ITNC and I would like to hear more and some other things from him!

Danke for the link *blue*.....I really enjoyed watching the show!

Mary Liz

04-26-2002, 01:45 PM
Great you enjoyed the link! I did watch it myself two times again and Stefan Raab is normally knows as kind of WEIRD. Making bad jokes about his guests in German while they have no clue ;) and think they are cool. Hehe. This time I absolutely wondered he did say those stuff!

So I can make all of you the offer again to buy you the Limited Maxi-Single which contains the song AND the video as CD-Rom. Email me if you wanna know more.