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07-07-1999, 05:55 PM
On the Crook & Chase show tonight, it was reported that Garth would be performing in a couple of private showcases next week in Chicago and New York (I assume for radio stations). Dates and places were not mentioned, but we'll probably hear some reviews after the showcases. All Chicago and New York PGers need to keep their eyes and ears open and share any news they get. :)<P>PaulaN

07-07-1999, 06:26 PM
Hey Paula.....being one of those Chicago area PGers myself, you can bet my eyes and ears will not only be open, but activitely searching for any lil tidbit of info that I can find! :) GollyGarthGoshDarn, it's drivin me crazy to know he is gonna be so close, and not have a clue where! I think I will have to change radio stations next week and listen to a Chicago rock station....maybe they will talk about him, or, better still, play something. :) N

07-07-1999, 06:32 PM
:o I should really proof read before I hit send! LOL, that shoulda been actively, not activitely.N

07-07-1999, 07:02 PM
cool,thanx for the info!...hopefully we will hear some news after ;)<P>aRiN