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04-10-2002, 10:22 PM

An article from "The Grand Ole Opry History of Country Music"

"Trisha Yearwood seemed an unlikely candidate for stardom when she burst on the scene in 1991. A small-town girl from Monticello, Georgia, she had an early fascination for the records of Elvis Presley, Linda Ronstadt,and the Eagles. In high school she never impressed anyone as the most talented or outgoing. But she was determined. She enrolled in Nashville's Belmont College so she could be close to Music Row. In her spare time, she interned at MTM Records, where, upon graduation in January 1987, she took a full-time job as receptionist. She married musician Christopher Latham around that time and was known as Patricia Latham, a mousy-looking blonde with glasses. No one at the small record company, whose biggest artist was Holly Dunn, had any notion that Patricia Latham harbored ambitions of being a country singer; MTM Records never tapped that hidden reservoir of talent. It was a solely missed opportunity for the label, which folded in early 1989. By that time Trisha had already left MTM so that she could concentrate on demo singing, where she met another struggling young artist doing demos, Garth Brooks. The two became friends, and Garth promised her that if he ever got big enough, he'd help her any way he could to further her career.

Trisha made real progress in March 1990, when record producer Garth Fundis heard her backing a Nashville songwriter in a local club. "There was this big tall blonde with an amazing voice like I'd never heard before," Fundis said later. Having previously produced Don Williams and Keith Whitley, Fundis knew vocal talent. He immediately approached Yearwood about working together on her recording ambitions. Thanks to Fundis 's experience and reputation, by June 1990, MCA Records had agreed to sign her."

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