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07-06-1999, 05:43 PM
Hazel Smith has some more good things to say about our guy: <A HREF="http://countrycool.com/inside/hazel/070699.html" TARGET=_blank>http://countrycool.com/inside/hazel/070699.html</A> . It's the last Q&A on the page.<P>PaulaN

07-06-1999, 06:44 PM
Thanks for the link :)N

07-06-1999, 07:47 PM
Thanks for letting us know.<P>That picture stops me in my tracks every time I see it! :)<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

07-06-1999, 08:28 PM
very cool! :)<P>aRiN

07-06-1999, 09:18 PM
Thanks so much for the info :)N

07-07-1999, 03:14 PM
Thanks for the info :D<P>BrianN

07-07-1999, 06:44 PM
Very cool! I am with ya, CptMorgan..that picture makes me stop and stare every time I see it! ;)N

07-08-1999, 01:32 PM
Hey, this is cool! Hazel Smith reports on my radio station every weekday morning, and I never miss her!<BR>She's really neat, and I can tell you that she always reports the truth. All the time when that rumor of Garth's marriage braking up was going around, she said nothing about it, so I knew that it wasn't true.<BR>It was from her that I found out that Garth was seen by some people in a Wal-Mart at 11:00 PM in cut-offs and an old T-shirt.<BR>And she sure loves our man Garth!<BR>Hazel (&lt;-- The other one).N